Tulsa State Fair

The Tulsa State Fair started yesterday...

I have so many memories of the fair, like throwing up after riding the tilt-a-whirl,kissing Robert on the sky-ride,levi jean jackets,rain,kissing Aaron on the sky-ride,throwing up after riding the sizzler,kissing Matt on the sky-ride,throwing up after riding the himalaya...ok ok ok I didn't throw up after riding the himalaya-the one ride I could tolerate and they always played the BEST music on the himalaya-

I am NOT a huge ride person but....
Why just this past summer I took a ride on the wild side and rode a coaster at Silver Dollar City in Branson.

Last night mr gp says "Let's go to the fair" I have not been feeling good and I knew that I would NOT be able to eat everything in site...oh the gyros, oh the GIANT turley legs,OHHH the funnel cakes,carmel apples, cotton candy,grilled corn on the cob,corn dogs,deep fried tators,pizza,Italian sausages,burgers,fried gator...the list goes on and on...I go to the fair to EAT! I should friggin be a food critic-yanno where they pay me to eat!

I personally think that is why he suggested going last night...cheaper for him IF'n I can't eat!
here are a few pics from our night....told ya I have been sick I look like Capital S-h-i-t! TY lilest bean for gettin my small eye *wink* Tena

Lilest bean and oldest bean yiyiyi Sisterly Love and then some....

Yes Oldest beans 'boy-friend' came with us-he apparently doesn't like havin his pic taken unlike my girl beans who are hams to say the least...

Thats my lil man-middle bean aka Reese-he makes my heart beat and to think I told the dr to take him back when he was born...pffft

and here is mr gp I NEVER said take him back and he still makes my heart beat! oh and all that TRASH behind them is NOT ours the fair is one NASTY place I tell ya!

heres Deb  (my new biz partner-while she was hard at work on our new clothing line I was out having fun-I LOVE ya Deb!) some Funnel cake and other snacks

We let oldest bean her BF and middle bean go walk around and ride some *gag* rides then we all met up to go through the petting zoo...
Lilest beans FAVORITE part of the fair....

That was the closest I have ever been to a 'roo'

the below pic I have named Georgina because well it's a Giarafe
Middle bean really liked the camel

They had these crazy mirrors thats oldest bean and BF

then middle bean went in this box and came out with this

There ya have it...my night at the Tulsa state Fair

My confession for today: I promise to have a new SSS Featured blog up today


  1. I don't think it's right to not have at least one ugly family member. Did you sell your soul to the debbil??

    And you need to whop bf next time and make him look at the damn camera. Lookie here sonny when I'm taking your picture.

  2. Looks like you had a great time!

    I left you an award over at my place! Come over and pick it up!

  3. Looks like a GREAT day at the fair! I miss them!

  4. Tiff LMAO...oh goodness that was funny...do you need glasses take a closer look at my double chin!

    Mamahen...i am on my way

    TY McEwens-we did have fun

  5. Your beans are too cute for words. It looks like everyone had a great time. And you looked awesome! I dont think you were sick at all - I think you were faking so I would do all the work. Hmmph!

  6. I love it!!! Our fair in big D started too and I am craving the food, too! I think you look great-FAKER!!! I didn't even know you had been sick. Now I feel like a heel. And WTH? A store with 3D d y'all leave me in the cold? fine.

  7. TY Deb-I think they are cute too and BELIEVE me I ate NADDA at the fair last night I was SICK...and just look at that pic NO make up in PUBLIC!!!!! no wonder everyone walked way ahead of me or wayyyy behind me-they didnt wanna be seen with me!

    Jill-we could always use a manager yanno when we make it big...we will need someone to bring us bud lights with lime,style us,spar with the paparazi and get us pretty dresses! ;-) yanno I really wanna invert that pic of your sis with the mustache and put it on a tee LOL

  8. You guy's are such a cute family! I want to pet a roo, I am so jealous. I think you are right little bean does need to come live here. Mrs Parks and I could use her as child labor. (It's not work if you love what yer doin, right?)
    JJBB we could start up our own line of clothes...there would be J's and B's and huts all over the place : )

  9. I don't think the boyfriend hates having his picture taken. He just knows that his profile is his best side!

  10. You've been doing a lot of kissin' at that fair, sister.

    Wait, is that you with long blonde hair???? If so, I totally had you as a short haired brunette in my fantasies...er...imagination. ;)

  11. I love the fair! Looks like you all had a great time.

  12. Dammit I said fantasies and then got all flustered and posted before I was done.

    Anywayyyyyyyy....isn't it funny how you picture people that you don't know and then get all confused when they don't look like you thought?

    PS. I like you better as a blonde. LOL

  13. TY mamahut I think i will keep em all BF included

    NGIP's-toooo funny

    Lynn-we did have fun-the fair always brings out my food eatin diva side

    Julie-yep thats me blonde with the dark roots with the scraggly hair that needs to be cut...but I am tryin to grow it for locks of love...oh and I am soooo glad someone is fantasing about me! Dream on Dream on...

  14. Gotta love fairs - looks like you all had a great time, too!

  15. Cracking up at all the guys you've kissed on the skyride! You hussie! LOL I don't think I ever kissed anybody on the skyride.

    These pictures are great. I'm glad you felt well enough to go even if'n you couldn't enjoy all the food.

    My friend and I are taking the babies one day next week during the day just so we can go eat fair food!

  16. I am one of Dawn's friends. I love your post about the fair. I have lots of great memories about going to the fair. I loved to ride the himalaya. I can honestly say I don't think I ever threw up at it.. Wow! Good Times..:)

  17. Lynda...there is just nuttin quite like the Tulsa State Fair...right dawn?...yes for a brief moment i was reliving my younger days of teendom and the boys i have been to the fair with and the sky-ride....oh dawn the fair just isnt quite the same with Bell's gone and the bulldozed like 4 buildings....it is very different this yr

    Michelle-any friend of Dawns is a friend of mine...so glad you stopped by!

  18. Hey Georgie!! Where is Jill today. I can seem to track her down. Any idea??

  19. That looks like loads of fun! I saw them setting up for that last weekend! I missed the OKC State fair! I'm so jealous you got to pet ALL of those animals!

  20. Hey come over to my blog to see what I have for ya.

  21. I'm so sad about Bell's not being there. Randi Miller is a BIOTCH! I'm so glad she is outta there.

    Since we will have only the little ones in strollers we won't do any rides. We'll just eat and look around in the buildings. But, mainly we'll eat. LOL

  22. The State Fair of Texas started today, and I'm gonna have to go - because they have CHICKEN FRIED BACON there.

    I so can't pass that up.

  23. very cute post. The State Fair if TExas starts this weekend, I am hoping I can talk DH into going. I love the food man.

  24. Looks like fun...I love that sort of stuff! YummmmO food!

  25. I love the fair...better yet the fair food!

  26. Is it just me, or does anyone else actually smell the greasy food when they read this post? Maybe I'm just really hungry this morning. Could I get a funnel cake to go?

  27. I think you looked great for a gal on her last leg! Ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes this year, I yearn for a funnel cake with extra sugar glaze like I used to get......wonder how I got diabetes?

  28. I grew up outside of OKC and here is what I never got....Tulsa isn't a state....what the hell?

  29. What a great fair. They had a giraffe???? Amazing. I am going to our fair (we call them Shows) next year when my girls are older and less loosable (is that a word?)