Todays Post brought to you by 'Keywords'

photo courtesty google images

Every now and then I check my google analytics, I say check, all I really know how to do is click on keywords and I'm always amazed at the words people type in to google that in turn brings up this blog...

For your viewing pleasure this is what peeps have searched for and were led astray...

cola paperwork- all I can say is I'm sorry, I rarely talk about cola or paperwork

noreply-comment@blogger.com- this one I get and I hope that post was helpful

I am terrified of horses- me too my friend me too

camping- may your camping trips be nothing like mine

Is his cox bigger than mine- well I was referencing cox cable not ummmm that

everytime I shat I get hemmoroids- I prefer not to relive that time in my life and I hope my Horror-oid PSA was helpful

forks and spoons and monkey butts- seriously? those keywords brought up my blog

nekkid dare day- I can not confirm or deny ever being a part of this

men and women in bed having sex in w.w.2- I am speechless I never speak the S word on here My mom,sisters,cousins and childrens read this blog

olay regenerist causes stomach aches - who knew? I know I didn't and I can't remember ever talking about Olay on here

what men have to deal with- to the poor fella that found my blog, I hope you realize your life isn't that bad, you could have me for a wife

the meaning of crimson and cream- OU Sooners baby the ONLY meaning there is

Hair plugs and anal plugs whats the difference- OMGosh!

My personal favorite was...

"cookoo" "housewife" "suburb"- That pretty much sums me up...

My confession for today- And the Thunder rolls...


  1. Crack me up! i never get crazy googles. I'm thinking that's good thing though. I don't want those psychos at my blog.

  2. those were, um, interesting. i laughed at your horse comment. i am right there with you, georgie!

    cookoo suburban housewives unite!!!

  3. Not just ANY sex, but WW2 (as in WORLD WAR 2?) sex? Hhhhmmm...I'm intrigued.

  4. LOL I was also gonna suggest sex in World War 2 as that lookup. People are nuts! All I get on my blog are people searching for skunks. LOL

  5. those are good ones!!!!!!!
    not sure how you do this but if you get an extra minute drop me an email.....that is funny!!!!!

  6. Those are hysterical! I always love seeing the wacky things that people google to get to us!

  7. So who's been eating their Olay Regenerist instead of smearing it on their face?

  8. I know not of these google analytics which you speak! Intriguing...

  9. Yea Your Back!!!

    Good to hear from and I must as always--some funny stuff there.
    Hope all is well.

  10. Hahahaha - great post. Those are hilarious!

  11. OK the "plugs" have me rolling in the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heard throught the blogline you have NOT read the Sookie Stackhouse series!!! Girl RUN and get the first one and start now!!!!! I see where anything Janet Evanowich is a fave of yours...ME TOO!!!!!! My kids know when I'm reading one of hers cause I am laughing so hard I can't talk!!!!!!

  12. That's HILARIOUS!!!
    Yes, the thunder rolls - I'm down the road from you!

  13. I don't use Google analytics. It sounds like something I should check out, though?

  14. hilarious how do i do that now i am way way to curious
    you must write things we do not see here

  15. I love it. I'm always surprised at what brings people to my blog.

    I once wrote a blog titled "mean mom suck". I'm pretty that one resulted in a lot of disappointing people searching for things far more "intersting" than what I write.

  16. Hehehe GMTA. Although my keywords weren't nearly as funny as yours. Here's a keyword you need to start thinking about SSS

  17. hahaahaa this was very funny! i love your blog :) plan to read more in the future!

  18. Hair plugs vs anal plugs? Well hair plugs keep the hair on your head from growing and anal plugs? Yeah you guessed it. They keep hair from growing in your anal. Now If I could just get it braided.....

  19. Funny stuff! The google searches that led to my blog haven't been quite that...interesting. LOL

    Crimson and cream/Crimson and white...Boomer Sooner/Roll Tide!! OU is one of my favorite teams. Sept. 5th can't get here soon enough!

  20. And to think you are minding your business, innocently blogging only to find that people are coming to read your blog because you speak of such things! LOL

  21. Cox and WW2 (Wild Women 2?) using Crimson and Cream?

    I thought this was a FAMILY blog.


  22. I'm gonna have to check that out.

  23. OK...I totally have to do this and see what comes up! The hair plugs and anal plugs is classic! Can't even imagine what would happen if you got those mixed up!

  24. I guess that I need to check out this Google Analytics.

  25. Wow, the plugs one made me blush.

  26. OMG, the one about the difference between hair plugs and anal plugs almost made me pee in my pants from laughing so hard! I can't believe the things people actually do a google search for...it's hysterical.

  27. I wonder what people would type if they thought their family could see it - there are a lot of people out there that need to get (wholesome) hobbies.

    And to the dude looking up hair plugs or plugs, please, don't do it.

  28. This is too funny...and now I want, no NEED, to do it, too! Thanks!! :o)

  29. Oh, I love Google search term keywords. I have a program that shows incoming terms in real time, and I swear, I could watch it like TV.

    I do hope that poor person figured out the difference between anal and hair plugs.

  30. My favorite one I've gotten today:

    "suck my titty fluff"


    I don't even want to know.

  31. I love these! Too funny!

  32. now you have the S word on your site! :)

    I just shake my head at my searches! :)

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  35. Some of those were the weirdest!!! I love looking at mine too. People come to my blog for all the wrong reasons sometimes. :)

  36. Okay...now I need to read mine! :)

  37. Hair plugs and butt plugs? OMG!!! heeheeheeeeeeee

    Justine :o )

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  39. No fair!!! Mine are NEVER that interesting! LOL you are hilarious!

  40. Do you read Chinese?
    I have no idea how to do the stat thing! I think I need a tutorial! How about you setting one up?

  41. Too funny...off to check out mine. LOL

  42. I love it....your blog header is one of the cutest I have seen....so glad to find your blog....Adding it to my sidebar

  43. HAHAHAHAHA I can't stand it.....too funny. I need to try this. I'm sure I will be ashamed at what I find. :-)

  44. Too funny, this menopausal farm chick has got to run or change her bloomers. I love these! I am picturing some gal thinking," OK, hummm, Olay Regenerist turns back age topically...gotta work on everything if I take a swig....oops....tummy ache." I truly enjoyed. Have a wonderful day!

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  46. First time visitor. :)

    I know what you mean about keyword analysis. It makes you look uber cool or ultra sordid very often - I still can't work out which!

  47. Okay first, I'm laughing so hard right now! I'm amazed at what people google. Second, I'm singing The Thunder Rolls right now and probably will be all day. :)

  48. That last one is priceless!

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  52. What's up w/all the Asian comments?
    You have a following ; )
    Missed your humor sister!! Nekkid - too funny!!!
    We should have Dawn plan a GNO this Fall!

  53. You are to funny. I have never tried the google thing.

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  55. Um, excuse me. IU is cream and crimson. :)

  56. And what's up with all your Asian friends?!

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  60. Horses scare me too! I'm glad I'm not alone in that.

  61. I not in the habit of checking Google Analytic, but I do check statcounter on a daily basis and I have to admit that some of the search terms they use to end up on my blogs can be quite amusing. I think I've even done a similar post to this, only maybe not so detailed ;)