Friday High Five

Angela's Adventures

This is my first time to join in with Angela from Angela's Adventures for her Friday High Five!

The premise is simple pick 5 things,places,pictures,funny,serious etc...make a list...5 things

Before I do that let me tell you about Angela, we live in the same town our children go to the same school...WE HAVE NEVER MET! I am a recluse ya'll, seriously...I have serious social anxiety plus I need my roots done...

Here we go my list of 5 things...I am on SSS overload and my brain isn't functioning...so my humor is a lil skewed

5 Reasons the desperate Real Housewives Of ATL Made Me LMAO

5 NeNe and Kim trying to kiss and make-up, instead, in true form, a catfight happens over who choked who and who pulled whose wig(s)- I am not so sure Kim is the only wig wearer of the bunch...just saying

4 The Oh So endearing term BIG Poppa-Kim Kim Kim you're giving Blondes all over the world a bad name

3 Lisa's facial expression at the SHE by Sheree' fashion show-yanno cuz her clothing line was so much better

2 You realize you know ALL the words to 'Tardy For the Party'-well it's catchy!

1 Your wig on too tight HEFER!- There are NO words!

For a WAY better example of Friday High Five go see Angela

My confession for today: TGIF!

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  1. I love that line!!! I wish I knew someone that wore a wig!

    Oh wait, I do.
    my mother inlaw....that sooooo wouldn't fly.

  2. No! You do NOT watch these stupid shows, right? Tell me I'm right dammit!

    Do you really have social anxiety? Rock on, woman!

    Justine :o )

  3. I can't bring myself to watch it, tho there is always a mention in the paper.

    They don't represent me and my fellow Atlantans very well, huh!?! :o)

  4. Yep, they only represent a very small faction of that great city. Can't believe you watch that crap! Oh wait, if you're a recluse, you don't have a lot of choices!

  5. Liked your list! I'm a little anti-reality when it comes to TV. Never got into those.

  6. You just crack me up! Have a great weekend! Stay home and relax, ROFLMAO!!!

  7. Get your roots down and get out there, Sweetie!


  8. Oh goodness....

    Hey do you know why your picture on my blog hasn't changed. It says it's been a week since you blogged????

    TGIF YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tardy IS so damn addicting!! Love it! (ok, and hate it but cant stop singing it!)

    Wieners in our bed? NEVER. John has NEVER allowed that. Plus, Chauncey tries to bite him whenever he "hears" us **ahem** getting intimate. So that might kill the mood if he slept with us!!


  10. Hi Georgie! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love your blog. I have never watched the Housewives of Atlanta but based on your blog, I feel ABSOLUTEY compelled!

    Too funny!

  11. i don't know how your list could be topped! i just watched the finale this a.m. ... i get the boys out of the house, pour myself a cup of coffee, grab a blanket on the couch and watch all my dvr'd delights.

    i think sheree should have given more credit to dwight. i have to say, i had my doubts about him (the spandex plunging-neck leotard with the high heel boots at nene's running fundraiser tipped me off), but in the end, he pulled it off quite nicely, i think.

    ...and i am not leavin' til i see the daylight! don't be tardy for the party, oh oh oh oh oh...

    TGIF is right, girl!

  12. Seriously Georgie, I think I honestly DO have social anxiety. Like seriously wanting to go to the doc to get meds. I HATE going places and seeing people. I get nervous and sweat. And these damn kids parties are KILLING me.

  13. Real Houswives is my secret guilty pleasure.

    Mostly because they are SO un-Real.

    Even the ta-tas. Definitely NOT real. I do wish that the ladies would put their displays away, all that cleavage is NOT attractive.


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  15. Needless to say, I don't watch the show. Although some of the lines are pretty funny.

    It is amusing that you live where Angela does and haven't met - you must be in hiding. {*grin*}

    P.S. The best line I ever heard in real life was at a corporate Holiday party. Two trophy wives were not getting along well, setting by a huge fireplace in the lounge, when one turned to the other and in the sweetest tone imaginable said "You need to be careful not to get too close to the fire - after all silicone melts and burns."

    The party got livelier after that.

  16. Cute Idea and BLOG. Some housewifes need a bitch slap back to reality!

  17. lol! I should try this meme

  18. Do you realize how many times we've probably seen each other dropping off or picking up and never even realized it? I don't want you to know who I am in case I yelled at you for screwing up the drop off/drive through lanes in the circle drive. Doesn't that drive you nuts? People just don't understand the concept and it pisses me off sometimes!! Do you know how many times I've almost ran over some kid running in front of my car b/c his parents dropped him off in the drive through lane to run across traffic! Just sayin'! ANYWAY I totally ♥ Real Housewives of Atlanta. The whole Nene, Kim and Sheree drama CRACKS ME UP. The wigs are all over that show but Kim's looks so fake to me. I wish I could see her without it...just once so someone should totally rip it off. The whole Sheree/Lisa clothing rivalry cracks me up in the "diary" sessions they just bad mouth each other then are so fake in person! LOVE. IT! BTW I am totally scared to meet new people too and I think talking in front of a group could just make me crap my pants! Ugh! We are probably more alike than either of us realizes. How about childrens' birthday parties? I get so stressed out and they are so freaking noisy. I could go on and on but I'll go now. Thanks for joining in! BTW I also know all the words to Don't be tardy for the party...mmmhmmm!

  19. TGIF does not even begin to describe how I feel right now!

  20. That show did keep me hooked at times. Fun Friday High Five. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

  21. Great list!! I am totally going to you tube "Tardy For the Party"

    thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  22. That's probably the only reality show I don't watch!! But this is like the 3rd time I've heard of that song...I may have to google it just so I can hear what everyone's talking about!

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  24. I used to be addicted to the Orange County housewives and they took them off the air. Don't care for the other ones that much.
    I watch too many reality shows....but I get a kick out of most of them.

  25. I have never seen this show. I am so uncool, lol