T-Shirts,Totes and Thongs Oh My!

This blog has set silent for a couple days and I am happy to report I am feeling better-I have been in bed the better part of the last 2 days,laundry is piling up,things have been neglected but I am back and ready to get caught back up...

While on my 2 day hiatus I went into biz with Deb and I realized I am NO graphic artist, I can't even use paint or notepad properly!

I am also thinking we need a cool catchy name for our new store not that deb's and georgie's online store wouldn't look GREAT all up in lights! I mean Kim Kardashin has a store called DASH, Puffy has Sean John,Jim Belushi's wife has the Poppy Store,Punky Brewster has The Little Seed,Victoria has Victoria's Secret...you get the idea right?

We need something cool and catchy because before you know it Brittney Spears will be wearing our thongs...Oh wait she doesn't wear panties, I mean Oprah will be wearing our thongs and Deb and I will be sitting on the "Big" sofa together telling the world that "they too can make all their dreams come true" Okay to be honest I would rather be sitting on Ellen's sofa BUT I won't complain.

My confession for today: I need a graphic artist to do up some text designs for me...anyone?


  1. i am with you on the whole ellen's sofa vs. oprah's sofa thing. ellen's seems way more comfortable!

  2. I aspire to be a graphic artist, but so far all I have under my belt is a 118-page yearbook. I did design it in InDesign and Photoshop, but that is all Igot. I am thinking someone will come to your rescue who is far more advanced in these skills than I.

    In the meantime, what KIND of name do you want? Sassy? Saucy? Serious? Did all of those just start with "S"? Anyway, you could make it simple like The Edge--playing off the name! Again, it is all about what you want the name to convey.

    And, by the way... your comment over on Deb's guest post cracked me up--the one about how you are a walking confrontation LOL.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Nice post Georgie!!! Let's hope we got someone out there a little more creative than wither one of us is (lol). Name ideas kids!!?? Anyone got any???

  4. I SO would rather talk to Ellen than Oprah! Sorry, cant draw worth nothing! Good luck though....

    How about a THONG for the TRONGS
    Whats wrong with your thong?
    Thongs gone WILD?

  5. I wish I could be more creative and help you out, but alas, creativity is not me.

    Can I just tell you that your music player is the only one that I don't stop as I'm perusing blogs? I find myself actually turning it up and boppin' along to the music.

  6. Two Thongs Don't Make It Right?

    uh, that's bad. nevermind!

  7. I'm really excited about your store and think you are both super clever!
    Great idea : )

    How about "Over The Edge Designs"

  8. Why not call it Love on the Edge. Since georgie you love "love" so much. Or crackheads r us. I am just FULL of great ideas.

  9. YAY Ellen takes Oprah! so glad you all are with me on this one...

    Mamahen...my music is rockin huh? I was thinkin of addin some new songs and takin off a few that dont make me wanna chair dance

    Jules LOL I hope we will be known for more than our things ;-) mr gp said how ironic that we would have a pic on a women on a ledge and decsionally challenged on a pair of panties...he said NO man would come near us...maybe we need to market those to the lesbian crowd? anyone got Lindsay lohans number?

    TY Mrs Parks I really LOVE 'over the edge designs'!

    oh oh Tiff we could do ♥ on the edge

    Great ideas everyone LOVE it!

  10. How about 'Twerps R Us' since ya didn't EVEN include me.
    Or 'Should I Go Over the Edge or not?'
    Or 'jill's Best Blogger Buds Business That They Left Her Out Of'
    Or 'jjbb Rocks'
    Or 'DGJ Designs' Uh huh, I added myself. Dat's right. Love ya!!!!!

  11. Oh dear...JILLLLLLLy ummmm I LIKE all your name suggestions....and well we need a creative mind did I mentioned we needed a manager to bring us BLL LOL I kid I kid...

  12. Oh how fun! I'll think of names for you! And I wish I was a graphic artist! Good to hear you're feeling better!