Blast from the past

I am popping in to say I am reposting one of my older posts from word press...WHY, You ask???

Because I have already been to 3 different stores trying to find school supplies(school starts tomorrow) and lilest bean has informed me "She is NOT going to school tomorrow UNLESS she has EVERYTHING that's on the list" and I will be damned if I am letting her miss the first day of school because I couldn't find the elusive "orange" folder with pockets AND brads -I mean I got BIG plans tomorrow and appointments, I gots places to see and people to do for crying out loud! I am off like the road runner(beep beep) to yet more stores.... So I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things...Thanks Oprah for giving me the idea...

*Quick disclaimer* It is August in Oklahoma I am sooo not curled up by the fire-but I wish I was! ~Enjoy~

Yesterday I was curled up by the fire with my favorite goose down throw,a book by one of my favorite authors, listening to the rain(another favorite-just as long as it's Not Noah's Ark Rain). Just so you know where the inspiration for this post came from...I thought "Oprah does a "Favorite" things-why can't I?" Only difference here is, you won't be jumping up and down screaming and clapping going home with any of my favorites, I can however share them with you. Feel free to jump up and down and scream and clap! ;-)

Let's start with one of my favorite author's: Janet Evanovich with her Numbers Novels & Between-the-Numbers Novels. My neighbor turned me on to this book series-she had, at the time, all 12 books and let me tell ya, when I pick up a book,especially a good book, I don't put it down! Yanno that asteroid I sometimes pray for? Well it could hit and I would be oblivious to the fact. That's how much I enjoy reading this series.

Her character Stephanie Plum reminds me a lot of myself,except I don't work for my cousin Vinny at his bail bonds office,I am not single,my best friend isn't an ex Ho named Lula and unlike Stephanie Plum I have Never blown up a car let alone 8 or 9 cars! I do not have a Grandma Mazur-but good grief, I sure wish I did. I also do not have a mysterious boy*friend named Ranger,an unmentionable named Diesel(unless you count Gaylord) or an under-cover Cop named Morelli. Ok, so maybe, just maybe, I am not so much like Stephanie Plum-but she sure does lead a very exciting life! I would like to invite you all to visit your local library or used book store and check out the first book in the series "One for the Money"

Another of my favorite things is actually a person Chelsea Handler She reminds me a lot of myself, except I don't have a show on E,my best friend isn't a lil person named chewy,I am not a comedian and I was never on Girls Behaving Badly-Ok, again, maybe we are not so much alike, BUT her show Chelsea Lately does make me laff my bootylicious off! So if you do only one thing today-click that link up there and be prepared to find a new-found love for "the dickie".

Lay's are another of my favorite things! Oh get your mind outta the gutter and click on kettle cooked jalapeno potato chips. They are yum yum yummy good! They go well while reading your Stephanie Plum book OR while viewing the Chelsea Handler show.

As Good As It Gets is one of my all-time favorite movies. This movie has it all...heart,soul,love,compassion,comedy,tears and "Melvin"! In 1997 it won 2 Oscars and it's just one of those movies that gives you HOPE! If you haven't seen it-rent it. I'd loan you mine-but I refuse to part with it...

Eureka Springs is my FAVORITE place on planet earth. Some of you know why, because you too, have experienced what I have, have fallen in love with what I have and that is the fact that ES the most relaxing,peaceful,romantic town in the good ol' US of A. A town with no stop lights,with some of the best restaurants,one of a kind shops and some of the coolest locals one could ever hope to encounter. It's a place that when you visit, a part of your soul is left behind and not in a bad way-but rather, a beckoning, the town that calls you back-over and over. A place that with each new visit,once you thought you had discovered it all, you discover yet again, something new,something exciting,something that was just for you. It really is a magical place. It's the "one" place I'd love to loose myself in...time and time again and I plan to do that this Feb.

So there ya have it...a few of my favorites...

M confession for today:If I don't find an orange folder with pockets AND brads I am stealing one from some lil kindergartner tomorrow!


  1. Fun post. I too am a huge Chelsea Handler fan. She is hilarious!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I gotta be honest, I didn't read it all (lol). I will though, promise. Did this work

  3. YES Deb you soooo totally rock! TY TY

  4. We just got home from Meet the Teacher night. We dropped off FOUR bags of school supplies in her classroom. Geez!

    I'm on book number 12 of the Plum series. But, I've had to put it down to read Breaking Dawn. Nothing was going to keep me from reading that. I've got 50 pgs. left to go and then I'll be back to Stephanie and her shenanigans! I love love love the books.

    I also like Eureka Springs as well. We love to go and stay at the different B&B's.

  5. Dawn yessss I feel your wal-mart ladden hand-sacks! I drove my assa all over town went to 4 different wal-marts that doesn't include wal-greens and target JUST to find the much needed supplies...it seems EVERYONE starts school tomorrow...whatever happened to staggering them out geesh!

    I so want Fearless fourteen! If I still had 12 and 13 I would send em to ya-I read then i share....

  6. I looooove Janet Evanovich, too!