A lil bit of this and that

Yanno I did have something VERY witty to put here...then I woke up...scratchin my head like I had lice...

Do ya think mr gp aka Not sawyer aka Eric is going through a midlife crisis IF he wants hair plugs and has been looking at motor-cycles on main street? Just asking...I don't understand men or boys...

Boys are a forgien object to me-I didn't have brothers(Thanks Mom) or grow up around boy cousins-it was always 'Us Girls' and since returning from our summer vaction I have realized a lot about boys...I won't go into that now because I have much more exciting news...I reserve judgement to embarress my beanies at a later date...

I am taking another road trip...

Jess and I are driving Ena and Daddy to Schulenburg Tx to her family reunion-she(Ena) hasn't been in 20 years...

We plan on making a stop in Bellmead Tx to rest and re-JUV-I-Nate before waking on Saturday and traveling the approximate 2 and half hours on to Schulenburg, then she wants to visit her mama and daddies land,the cemetary and a local muesem-then it's on to 5'0Clock Mass at the Painted Church of High Hill Texas St Mary's ...Sunday is the BIG reunion day and a LONG 11 hr drive back to Okie land....

I am certain I have attended a Family reunion for my Grandmothers side BUT I am also pretty certain it was when I could barely walk and talk so this trip makes it extra special...

Did I mention my husband wants hair plugs and a motorcylce?


I am not sure if I have mentioned my addictive personality or not before...If not I am coming clean now...I am addicted to Farm Town on Face Book...some of you will know of what I speak others will be saying WTF? That's okay I am seeking help as I type and I am grabbing my neighbor too...LO you know I am talking to you! and i will NOT mention the other bloggers names that are level 20 or above...I just expect to see you at farm Town Anon....

I still have not seen the hangover and I really want to-

My sweet daughter Abby has a new boyfriend-he is the sweetest guy a mom could hope for her daughter-I adore him, and he is an African American, yes I said he is black-how do you feel about blended/mixed dating? I am curious, is it taboo or do you support no matter what?

Did I mention my husband wants hair plugs and a motorcylce?

Not sure if I mentioned that Jess has more of a problem on farm town than me...her farm is way more cuter AND she pushes me off the pc, again we are seeking help...

Have I mentioned that I will be doing the Secret Santa Soiree again this year? It was a lot of fun last year and I hope it will only grow AND it is NOT to early to be thinking about the holidays....I REALLY want an homemade ice cream machine or a jet air....see I am thinking ahead...

mention mention mention....I said that a lot up there...sorry to those of you still reading....

I rented Grand Torino-it was an awesome movie-I also rented Seven Pounds and just didn't get all the hoopla(and I am a HUGE Will Smith fan)...I also Re-watched Shaun of the dead...so that may not be saying much-but I ♥ that movie

School starts in 4 weeks...

My baby, that would be Jess, will be in Middle School...can I turn back the hands of time?
She wants to play the clarinet and take Spanish...I need Rosetta Stone....I cheated my way through Spanish and regret it now!

I now have IE8 and it is VERY buggy...it jacks with my pc and me and well i am at a loss...word to your mother...don't d/l until they have all the bugs fixed and it comes standard on a windows update SP!

My confession for today: My husband SERIOUSLY wants hair plugs...I say embrace the baldness


  1. I haven't been to Schulenberg for years. I love that part of Texas.
    Tell the husband to go with the baldness.
    I upgraded ("upgraded???") to IE8 and you are right it is so buggy I can't use it anymore. I use Firefox, I would rather use IE7.
    I am intrigued by Farm Town but don't want to there to avoid being sucked in.

  2. I'm with Yogi...bald is secksy!

    BTW, Mac rules!

  3. first time poster here...
    hangover wasn't THAT great of a movie, wait till it comes out to rent. or just watch it online, don't pay the theater.

    nothing wrong with wanting plugs (besides the cost), so just keep letting him want them. to be honest, I want them. I'm 24 and half my head is bald, lol, so I just shave it all. cheaper solution.

    motorcycle is a must! and those can be found for cheap.

    is he a nerdy type of black kid? or one that dresses with his pants at his ankles and the super long white tees?

    gran tourino was an excellent movie. all eastwood's are. seven pounds is a really deep movie, a ton of thought is involved. I didn't get some parts of it, so when I watched it again I went online and followed a plot summary to better explain what was going on. I highly suggest doing that.

    and shaun of the dead FTMFW!!

    uninstall IE8, and use Firefox.

    sounds like you guys need another computer? if you're fighting over "farm town" (which I will check out when I get home, it's blocked at work)


  4. Wow! Have fun on your trip. Wave if you are near D/FW mid-cities area.

    I'm hearing about lots of men getting motorcycles lately. Sounds scary to me.

    Hair plugs? I'll pass.

    Mixed dating? I'm still a hard time with that one but I'm trying to be more open.

  5. Weeeeeeeeellllllllllll you know how I feel about the dating issue........ He seriously wants hair plugs? You know me-I think bald is sexxxy! About that trip-I wish you would not rush to get back home-maybe stop for the night and come on in later on Monday.

  6. Hair plugs no. Motorcycle yes. Interracial dating see nothing wrong with it. Hangover awesome. Haven't seen Gran Torino. Have fun in the sweltering Texas heat!

  7. i agree hair plugs no!! interracial dating fine. it is not the color of a person, it is how they treat you, respect you, and love you. havn't seen the other two, but i thought seven opounds was awesome. motorcycle--absolutely not unless there is a seat for you!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

  8. This is a lot to go over, but I'll do my best:
    Can't wait to hear about the roadtrip and family reunion!
    Bald is beautiful!
    Let hubby get the motorcycle and then use it as an excuse to be naughty - he'll double love the bike.
    Gran Torino ROCKED and ditto for me on 7 pounds...I fell asleep.
    EXCELLENT for your daughter! I would support any choice she makes wholeheartedly as long as he is a gentleman!

  9. I am glad I stay away from Facebook. I don't have time to spend on any more Internet things!

    And I have no problem with interracial dating, at all.

  10. LOVED Gran Torino. Went to see Away We Go last night. It's also a good movie.

    No problem with inter-racial dating. I am more interested in the quality of the person, not the color of the skin.

  11. Alla the (bald) men in my family embrace the Hair Alternative Therapy AKA a HAT.... they are too sexy...Nix on the plugs!
    Motorcycle? Maybe he should try it out for a couple days before he buys? Fun but....scary.
    Anybody should date anybody, as long as they treat each other right.
    Gran Torino was g.r.e.a.t. Clint's still got it!

  12. gmsouth (AKA Meliss)7/13/2009 12:13 PM

    Farm town Rocks, And I am one of those people who is over level 20. So I am addicited too. Are Plugs if it amkes him feel better about himself themn go for it. Motercycle, It will save on gas. And fun to ride in ES. Interracial dating. My kids are not old enough to date, but I would like to think I wouldn't have a problem if he wasn't one of these black guys that have there pants down so low it shows their butt, mistreates woman, goes around clling all his friends the N word. But I would have a problem if that was a white guy too. Melissa

  13. Hairplugs? JUST SAY NO! Women make FUN of men with hairplugs. Really. We do NOT make fun of bald men. We make OUT with them. (See if that will help.)

  14. I don't think his skin color matters - it's all about the love. :)
    As for the hair plugs - JUST SAY NO! Bald is beautiful... on men.
    Go see the Hangover. Now!

  15. Hair plugs? Seriously? Shave it Eric!!

    I just hit level 19 this week on Farm Town! LOL!
    It is such a complete waste of time yet I still farm!!

    Have fun at your reunion!

  16. Hey there! You have already read my novel on interracial dating and so everyone won't be curious, I am totally for it. The skin is an outer wrapper of what's on the inside. It just so happens that Abby's boyfriend has a different color wrapper than Abby's. Same on the inside (minus the fact of girl organs vs male organs). I can't understand why this some people feel that this is a problem when the bottom line is that we are all human beings.

    No on the hair plugs. I think bald is really nice.

  17. Bald is so sexy... Hair plugs make a guy look insecure. Dating... If he's a good guy then awesome. God made us all. There are people of every race that are good and those that are "thugs". If she found a good guy then that is wonderful, after all... Good guys are hard to find. Lol.

  18. ROAD TRIP!!!!

    Skin color isn't an issue when it comes to my kids and dating. Character is. That's a tough thing to find, regardless of skin tone.

  19. Plug. Don't you lose a plus when you're having a baby or something? I seem to remember SOMEthing like that!!?

  20. That's...lose a plug....me and my typing lately. I think it's just too hot!

  21. Bald can be HOT!
    Hangover was SOOOOOO good. So flipping funny!

  22. Does your DH know how they do that?
    I've seen a video of it and can't IMAGINE that anyone would actually let someone do that to them - and them pay them money too!! I think he just buy a hat.

  23. I've got to check out this Farm Town thing.

  24. Bald men on motorcycles=sexy
    Road trip=fun
    Farmtown=been resisting
    Hangover=want to see too
    Interracial dating=whatever works for your family
    Secret Santa=yay! can't wait to do it again
    Grand Torino=old guy crush on Clint Eastwood
    Rosetta Stone=great program
    Firefox=best browser!

  25. oh my gosh.....you crack me up!!!!!!!
    i am lovin' facebook too.......but gave up farmtown.......i just got overwhelmed!!!!!!!! i have a friend who is hooked......she is a real friend...not a "friend" who is addicted!!!!!!!
    we bought grand torino......haven't watched it....kids loved it!!!!!

  26. embrace it all, we can't change what others want. :-)

  27. How come we aren't neighbors on FT??????

    Krista Waggoner....look me up!!!!

    I may or may not be over level 20.

    I'll see you at FT anon.

    hair plugs-gross...he needs to google it first

    inter racial dating-I'm all for it. I don't think it's weird. Well it is kinda weird in my family cuz my grandpa still says the N word but other than that, it's cool.
    I grew up in Seattle and it's free reign on who dates who. Just not Catholics and Mormons...they punch each other. :)

  28. Just say NO to hairplugs! (And, motorcycles!)

  29. Are we neighbours? I am level 29...going to look for you!!

    Have a great time at the reunion. And NO to hairplugs!!

  30. I have such an addictive tendency. That is why I am staying away from that farm game!

  31. Bald is beautiful! I have to stay away from FarmTown...I am actively battling a Bejeweled Blitz addiction.

  32. I have also attended a Family reunion and it was very special to us....