A quick question...
Do you know I like to respond to your comments? Do you know that I do? Do you know a lot of them go to 'noreply-comment@blogger.com'? God Bless him or her-because they have gotten some really witty replies-so witty it could have landed me a job on the Ellen Show-well OKay maybe not that witty but you get the point...noreply is getting my response to YOU,YOU,you and YOU!

If you have left me a comment I do one of two things

1) visit your blog which I LOVE but I feel stoopid responding to a comment you made on my blog in your comment section


2) email you a reply directly from a comment you left on my blog-hence making me not look or feel stoopid

Do you know how I can email you a reply from your comment left on this here blog?

Go to your dashboard, click on edit profile and you should see this:
Edit User profile

Under Privacy you get these...

Share my profile
Show my real name
Show my email address

There is a lil box next to each of those lines-if you put a check in the box next to 'Show my email address' then scroll to Identity and enter an email addy then click 'Save profile' you will be all set

This will allow me to reply directly to you when you leave a comment. It doesn't show your email addy in the comment section but when your comment is emailed to me I can in turn hit reply and say something like 'Hey Thanks I think you Rock too!'

Many of you already do this and I Thank You, some of you may have no idea this was possible, some of you knew about this and choose not to for reasons that are important to you-I respect that.

Since I have checked the box to show my email, when I visit your blog and leave a comment, if you have comments emailed to you, you too can just hit reply and send me a response from a comment I left on your blog.

My confession for today: This is not life altering but it sure makes responding to you easier-without me being a comment whore on my own blog or looking stoopid on yours...


  1. I was doing the same thing!! LOL Thank you for telling me how to stop replying to that guy/gal too!! DOH!

  2. Thank you for the blogging education, I'm new, I'll take all the help I can get

  3. Thanks for the advise. I just went and changed mine.

  4. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  5. Is mine right? I am too lazy to look....

  6. Yes, I am a peep who loves you. I am also always grateful for blogging tips, though I think this is one of the few I already had down.
    Great PSA!

  7. oooh, thanks for the tip!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog...my video is up and running now...I had it on privacy setting over at YouTube!! Am enjoying your blog! My email should be working over on my blog:)

  9. Excellent piece of advice if I do say so myself!!

  10. And while your checking Jill's can you check mine too? Laziness runs in our family.

  11. Don't hate me, but I don't do this because I have a separate e-mail address for Blogger that I don't want to be public. I'm sorry. I know I drive people crazy!

    Just for the record, you can always reach me at momofaliblog@gmail.com

  12. I think mine is set already, I get email answers to my posts... Thanks girl, great info! I think a few peeps are frustrated with this, Ive seen a few of these posts! ;) LA

  13. Hooray! I love seeing this posted!

  14. I've always been afraid that my email would recieve a bunch of soam crap if I did that, no?

  15. Thanks Georgie!! I think I may have to do a little c&p of this on my blog!

  16. i actually just added my email last week!! I didnt even know it was missing!

  17. Yep! I've got some from you;)

  18. i think i've done this....check and see. (hi georgie!)

  19. Thank you for the heads up! You are brilliant!

    And thank you for stopping by the Goo Goo Ga Ga and commenting! I just love when that happens!

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog - your blog rocks and the tunes put me in a good mood this morning! I love the black and white - I am redoing my craft/guest room in black and white.

  21. Morning :) Just wanted to make sure you get into this weeks coffee giveaway! We have a new gift box called Frostie's Favorites..its not up right now but will be this week...your picture reminded me to get them up :)

    GTB (Meaghan)


  22. I think mine is right, but then I send email from 10 different accounts and forget to leave a link to my blog. That is really confusing.
    I feel dumb leaving comments to comments on others non-related posts, but sometimes, there is no other choice.
    Oh, well, stupid is as stupid does or some crap like that.

  23. Amen!!! I've sent many a genius reply to noreply-comment@blogger.com, LOL!

  24. I am so lost in Blogger world. For years I used LiveJournal, but am totally lost here at Blogger.


    I have to click my posts to see my comments...will go fix that now. :) I bet people think I'm a dork for not replying. ;)

  25. GEORGIA, Thanks a million. I shall try it today, and hopefully start to conquer the world with my wit, charm, and repartit. Not to mention baldness and deficiency in common sense. My comments are horse-dung; yours are really helpful - thanks again.

    Please drop on to my blog, and leave a message to show all this has worked !

    Bye for now,
    Iain (The Arguist)( as nicknamed by my friends, because I'm forced to argue with their constant twaddle) !!!

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is one of my pet peeves and I will be sure to link people to this post so they'll know how to change their settings! I kept trying to find it but forgot where it was!