Guess What I learned Today?

I learned how to add a personalized signature to my blogs-ALL BY MYSELF...and it ONLY took me 7 hrs to figure it out-yep ima quick learner!

In my defense there were over 100 fonts to choose from and sense I am decisionally challenged-that part took the better part of the above mentioned 7 hrs. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it, I promise!

Wanna learn to?

Visit My Live Signature you do not have to register just click on "click here to start"

The next page will ask what you wish to do, click "create signature"

Then you will be asked what method you wish to use, click on "useing the signature wizard"

Now just follow steps 1-5

Once at the "finished" page where you see your name look for the hyper-link that says "Want to use this signature?" and click it

A new page will pop up for generating code-click on "Generate HTML Code"

Next click on "Generate code for my handwritten signature"

There is your code... that you will now do what with, you ask?

Copy it then open a new tab to your blogger dashboard, go to "Settings" then "Formatting"

Scroll down the page till you see "Post Template" and an empty box

Paste the code in the box and then click "Save Settings"

PRESTO you are done! The next time you start a post your very own signature will be there ready to greet ya

My confession for today:What will I learn next?


  1. I love your signature. And I love your new header. It is new isn't it?

    Is it okay if I email you offblog? I need someone to talk to, and for some reason I think you are the one : ) You can say no. I won't be hurt. Too much.

  2. Yes Lynn feel free to email me-anytime... I also just added a nifty "wanna chat-email me" link on the side bar

  3. oops sorry yes the header is new also and it is from suckymylolly LMAO she has a link by my playlist

    I have been learning all kindsa things today

    thanks for the sweet comment!

  4. You are so becoming a blog god! All of these technological advances... my mind is spinning!

  5. I have used My Live Signature before. BUT, I had no idea where to put the code on my blog so that it was automatically on there very time.

    I feel like I should be paying you for your time! LOL

  6. LOL Flowergirl not sure about the blog God-but TY

    Dawn-your wonderful comments are payment enough!

    Yanno-I just know how I feel when i am tryin to figure something out and I think GEE I wish someone could put this out there in a way that say a 2nd grader can understand-b/c I need step by step instructions
    I am glad this has helped others!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Love yours!

    And I love the phrase "decisionally challenged"!
    That so describes me...I can never decide on where to eat out, what to have for dinner, what to wear...yada yada! LOL

  8. I am so lovin' that you posted this cheat for us, let's say, challenged blog folks. I feel so tarded about all this blog stuff. I still got lots to learn. Thanks for checkin' out my blog, now go check out my pretty signature thanks to you!!

  9. I've never heard of this, but always wondered how peaople added those signatures! Great tip, thanks.

    I'll have to give it a try whey I get home tonight.

  10. Cool! I'm such a stealer with cool things but hey you said we could "share". Thanks and thanks for the comment.

  11. oooh, thats cool....
    I Must Do This
    thanks for stopping by..
    I will be a regular..

  12. I will give it a shot, your signature is cute.

  13. thanks for your patient help with those of us who are a little slow on the uptake (er, that'd be me). i finally got it! i now have a signature! YAY me!

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by my "place"! I am so impressed with your layout and I, too, will add my signature so I can be cool, too. Come back and I will definitely be back to yours!!!

  15. Love the new look - the header is wonderful and the layout is SO much easier to read! You did good!!

    I'm glad you're sharing the love with our fellow bloggers with your tutorials. And don't hesitate to email -- it's OK! :-)

  16. So glad you all could understand my instructions-and glad I could help a fellow blogger out...

    I cant wait to check out everyone's new siggys-it will be like a new craze I can see the headlines "MY LIVE SIGNATURE crashes due to thousands of crazed siggy snatchers try and create the ultimate in blog customization-Their NAME!"

  17. I have to snicker....all the blogs I read now have their own signatures. Great way to spread the word Georgie. They ought to be paying you : )

  18. OMG I love the new look! But I don't often have that much patience to do those things, although now I am inspired!

  19. I got your blog tip from Lynn... THANKS!!!!

  20. thank you so much for this! I've always wanted one of those!

  21. thank you so much for this! I've always wanted one of those!