Saturday's SSS Featured Blog

Today I am going to hi-light another one of our SSS participants-I had hoped to get this up last night but....mr gp and I found ourselves beanless more about that in another post...

Today let your fingers do the walking right on over to Art On A Limb where we ponder donuts no wait doenuts no thats not right doughnuts and bad grammer...

So hop on over and visit Lynda-she just could be YOUR SSS exchange partner

we are up to 49 participants is your name on the list? Click here to find out!

My confession for today: Thank goodness for go-go juice!


  1. I'm going over to check her out! Thanks for staying on top of the SSS! :)

  2. i'm telling you the hair of the dog is the way to go (heehee).

  3. Oh GAWD Deb dont even say those words!

  4. Thanks for the feature! Figures you'd get me when I wasn't going to post this weekend - just lounge around and take it easy - lol.

  5. I would love to sign up but for some reason my computer is acting crazy and I can't e-mail you from your site. Please leave me a comment with your e-mail address. Thanks