I need a Happiness Consultant

What I have been up to:

I watched every single epi of HUNG yesterday and I am hooked oh good Lord am I hooked, Eric threatened to cancel HBO, between True Blood, Big Love and now Hung he has no chance...I am in lurve with a guy from each show-that's Thomas Jane from Hung (down there) blatant inuendo although I was referring to the pic
We are well into our 3rd week of school and I am still trying to get all of Abbys teachers to follow her IEP properly, it's like this every year, I'm used to it BUT it still sucks, instead of the teachers looking at me like an advocate they just think I am a bitch, a bitch who is making their already full and heavy work load more full and heavy by demanding they do what they are suppose to do, it's a vicious cycle and I am here for the long haul...

For the entire month of Aug Eric has been off M-F, in case you didn't hear me I said ERIC HAS BEEN OFF MONDAY,TUESDAY,WEDNESDAY,THURSDAY,FRIDAY FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST making my life a living hell-he just went back to work last night at 10pm, I had a party as soon as he left and rewatched every single epi of HUNG-don't get me wrong I love my hubster but no where in my wedding vows did I vow to spend Monday.Tuesday.Wednesday.Thursday.Friday pawning off his afternoon delight attempts, I faked the swine flu...just sayin...

Daddy had his biopsy and our worst fears were confirmed, his Cancer has spread to his lungs, he has a Dr appt at 9:45am tomorrow(Wed) and we will find out all his options, I am considering filming the appointment, not for me to blog about but rather so he can go back and watch and listen to what the Doc has to say, I imagine he will be in a complete state of fog tomorrow...I am staying strong and positive but I am sad and scared...But together as a family we will get through this...

I got a serious no wait MAJOR virus on my computer, it sucked BIG TIME! I think I have everything all fixed...

Still waiting to hear back from the school on the incident with Jess...

I have gotten so many emails and private messages on FB from you my wonderful online friends checking on me(I didn't realize I had been gone so long)-I think I have replied to them all, your caring spirit, your uplifting words...THANK YOU!

Seen and Heard:

Jess: MOMMmmmm Reese is streaking again and he has toilet paper hanging out his butt

Reese: Mommie(he only calls me mommie when he wants something) can I die my hair black we settled on a brown mahogany

Jess: I wanna die my hair black I wanna die my hair black I wanna die my hair black Me: NOOOooooooooooooo

Abby: Mom I just learned 30 new chants and I need to practice in front of an audience, dad said you pulled the short straw

Abby: MOMMMmmmm Jess looks like Charlie Chaplin, she used all my black eyeliner pencil and colored in her eyebrows now I need a new eyeliner pencil

Reese: None of my friends moms make them fold laundry Me: I am teaching you character son, your future wife will appreciate the fact you know the difference between a wash cloth, hand towel, dish towel and a bath towel Reese: Towels are over-rated

My confession for today: I am loving this cooler weather and craving a Bloody Mary


  1. MTWTF.....for a MONTH!!! Man just shoot me now if that happens here!
    I just saw the trailer for HUNG, looks hysterical. Can't for the life of me get into True Blood!! I'm completely LOST...I've read every single book but can't figure out what's going on!!!!
    Tell Reese I think towels are over-rated also, LOL!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.

    I saw Thomas Jane on some morning talk show, and he was wasted!

  3. Hugs to you about your Dad. That sucks. Towels are overrated.

  4. hey nice blog. :) good template..

  5. Wow, talk about a post that really gives us a range of emotions to settle with. *sigh* Every time I watch an epi of Hung, I get ideas, BIG ideas. Crazy stuff. Every time I hear about someone else having to deal with cancer of any type, I get very upset. My heart goes out to you Georgie.

  6. I LOVE Thomas Jane- the first few shows left me wondering, but I think it's picking up steam- but no matter what- I can just look at him the whole time - I'd be "Horny Patty"... I can't help but to wonder if he was type cast... is that wrong to wonder?

  7. Why is it when my husband is supposed to be "working from home" it requires me to be naked? I feel your M-T-W-Th-F pain!

    Hang in there with your dad. I'll be sending good vibes.

  8. Aww Georgie I'm sorry about your Dad. I'll be sending prayers your way though.

    And your kids crack me up. LOL

  9. Oh honey- really let's do lunch soon! We live to close not too......

  10. Sorry to hear about your dad. Good luck with the appointment! I hope everything turns out well. Your kids are so funny. At least you have free entertainment! BTW, I love Hung as well, but I'm hoping next season is a bit more eventful. It's been a bit slow....

  11. Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope the appointment goes well *Fingers crossed*

    SE x

  12. I'll be praying for you (strength) and for your dad.

  13. Haven't been by in awhile and you still crack me up! IEPs and teachers just tick me off! Don't get me started! Why do they have to assume we are a bitchy, overbearing mother instead of an amazing mom fighting for their child's education? If we didn't fight, then we would be labeled a deadbeat!! Ugh! MONDAY. TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY. FRIDAY. NOOOOOOOOOO.....poor Georgie!! Swine flu was probably your only out since they normally don't care about anything else that brings up a NO to sex!! ha! Sorry to hear about your father and he will be in our prayers!

  14. My oldest son once said, " I don't know why I need to know how to do this stuff; my WIFE will just do it." I told him that as long as he had an attitude like that, he would never HAVE a wife, so he better learn now.

    So sorry to hear about your dad's news. Taping the appt. is a GREAT idea because so much is lost due to emotions and fears and an overload of technical medical information. I am going to suggest that to my sister next time she takes our dad to the doctor.

    Glad you are back.

  15. Does nos sound like you have been busy at all! ....kidding :)

    Sad about Daddy but hope he gets better soon.

    I am renting True Blood on Netflix now, I am on Disc 2 of Season 1, not that hooked yet...waiting for it to take me! I don't have HBO so I have to get the box sets from Netflix, gotta check out the other 2 you talked about.

    This cracked me up!
    Jess: MOMMmmmm Reese is streaking again and he has toilet paper hanging out his butt
    sounds like something my son would do!

  16. Shoot. I'm sorry to hear about your dad.
    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who dreads my husband retiring someday. I'm really hoping he isn't sick of golf by then. August sounds like a fun month for you!

  17. Yeah. The house gets very small with Hubby and I here together all the time!

    I'm sorry about your dad. Hang in there.

  18. My kids start school next week, can't believe you've already sent yours away and then your husband stays home?!?!? Oy.

    Hung huh? I haven't heardof it, but then again i don't have HBO right now.

    Sory about your dad

  19. I'm so sorry about ur Dad and will keep him in my prayers!

    I still think laundry is overrated!

  20. I am sorry your dad didn't get better news. :-( Filming is a good idea...but if nothing else take really good notes while the Dr. is talking!

    I love Hung. And True Blood. And Entourage.

  21. Glad to see you back--I was going to email you today. Sorry to hear about your Dad--prayers all around.Keep on with the advocating I know how hard it is--dealing with those IEP's.
    Stay tough and keep your chin up.
    Oh yea--I don't want to hear anything about you not being born in the 60's!!!! :)


  22. Me too...I need a Happiness Consultant that mows the yard.
    That does the dishes.
    That cleans the toilet.
    That could and would glad fix my freakin' dishwasher...cuz that would really REALLY make me happy!!!

    That Hung thing...we're good there.

  23. i am so sorry about your dad. i am thinking about you and your family.

    oh, and hey, my husband has had the last 2 weeks off for vacation... it is very much past time for him to get back to work. help!

  24. Have the Bloody Mary, G. You deserve it. Thinking of and praying for you and your Daddy.

    Peace, Sister.

  25. Oh, Georgie! I wish I could help. So sorry to hear that news about your dad. When my dad's oncologist met with our family about his options, we audiotaped it, and I typed it up as a transcript, which I still have. It is a treasure, in a way. Dad appreciated it very much.

    Your kids...cracking me up. So cute :) You're a good mom.

    Miss you!! Sorry I've been so busy. School is kicking my butt! I'm proud of you for keeping after your daughter's teachers--I would love to work with you! :)

  26. So sorry about the bad news. I think filming the appointment is a good idea because it is hard to remember what was said.

    On a lighter note, I really want to see Hung.

  27. I'm hoping that the doctor has some good news in spite of what can be horrible news. Good that you are filming it to review later. Most doctors love that their patients and the family is on the ball like that.

    Hope it slows down a bit for you, especially since the hubs is now on a different shift. Enjoy your bloody mary.

  28. i am with you on the bloody mary and want cooler weather can we sit in a pool while we sip...of course this would be a childless pool

  29. I'm very sorry about your Dad. I'll be thinking about you.

  30. Holy shit! The WHOLE month of August??!?!? I would need more than a Bloody Mary. I would need a bottle full of oxycontin.

    YOu know I'm thinkin about you and you can call me anytime - day or night - if you need to talk. About anything - or nothing.
    Love you sweetie.

  31. Your dad is so lucky to have a daughter who cares about him. I didn't have that, when I went through cancer treatment.

  32. I am thinking and praying for you and your dad!! Stay strong, and keep the faith! <3 Hugs!

  33. Yeah, I get the at home thing, since my husband has had a home office for years. I shower quick when he's out walking the dogs...We have the C word in our family, too. It's tough to go through but, in some ways, easier that my Dad's fast heart attack at a young age. Never easy. Take good care of yourself, too.

  34. oh my....i will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!

  35. {{{{{{{{{{{Georgie}}}}}}}}}}}}} I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Please let me know how his appt went on Wednesday. Did the doctor allow you to tape it? Keep your chin up and stay strong for dad, k?

    What is IEP?

    And too funny... the conversations you've had with your kids this past week.

    Justine :o )