Get your Freak on

Lets talk about about what "freaks" us out...
For some it may be a fear of heights, I admit I get a lil vertigo from time to time. Or flying-that one I Totally get. Do you fear clowns or do haunted houses freak you out?
Lion,Tigers,Bears Oh MY-The Dark,snakers or spiders?
The thought of loosing power and not having internet access-that's surely someones...I know I am a tiny bit addicted to the internet ...
Well today lilest bean comes to me and says "MOM, I know what I wanna be for Halloween!" We LOVE Halloween around here and it's NEVER to early to start planning... So I say "Oh you do, what might that be?"
What I am about to show you may make me loose my loyal readers(all 4 of you) But it is a chance I just have to take...so this is the point where I must issue a *WARNING*
*IF you have a weak stomache,are nursing,wear a pace maker,have dizzy spells,scare easily,OR in the begining stages of menopause,fast forward through commercials,haven't had sex in a month,are balding,drink heavily you are advised to consult someone,anyone before proceeding.*
This my fine peeps is what lilest bean wants to be for Halloween, the one MAJOR thing that so totally FREAKS my FREAK

This is your last chance turn back now.....NOW I say

OMGosh what horrible thing have I done to her that she now wants to parade around on Halloween night as the CREEPIEST thing on the planet-she wants to be what freaks me out the most, the EFFIN BK KING!!!!

My confession for today can only be summed up with a pic: this ones for you BK King you will NOT win!


  1. OMG. I am so with you on this one. That commercial where they open the curtains and that freaking King is standing right outside their window??? holy crap that would have been the death of me.

  2. OMGosh I sooooo KNOW!!! and now the BK King has offspring yikes(I saw the commercial last week)...THANK goodness she didn't want me or mr gp to dress as the creepy thing and she be the bean!

  3. Not much freaks me out, but I have two food ones:
    -ricotta cheese
    I know on the ricotta. My dad calls me a communist for this. But I have goosebumps right now just thinking about it - I'm grimacing while I type!

  4. LMAO I am right there with you> I hate burger king, hate the smell of it and hate that creepy ass mask

  5. OMG, georgie! Get that child to a therapist right away! That BK guy is about as freaky as freaky gets. Everytime I see one of their commercials, I always wonder "What were they thinking?" I hope lil bean wants to freak people out at least, and doesn't see him as a role model. If it is the latter, be SURE to get that child to a therapist.

  6. Yep, that is way too freaky. I would have to ixnay that one for sure.

  7. lmao... that King scares the crap outta me too!!!! He is way too creepy!

  8. haha that is so funny..I can't believe you don't like him!
    Dude, we have a video game with the King where you go around trying to get the Whopper..its freaking hilarious!
    Gotta get me some of that King..hahaha
    oh btw..gonna add you to my roll, m'kay?

  9. I'm jumping on the band wagon too! I've told my SO more than once that the BK King is creepy.

    Now, if kids are supposed to dress up as scary things fro Halloween, doesn't it stand to reason that your child chose the PERFECT costume? She'll scare the crap out of everyone! LOL!

  10. I agree... creepy. But then again, that's what Halloween is all about, right?

    I linked here from your comment on my new blog - thanks for checking it out! :-)

  11. Oh, you have totally lost control of that particular bean. what's next? biting the heads off bats (lol)?

    by the way...totally digging the 70's flashback music we got goin on today. rad! or something like that, i was never really WITH IT in the 70's.

  12. OMG A fellow Halloween freak. Oh you're not a freak like me? Well at least you like Halloween. I even have dreams about it. Yea I know I need help. Yea the king is kinda freaky with that damn smile of his. But my fear is...roaches. Those bastards scare the shit out of me!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog...and for the camping sympathy, I needed that.

    As for the costume, I'm with you on that one...weird...especially the commercial where he has the normal wife, and just as she's about to kiss him hello the costume son comes in...that one totally gives me the heebee geebeez.

  14. Yes I have lost control LOL

    and last night while we were getting ready for bed lilest bean says...

    "Mommy, I was just kiddin about the BK King costume-I just wanted to scare you-because I know he freaks you"

    "And they probably won't even have the costume in my size anyway-BUT if they do can i still be that BK King for Halloween?"

    OK I am the one who Needs therapy-

  15. Oooohhh, that is too funny! OMG, she did it on purpose to freak you out. Wow, she's sneaky : )

    And if you come to clean my house I will most certainly cook you all the pasta you could ever eat!

  16. I hate the burger king man as well. The one with the burger kings son is even more freaky. I don't have an aversion to "little people" (Is that pc?) but if I was afraid of those vertically challenged, the burger king's kid would totally cause me trauma. That being said, your child dressed as the king is a bad idea. You are not alone on this one at all! LOL!

  17. HAHAHA That's hilarious! YES I'm right there with ya sister!!! Freaky, deaky! *shiver*

    I got you bookmarked...I'll be back! (Whether you like it or not...moohahahahaha) ;)

  18. I always thought that clowns and caves freaked me out, but that was before the Burger King. Now THAT is what nightmares are made of.

  19. So funny! I can so see my girls tormenting me like this when they get older. I think they already do in their own little toddler way. Ha.

  20. Glad to know I am not the only one freaked out by the BK King. I agree, what were/are they thinking with that promotion?