OMGosh I learned something new...

First and foremost all Thanks go out to Deb over at Postcards From the Edge She is my NEW BFFTTATNMWH(best friend forever through thick and thin NO matter what happens)

Whether she likes it OR not, she is stuck with me-I got your bud light w/ lime Back girlie, always and forever AMEN!

I merely asked her how she got her comments to be a certain way that she could email a response back VS being a comment whore on my own blog....what I discovered was "A whole New World"...sing it with me...

Okay SO highschool I know, BUT what she showed me will change your life ladies! I swear it! Just like your rabbit did!

Maybe you or some of you all already know this lil bit of info and if you do then I am sorry you had to witness that so 9th grade display of behavior above...If you don't know what I am talking about then follow me...

First click on Dashboard then you are going to scroll down that page and under the post "blogger babies" look for "blogger in draft" CLICK that, go ahead, it will change your life, I promise-Then Look in upper right hand corner for a blue tab "Make Blogger In Draft My Default Dashboard" click it...You will now have a whole new very RICH text editor for making posts....

Remember that code we learned for strike throughs? Well it's a thing of the past! Strike through now has it's very own button on the new dashboard. The one thing I don't see that I always sometimes rely on is spell-checker. On a sidenote Deb tells me in order to use this handy dandy feature for making new posts, always make a new post from your dashboard OR you will see the old one.

Once you have that all set up go into your settings then comments and look for "Comment Form placement" you will have a 3rd option you didn't have before "Embeded below post" click that(if you want). It's a nice feature.

Okay I so hope I told you all the correct way(Once I did this change there was NO going back for me to give GOOD step BY step instructions-it just wasn't there) if I didn't maybe Deb will pop in and correct me where I strayed you in the wrong direction...

My Confession for today: Hip Hip HOORAY for Deb! Go Give her some Comment LOVES! Oh and PLEASE don't forget who taught ya how to do a siggy!


  1. Holy cow! You are full of tips! I had used blogger in draft a while back, but haven't checked it out lately. I've been praying for a strike through button. God has answered : )

  2. You can't steal her away from me and try and bait her with Budlight w/Lime!!!

    However, since we go wayyyyyyyyy back and you totally hooked me up with a handy dandy signature, I will totally share her :)

    Now I gotta go figure out this new fandangle feature. Thanks for letting us in on these cool features. Deb does not kiss and tell like you!

  3. I KNEW that there had to be a button somewhere! Thanks for the mentoring - this is great!

  4. I am sooooo LMAO...I Love you too Lynn and Amy girlie LOL@wayyyyyy back! Thank you for sharing and yes PLEASE remember us lil peeps that hooked YOU up wth your siggy!

    OHhhh I so kiss and tell...sorta!

    Oh and Deb "This Buds for YOU!"

  5. Can I pay you with beer instead of putting you on salary? I have been wondering how to do this. Thank you so much!!

  6. dawn...whadda ya think i am a winno? errr a beero? LOL comments are always accepted as payment...it makes me feel loved!

  7. First, let me tell you how much i appreciate you and all your wonderful advice! Thank you for being so sweet and faithful to me in a bloggy kind of way!!
    Secondly, do you not love Deb?! She and I clicked from the beginning and I am so hoping I can help her in her quest to see her grandbaby.
    And third, You are so hilarious and I am soooo glad we've become friends.

    How far away from dallas do you live? We must hook up. In fact, maybe you can be an accomplice on this Deb/grandbaby thing!! She is in OK.....OMG my wheels are spinning!!!!

  8. Jill Jill Bo Bill...I am a LOVER of the torpedo blog post and your name! I just love sayin it over an over...when it comes to Deb, there are NO words...

    I am close to you both!

  9. hey there georgie girl.. are you as funny in real life as you are on your blog? you are hilarious!

  10. I was just fixing to write a post of how could I email people responses if there comment didn't list an email address. You are such the little helper!

  11. OK - Peeps. Deb here. My ears have been burning like they are on fire, so I knew there was a whole lotta talkin goin on.
    I really didn't feel like I taught you anything all that interesting, but I am soooo glad that it made you so happy that you made an entire post about me! How freakin sweet is that??!!
    You are absolutely the kindest, sweetest person to be putting out feelers for help in my quest. But, I think your gonna scare poor Georgie (lol). I did however find super cheap airfare from here (SC) to there (OK)so... if the b*tch would just say yes to the visit...
    And if you, Georgie, or anyone else needs help with anything (if I can be of assistance) y'all just let me know. Georgie...you've got my number.

  12. I got the badge put up come by and check it out, along with my blog roll stroll! thanks again!

  13. Thank you thank you!!! I am so doing this. Like a dork, i have the strike-thru code and rename link code taped to my computer.

  14. You're quickly becoming quite the pro! Just be aware that it's called "Blogger in Draft" for a reason -- it's essentially still in beta. There will be bugs and hiccups from time to time. I haven't switched to it because I don't feel like wrangling with it until they've released it system-wide but it's good to know what features they're developing.

  15. quitecontrary-I don't know that i am all that funny-I am just easily amused...but Thank You for reading and enjoyin my blog-PLAESE come back ad I am not even mad at you that i didn't win "that" purse LOL

    Tiffany-glad you could understand my directions-but truly all credit goes to Deb

    Deb i dont scare easily I have 3 beans remember...LOL OK OK OOOOOK I DO scare easily
    Deb your Grandbaby is about 2 hrs from me and Jill Im about 4 hrs from you(IF BFE is where i think it is LOL)

    Kelly I am on my way to check your blog out now-

    HHSue OMGosh LMAO I soooo have my codes post-it note'd to my screen too-only thing this new text editor is missing is spell check maybe it's there and I havent seen it yet?

    Thank you all for stoppin by and DEB you so ROCK

  16. Hey Maura-Thanks for pointing that out-there are some very nice features in the beta version-when all the kinks have worked out it's gonna be fantastic-just hope they add spell checker

  17. I just did this! Thanks for the tip!

  18. You are a blogging-god of learning and passing on FANTASTIC information!! You rock and so do your sources!!