Blind Leading the Blind

A Quick(cuz IM NO PRO) strike through tutorial-keep in mind I have NO sleep so if this makes sense GREAT I did it-if it doesn't make sense I am claiming I was hacked!

when you are in post mode and ready to strike through a word add this lil code to the word oh lets say SUCK IT
<> < /del > suck it goes in the middle of the code
where greater than and less than meet face to face > <> symbols with the word del)

so in essence it would look like this SUCK IT

OK now do a test blog and lemme if it works or if I just confused you more

My Confession for tonight: I so suck at TUTS! ALL credit for this goes to Maura from one Ping Only


  1. Oh Thank you! I now worship you! I've been dying to know how to do this! Yipee!
    P.S. Found you by way of The Home Team!

  2. It's that easy? They couldn't just put a button up for that? THANKS!!!

  3. LOL I love the title of the post!

    Okay, I'm going to give it a whirl. THANK YOU so much for giving us this little lesson. Even though I know you are going through some things right now. :)

  4. Alright, I'm giving it a try... Even in the midst of puking beans, you still rock...

  5. i've been using < strike > and < /strike > I love the short cut!

  6. Being worshiped is ALWAYS good LOL

    Glad I could help