SSS Participants REVEALED

Amybo and I want to Thank You for being participants in the Secret Santa Soiree.

It was so fun seeing what everyone got. So many of you have already received your gifts and are wanting to know who had your name-I have decided to list who had who and add a mr linky so everyone can link to their SSS post.

If you have not blogged about your SS gift please take a moment and do so and if you can add some pictures-I know we all want to see what you got.

1stopmom had Leigh Bratina

4LettreWords had Ginnyb
Amelia Bedila had Georgie
Amy Amy Bo Bamey had Deb
Art of a Limb had Sacred Space
Binks had Mariah
Blogginmomma had imommy
Blokthoughts had Jyl GNO mommygossip
Brenda Had Blokthoughts
Cassie had La Vie De Laurie
Charming & Delightful had Blogginmomma
Choc Covered daydreams had Rebecca Jo
Christine D had Barb Mrs 4444
Colleen Marie had Julie
Colorado Lady had Christine D
Annie Cookies Chaos & Convo had Amelia bedila
Corrine had Tanya R
Dana had Megryansmom
Dawn had Linda short pump preppy
Debland had Tonya
Deb postcards had Jessica
Dee had Brenda
Eternal Sunshine had Lisa
Georgie had Annie
Gingela had Sunshine
GinnyB had Coloradolady
Imommy had mommybrainreports

Jess had Corrine
Jill had tena
Julie had Dana
Jyl had Linda
Kandas had Dee
Kgirl had Charming & Delightful
KimU had Kandas
Kristin had Colleen Marie
Kritta had Amybo
La Vie De Laurie had Lori V
Linda JoliePrimitives had Elle Bee
Linda short pump preppy had Dawn
Lisa jujuboo had mammahut
Megryansmom had Crazymomeyes
Lottifish had cassie
Mariah had Binks
Megan B had weeksie
MeMe Lorie had gingela
Mamma Hut had kgirl
Mommybrainreports had this is how we roll Terri
Mrs Schmitty had  Eternal Sunshine
Mrs 4444 had Kritta
Mrs Big Country had Qallie Q
Musings from left field had Kristen
Elle Bee had NucMedisHot
My Therapy had Rhonda
Nessa had debland
NucMedisHot had rachel Ashmore
Princessbellesworld had smoochiefrog
QallieQ had Choc Covered daydreams
Rachel had princessbellesworld
Rebecca Jo had Mrs Big country
Rhonda rants had Jill jill Bo Bill
Sacred Space had KimU
Sidz6kidz had Shannon R
Smoochiefrog had Tulsi
Sunshine had Tiffany
Leigh TFBloggeritaville had Nessa
Tanya had 1stopmom
Lynn had Mrs Schmitty
The davis fam had Lettre Family
this is how we roll had Lynn the Piggy Bank painter
Tiffany had Travel Girl
Tonya Had Siz6kidz
Travel Girl had Musings from Left field
Tulsi had Wheezer
Weeksie had Lottifish
Wheezer had Art on a Limb

My Confession for today: I hope you all enjoyed participating in the SSS exchange as much as I did~Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all


  1. This was fun for me too!!! But that may be cause I had the BEST POSSIBLE SS EVA!!!!!

    Merry Christmas y'all (from Paula Deen-lol)

  2. I had fun buying for my partner. Hopefully I'll get my gift soon. Good thing I figured out who had me already huh Georgie. *wink wink* LOL You and AmyBO did a great job. I love you too!!

  3. It was so much fun!! Too funny that Linda and I had each other! LOL!

  4. I loved it, too thanks to you both for organizing! Now, when do you put out a hit list of those who never sent anything?

  5. WHAT!!?? Dana was my SS.....why I never suspected. Thank you Dana. I love my stuff :) Can't wait to meet in May!

    A shameless plug, please vote for tree #2 at http://domitp.net/gift/ Thank you!!!

  6. I actually had Ginny B...and I loved putting it together for her!!

  7. Thanks again for all your time and effort.

  8. Thanks for all the effort! It was fun!

  9. Thanks for all the hard work you both did! I had fun buying and receiving - you did a wonderful job and it was nice to be so surprised!

  10. Thanks for all your hard work! I know it isn't easy to host something like this with the number of people that participating. I have enjoyed getting to know my partner in secret and can't wait to see my gift and get to know my SS. :)


  11. Thanks you guys, I am sure there was a lot of hard work involved.
    You are the best!

  12. I knew you had me, Georgie! I knew it, I knew it! Well, you and Dawn are the Oklahoman bloggers I know! LOL I loved it all! Thank you! :)
    It was fun! Thanks for organizing, G & A!

  13. thanks for all your hard work...you guys are amazing!

    and I love me some Dawn!!!

  14. It was so much fun! Thanks to both of you for all your hard work...let's do another one!!!

  15. Thanks guys....I had a lot of fun with this. Of course, I did not guess who my SSS was, and am glad to know who it is now!

  16. It was great fun -even if I was the last person to mail her gift!!!!!!! I am a good intentioned procrastinator okay! I smell good as usual-mmm Warm vanilla Suga~and Gingela did seem to like her gift. Thanks for putting this together- I found some cool blogs to read on this journey also!
    BE blessed!!!!!!!!

  17. *hugs* to both you and AmyBo for all the hard work ~ hope we can all do it again next year!

  18. This was such a TOTAL BLAST!!!!! I had sooooooooooooooooo much fun and THANKS to you I met sooooooooooooooooo many new WONDERFUL bloggers!!!!

    Yall both did a GREAT job!!!!

  19. Wow Georgie! That must have been a lot of work!

  20. This was so much fun!
    I loved buying for J and secretly reading her blog.

    Now it's not a secret anymore!

  21. You guys are the bomb for doing all this. Thank you so much.

  22. This was a lot of fun. I hope we do it again next year. I know y'all put a lot of effor and work into it. I posted a photo of my SSS gift today. Lame excuse for taking so long, my husband had the camera! Thanks so much for putting this all together. You guys ROCK!

  23. Thanks so much. I can't find my partner's blog. Anyone know how to get to Jess?

  24. Awesome!!! Thank you so much for doing all of this! You are a superstar!! I had a blast!

  25. Thank you guys so much...it was so much fun and My Secret Santa was and is so Fab!!!!

  26. I had a wonderful time! Thansk to One Stop mom for my cool gifts!