I am So Kick Ass

Something totally awesome has happened to me-No no no my horror-oids are still here pffft and SUCK IT!

Tena over at My Therapy has completely and utterly lost her marbles-lemme explain I LOVE her blog, I stalk errrr check her blog site for new posts prolly 50 times a day and she swears- ALOT but with Grace and Eloquence-hmmmm is that possible to swear with Grace & Eloquence? I dunno but my point is she is witty and I really enjoy reading her blog posts and she has bestowed upon ME yes lil ol' me with my slang and bad grammar this lil beauty!

Kick Ass Blogger Award
Me a KICK ASS BLOGGER I don't know that I agree with that BUT I sure as hell ain't giving it back-pffft
So Thank you Tena you have TRULY taken my mind off my "ASSA" and reminded me, inspite of what it's going through right now, it STILL Kicks Ass!

Okay grrrr the hard part RULES which for the record were meant to be broken-but since this is my first award I will abide:

* Choose 5 other bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers
* Let them know that they have received an award
* Link back to both the person who awarded you and also mamadawg
* Visit the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ , to get codes click here and it will take you to KABC HQ, sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

Now those 5 blogs are so deserving of a KICK ASS Blog award-

My Confession for today: I so hope I did this right


  1. clapping and jumping!! I have a stalker, I have always wanted a stalker!!! Thanks!!! :)

  2. LOL Thanks girlie!! This cracked me up!!

  3. Awesome!! You are, once again, sooooo freakin' cool!!! I can't believe I have entered the land of KICK ASS bloggers! Where's the punch bowl... or rather, the tub of ICE COLD Bud Light LIME, baby!!

  4. Great! congrats........celebrate.........
    break out the bud lite with lime!

  5. Hey - I Love this blog! You know, I wish I could ever get off (or should I say ON) on blog-slackin butt and take the time to give someone a well deserved award for their great blogging!! Oh, and yeah, the Gathering was great and wonderful and awesome and amazing!! And I'm so glad it takes someone else 17 hours to do somthing as simple as a blog signature! I don't feel so alone.