Exhibit 1,2,3 and so forth

Before I get into my trip and exhibits I just have to say...
I am a nervous wreck! Abby aka oldest bean passed her written test for the/her learners permit...I keep tellin myself 'Roots and Wings' but some how it just doesn't compute-did I really want her to fail? NO BUT I am NOT prepared for this bidness...there are no words at all, all I can say is, those out there that have been through this...where were you in my HOURS of need??? YES I said HOURS as in plural...

I thought the hard times were behind me...yanno changing diapers,chicken pox and some type of green substance they called baby food...pffft...it only gets worse the older they get-the more you worry...


My 20 year High school reunion is this weekend and I dunno who and went and fast forwarded time but ummm there is no way 20 years have passed already...SERIUOSLY! So IF i don't show up it's because I am stuck in the 80's!


So I took my Grandma aka ena and daddy to Schulenburg/High Hill Tx for her 33rd Krischke Family reunion-
The name Krischke and High Hill are one in the same-I hadn't been since I was a toddler so this trip was extra special-we made it down without incident except for the fact that the Holiday Inn and suites we stayed in was TOO fancy for my dad and ena...

you need proof?

Just look at papa george enjoying himself to the max
We tried to get ena in the pool/hot tub but she wasn't havin it!
She was content and happy to just sit and watch...boy how things would change
I love this picture-keep the shape of the wig in mind as you scroll through these pics
My lil dumplin akalilest bean aka jess
She is giving Trip advisor a whole new meaning to the word OWL-did ya know I am a destination expert on TA? Did ya know every time I travel I do reviews for the hotels and restaurants we stay at? NOT on thier behalf but on the travelers behalf...when you travel please consider going to TA and posting your review...it really does help fellow travelers...
This would be where I say 'But I digress' but since I am me, I will say now where was I?
It is sooooooooo very hard traveling with your dadddy and ena BUT when you see things like this....
Your Great Grandfather/Grandmothers grave a lot of things are put into perspective and you take notice of the older part of the cemetary because it is your heritage
and you see things like this...she, Ena brought flowers for like 10 peoples graves-she is an AMAZING and GRACIOUS woman
Then even tho' you are not Catholic you visit a Church that looks like this
And you get to find out where your Great Grandmother sat in a pew and knelt...St Mary's is a beautiful  Church-so full of love,life and family history-this is where my family tree truly started-do you know what it is like to be virtually the ONLY non-practicing Catholic person in a Catholic Church is like? Well Im'a bout to tell ya...the saints stare at you and you have NO clue what you are doing... OR what is being said...
so you head back out to the cemetary

Then you leave to take your ena and daddy to see the land they grew up on...because in this day and age all things old have been torn down...
ena is standing where her grandmothers front lawn would have been
and this would have been thier farm-YES I tresspassed and I am so sorry for it-many thanks to the people who own the farm to this day for not reporting me-as I turned around 50 times in your drive way
I am so not makin fun of....but I tried to tell ena her wig was on backwards and I got 'shushed' I HATE getting shushed! When we got lost they(ena and daddy) suggested i just pull into someones driveway and ask them what they knew....welll this guy knew a lot...he remembered my grandma's whole family...I think he knew more that we did as a collective whole of 3
This tree was on a farm where my ena used to live as a child
we also had this happen....a flat tire-there are NO words...well I said some words...but none I'd like to repeat on here
she was so patient!
This would be James and he was a life saver and patched up my tire
But then it was time for the family reunion....and even tho' I was sweating like a pig I persevered through
We did go out to dinner...yes that would be a home made bud light with lime sitting in front of me...I felt like I needed it
and this would be why I felt like I needed a bud light with lime
Daddy nor ena thought the hostess would come get us to seat us at our table
 and by the looks of this pic neither did Jess
BUT we got to be seated AND eat...with our fingers....
we had forks....and spoons and knives-this pic(below) was tanken after my German heritage Grandmother decided the 'Kraut" wasn't that good..AKA she spit it out everywhere-me personally, I thought the kraut was awesome as did daddy by the use of his fingers and Sennglemans hall had awesome potatoe cakes!
Ena had a nice time visiting with her cousins
I am pretty sure they were gripping about me...I am a bitch to travel with-they prolly needed midol-just to cope
We won the award for furthest travled...I take pride in the fact I drove 2 old people and a beanie so far south all by myself
On the way home We stopped at buc'ees and they sold
I am still trying to wrap my brain around the beaver nuggets and yes jess bought a Tee that said " Power to the Beaver" I am still speechless...
Then this happened.....and i said A LOT of words I would rather not repeat on here-that tire is NOT bald the entire tread was stripped off...Gosh to helk I hate I-45 and will NEVER travel that road again!
And since I had AAA I refused to let my daddy change the tire
and he was pissed..because I am pretty sure it messed with his manly-hood....BUT it was pitch black on I-45 and I didn't want anything happening to daddy
Ena-because she was trying to see what happened and almost fell into the interstate....so daddy put her in the corner aka blankie in the grass with the chiggers...sorry ena it was for your own safety...
They look so happy right?
Well they weren't but then I brought my secret weapon....
Because who can be mad when you see this face...
My confession for today: IE 8 hates me and picks and chooses which blogs I can visit ...OH and it is very BUGGY...I know i said this already but do not d/l IE8 until the last minute


  1. LOL I love the wig! seriously awesome!

    and being Sushed! I hate it too! You could call my the b word and I'd get less pissed!

    you get goldstars for taking this group as far as you did.

    you have a great little bean there..what a cutie!

  2. Thanks for sharing...I love family Reunions even when they aren't mine.
    Your family is wonderful and your little bean is beautiful!

  3. I love your trip, and the pictures. I hate that you had tire problems. I hate IE8 also! ultra buggy. I hate I45. I drove from Houston to Dallas twice a week for years in a previous life. The only freeway worse is I35 btween DFW and San Antonio.

  4. Wow, two flat tires in one trip; you should have gotten an award for that too as well as the 'traveled furtherest' one!

  5. Loved the trip! Thanks so much for sharing. Now I MUST find one of those Buc'ees stores! It's all about the beaver.

  6. "where were you in my HOURS of need"

    Your hours of need have not even started yet. Wait till she's out past curfew, not answering her cell and you don't know where the BLEEP she is. You pace the floor, sure she's in a ditch somewhere, waiting for that phone call no one wants and then she strolls in.
    Lookin sweet and angelic she says, "I was at Michele's helping her sick mama and I just lost track of time." I'm sweating just thinking about it.
    Wait what were we talking about? Oh yeah, hae a great time if you go to your reunion.
    I have IE8 and don't really notice too many probs. Try to download Mozilla Firefox as an alternative. I use both. I'm a multi-tasker like that.
    Great trip pics. Ena looks like a hoot. And you deserve a medal my dear. Just spending the last weeks with my mom (and her being sick) have made me more of a drinker than I already was. And you can't drink while you drive (or so they tell me) so you were screwed.

  7. My eldest still hasn't gotten his license or permit, but he did just decide to enlist in the Marines. He goes to basic right after graduation in May. ACK!!!! It does go by so fast.

    It seems like you all had a great time on your trip. I bet it's great to be home and stay there though, huh? :)

  8. That stained glass window is the exact same one we had in our church...that I haven't gone to in years.

  9. Try Google Chrome or Firefox. I enjoy those browsers much better than IE. Looks like y'all had a good time minus the break down. You did good keepin your papa roped in. I learned along time ago that it has nothing to do with what we want to do. It has everything to do with people out there on the road. The majority just think it's a right to be able to drive and don't pay attention.

  10. Looks like a great time. Thanks for the sharing all the pics.

  11. Great trip pics--love the ones of the church.
    You are the one of the funniest story tellers!
    I loved your Ena stories! Glad you are safe at home. And you will survive the driving experience.

  12. My first time here & I can't wait to catch up & read more. Great family pics

  13. Lovely photos from an amazing trip!

    I just switched browsers to Firefox and it's been awesome. Oh, and I always use Trip Advisor. It sooo rocks!

  14. Awesome trip and photos! LOVE IT!

  15. I think I am the only person I know who can't wait for her kids to get their license so I don't have to chauffer them everywhere!

    IE is no longer kicking me out of places and blogs are loading properly. When it was kicking me out, as long as I hit the back button or closed the page and reopened it, it usually worked the 2nd time! Good luck.

    Oh, and I left my bedbug story on Trip Advisor!

  16. Nice. That stained glass is very pretty. Sorry about the tire troubles!

  17. Great pictures....and I SO am not looking foward to the driving years!!!

  18. WoW!! What an exciting trip!! Hope you enjoyed at least a little of it. Before long you will be glad Bean can drive!

  19. OOOOhh...I wanna a beaver tshirt!!!! I would wear ever so proudly.

  20. oh my gosh where do i start.....this post really did make me LOL!!!!!!
    first things first......beaver nuggets.......what!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    the learners permit......it's not sooooooo bad.......just relax and don't yell to loud!!!!!! it is distracting to the student driver!!!!!
    glad you had a safe trip and didn't have to use to many bad words!!!!

  21. this is the first tiem i've seen your pic. you're so adorable. if you lived in okc, we'd have to meet up! are you on twitter???

  22. Loving the Beaver Nuggets! That blue looks purdy on you.

  23. This is like the BEST vacation post ever!!! Your road trips always sound like so much fun! I totally love the pic of Papa George chillin in the hot tub by himself! That man knows how to catch some serious R & R!!

    Oh and you totally have me freakin out about the driver's permits. And here I thought once I was passed the diaper stage and the sleepless nights, it would get better. Sounds like when they're teens, I'll be needing diapers for myself (for the shocking moments when I totally lose my bladder when yelling at them for not coming home at a decent hour) and sounds like the sleepless nights only get worse. Woe is me....

    BTW, I've been having a problem with IE too getting to some blogs. I've had to use Firefox....ugh

  24. How exciting for Abby! And mom when you are not having to play taxi. I can't imagine. But good to stop in and check on ya! Looks like a great trip.