I'm Gonna Tell On You!

Let me start by saying I so dearly love my ena(aka grandma)...

Some of you may remember she stayed with me for awhile a few months back while we got her meds all lined back out. At that time we set her up with a home health agency-so we as a family could have a lil piece of mind that nurses would be in and out checking on her. She lives on a farm and is by herself till my Uncle gets home around 3pm-so you can imagine how relieved we were to know someone would be there looking after her when we couldn't be there...

She has been doing really well-so well in fact, she tried to fire her Nurse and Nurse aide-gotta love the spunk of an 86 yr old-she is so spunky that she informed me last week that she was gonna teach herself to drive-now mind you the lady has never had a drivers license and the only thing she has ever driven is a tractor...

It may have been time to re-evaluate her and possibly discontinue their services until we got the results of the Dementia tests yesterday.

Ena is in the begining stages of Alzheimer's and after finding this out the main consensus is to KEEP home health-well Ena had other intentions and got very upset with me last night when I told her it may not be a good idea to stop home health right now-she informed me that she had again told them she didn't need their services and refused to give me their number.

Yiyiyi she then proceeds to tell me that she is "gonna tell on me and that she is gonna tell my daddy & Uncle on me" It is so hard to deal with a person that has a disease that you barely know anything about-It pains me that these types of episodes are only going to get worse.

The good thing is we caught it in the early stages and while it can't be cured it can be slowed down. I so LOVE my ena...This is going to be a difficult time and I have a lot to learn about the ins and outs of Alzheimer's


Daddy update-we spent the afternoon at the med oncologist office and daddy will start Chemo later this month-he will have treatments 4 days a month for 4-6 months...Please keep daddy in your thoughts and Prayers as he goes through this stage

My confession for today:I will be back with bells on tomorrow


  1. I can't imagine what this like for you. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I'll definately keep you, daddy, and Ena in my thoughts and prayers. My grandmother was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Alzheimer's. It definately has it's rough moments. We've started putting together a picture book with everyone's name in big letters so she'll have something to look at. She sounds exactly like my g'mom with the whole being beligerant deal. I'll definately keep this in mind...

  3. Thanks ladies-
    a picture book sounds like a wonderful idea-I am gonna borrow that MMmK?

  4. What kind of cancer? And, are you talking about your dad or husband? I don't have time at the moment to go hunt down a post I'm sure you've done about it!

    I will keep him in my prayers! We are dealing with a lot of cancer issues here as well.

  5. dawn i am talking about my daddy aka papa george & superman-

    in a matter of 4 weeks we found out he had a High Grade sarcoma-was told his leg may need to amputated-then told they could save his leg,had said sarcoma removed in OKC at Mercy and now is healing wonderfuly but will still need to go through some chemo treatments for 4-6 months

    That is the short version...on my original blog georgieporgie yes there are several blog posts about what happened

    Thanks for asking

  6. Oh my -- what a lot for you to go through. I will definitely keep you and your family in my thought.