I have a confession...

Please bare with me here, I am running on zero,zilch,nada hours of sleep-the ONE night I actually needed sleep-cuz, you know all the other nights can just suck it-sleep is so over-rated.

Lilest bean had a tummy ache that started around 9pm which turned into projectile vomiting around, no wait, I know the EXACT time 1:21am-because I was watching "The Other Boelyn Sister" Anne was fixin' to loose her head and I had to pause the movie.Let me tell ya, any fan of the Exorcist would have been proud of lilest bean -FYI to all Hollywood producers out there looking for a star vomiter-well I got her and she is STILL available,hurry before she gets better and can no longer perform on cue...

I am SO never gonna get the Mother of the Year award,just look at me,my poor baby is sick and all I can think about is pimpin her out to Hollywood for a buck-geesh- your mind can make you think/say things like that when it hasn't rested...

While my confession may not be earth-shaking or breaking news worthy and I think I mentioned it my 100 thangs about me, meme...

Wait for it.....wait....I get bored easily...it may be the OCD in me,it may be the fact my mother kept, in a round about way making comments about how "different" my new blog is-actually meaning "I can't read a single word on that page" I knew when she said "well theres NOT many pictures-it's just a lottttt of words" emphasis on A LOT.

So some of you MAY have noticed the colors and layout and stuffs has all changed about 210 times in the past few days and it's driving me crazy because I am still not happy with the look OR feel-I liked my georgieporgie blog layout-it was simple,bland and boring-I only had like 6 templates to choose from-my point, it worked.

I thought I would be happy and not get bored by randomly changing the wording in the header under "Confessions of...."and I would have been just fine and dandy if Mom hadn't said what she did-so THANKS MOM for making my every waking moment be about making this blog easier for you to read...ONCE I have it mastered I BETTER see a comment from you or I am going back to the black page template and I am sooooo gonna talk about you cuz
  1. you won't be able to read it
  2. that's how I roll

I kid I kid sorta...

Today I went and tried to download a minion of satan template that I really liked, then I realized I have NO idea what I am doing. I really don't wanna send Maura another HELP email. So I am asking my loyal readers, all 4 of you, to be patient with me as it may seem at times that I have gone off the deep end a serious problem that should involve a straight-jacket and padded walls...

My confession today:OH looky I mastered the "strike-through" TY Maura


  1. Isn't strike through fun????

    And I hope my mom never reads my blog. Not that it would matter anyway. We never talk.

  2. Man, I gotta catch on to that strike through! Believe me, I've thought about pimpin' out my guys some exorcist stuff as well... I've also thought about pimping mine out for Nanny 911 promos...

    My mom knows mine exists, I think. I'm debating on whether or not to tell her about it. She would probably be shocked...

    Totally understand the template thing. I found a template. It's perfect. I have NO IDEA how to get it on my page. No Idea. None. Zilch. Still trying to get the damn html right...

  3. I JUST sent info to a designer about giving my blog a new do. I don't know how long it will take but I'm really excited about it.

    Oh, I need a lesson on how to strike-through. I'm clueless. Maybe you could email me a lesson!?!

    About the mom thing - My mom reads my blog but I'm sure I'm going to hear about the Kick Ass Blogger award! hahaha

  4. I need the strike-through lesson, too. Tell your mom you're just helping others - if it weren't for this post, there are now two of us on this list who wouldn't have asked for a strikethrough tutorial!

  5. grrrr I just had this NICE LONG PERSONAL yanno where i replied to everyone response to you all and it went poof! so now you all get the short version! SUCK IT I'm gonna try and help...lets call it the blind leading the blind strike through Tutorial

    ALL credit for me learning the strike through(ST-Im lazy & tired tonight) goes to Maura from One ping Only she over there -------> blogs i stalk

    ONE thing I LOVED about word press they have a GREAT rich text word editor with the ST already up there-whats funny is I NEVER used it over there-really i didnt-go check I'll wait LOL I always said errrrrrrr and over here EVERYONE uses it(ST) so my lil errrrr's everywhere look dorky LOL

    I was just giving my mom a hard time-cuz i know it was hard to read on that black but I bet she says something about this white too...as a matter of fact my entire family,friends and neighbors read my blog-but so far no one has disowned me or threw rocks at my windows....altho I thought my sis may have been upset i refer to her as the "FALOOZIE" (but she still loves me)due to our trip to tombstone arizona...and yes there is a blog with pics about that trip over on georgieporgie.lovelycounty.com too

    Ok ima thinkin this shorter version is actually longer than the first long version LOL

  6. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! SOOOOOO much easier to read!! I love reading your blogs - sometimes we don't get to talk for a week or so-I can go to your blog and -you write just like you talk- it is like having a conversation with you. (a complement) I can find out what is going on with you in just a few quick minutes.