Tomorrow is...

Mr gp's birthday he will be 43 and he is balding and grey- Happy Birthday honey I love ya-I can't blog about you tomorrow and I am sorry but I know you will understand I promise to make it up to you and make fun of you at a later date...

but thats NOT what I need to tell ya

This is:
Tomorrow is Merry SitsMas! and they have a doozie of a Grand Prize

YOUR Blog Featured as our Friday Favorite and....
A $200 Target Gift Card!

How cool is that!!!


More SSS gifts have been delivered

memelorie has confirmed that she received her pkg and will blog as soon as she gets home from the hospital-her daddy is sick please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Megan B also got her pkg so look for a post from her soon

EternalSunshine has been real busy but promises a post soon about her gift

Jess @ Neveradullmomement blogged about her SSS gift

My confession for today: Happy Birthday to my mr gp


  1. Tag you are it! See my blog and don't hate me!

  2. lol poor g-pa, happy birthday to him. ^^

    Thank you for the welcome. How do you go about meeting people on here?

  3. I'm gonna have a Merry SITSmas too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! See you tomorrow yo.

  4. Oooh those SITS girls know how to par-tay!

    Happy Birthday to MR. GP!

  5. I can't wait for tomorrow! I've been training my bladder for a week now, I should be good to stay at the desk all day;0)

  6. happy birthday to your biggest bean of all.

  7. Happy Birthday to the biggest Bean!!!!!!!!

  8. Mannnnnn, I gotta start reading the other comments before I write mine.
    How tacky that I said the SAME thing as Deb.
    Ok, hows this...
    Happy Birthday Mr Bean!
    Or this...
    It's better to be a balding bean than a boiled bean
    Ok, just one more...
    It's better to be an old bean than a has bean
    Ok I'm done,

  9. Amelia's birthday is Wed!!! Will you please post in the morning or in daytime? I NEVER get on blogeritaville at night hardly ever. hardly. okay. When heroes or biggest loser is on. happy birthday mr gp!!!!!! I love ya girl! Check your email.

  10. Happy Birthday Mr. GP!! Make sure Georgie wears her Naughty Mrs. Claus outfit for you and sings Happy Birthday Baby to you! BTW you don't look a day over 29 :)

    Now off to check out the gifts that are being delivered!

  11. happy bd mr gp. don't let her slap you around too much, unless you are into that kind of thing....

  12. Happy Birthday Big Daddy!!