I am a member of Smarty Pants Know it alls...FYI I am sooooo not a "KIA"

Which is essentially a place for parents and children to take surveys and be rewarded for their time. I just received an email they are still looking for participants for their Video Game Survey:

"We’re looking for KIDS who can tell us what they think about a VIDEO GAME. (We're only looking for certain ages, so not everyone will qualify.) This opportunity is for both boys and girls, and they don’t need to be video gaming gurus. If your child currently plays video games, then we’d like to send him/her a video game (that s/he doesn’t already own), have them play it for a few days, and then answer questions about it. Afterwards, your child can KEEP THE GAME and we’ll send you a $15 GIFT CARD, too! "

"Thank you for completing the video game recruit survey. It's going to be a fun project! In fact, we're STILL RECRUITING for it, so feel free to tell your friends about us and pass on our panel registration link to them:"

"Once they're registered and have clicked on the link in the CONFIRMATION EMAIL, they'll receive an invitation to the video game project (assuming they sign up soon enough-- we're almost done recruiting for it). We also have another project that they may be invited to where they get to rate new clothing for kids-- the Style Consultant project! In exchange, they'd receive a discount for purchases from a MAJOR RETAILER. I can't tell you who, but some of you have already done it, so you know what I'm talking about."

Lilest bean was accepted into the video game project and she will either get a wii or nintendo ds game to test-it hasn't arrived yet so I can't say which system. She is also part of the Style Consultant project.
The above link is NOT a referral link so I get NO compensation if you join-I merely thought I would pass the offer on to other moms who may not know about this opportunity.

My confession for Today:I have received my first award-so look for a post about that later today...TY Tena


  1. This is very cool... I love stuff like this. It makes me feel so important... I registered, but I don't have any 'open studies'... Do I need to register the kids seperate from me? I listed all the guys, ages, etc...

  2. It has been awhile since i registered BUT I am pretty sure you will all be on one account-meaning you shouldn't have to do a seperate sign up for everyone in da clan
    They will notify you by email when you have qualified-since i got that email I bet others did too so they are/maybe unindated with new sign ups...

  3. Oh boy!!! I hope they choose me for something! lol

    Thanks for sharing the info!