Secret Santa Gift Idea & ROTW Winner

We are just about ready to send everyone their SSS exchange partners name and while I was reading the list of your likes from your Q&A, I noticed a lot of you, like me, enjoy primitive items. So Today let me introduce you to Jollie Primitives

Jollie Primitives specializes in all things 'primitive' From metal barn stars, Amish baskets, wooden game boards, birdhouses and the newly added rag rugs. I personally own a Vintage 'Barn Red' Star from Jollie Primitives it is the highlight of our den. It makes me smile, it makes my home feel more homey. I LOVE it!

JP has Gift Ideas Under $20 and Gift Ideas Under $10 So if you happen to get a SSS partner that likes Primitive items, you can NOT go wrong with this site. Especially if items like this are hard to find in your area.

I love that Jollie Pimitives gives you the Barn Star History and Color Meanings They also have a nice little selection of Amish recipes which would be perfect for any Holiday gathering. Lastly find out what's FREE on their site.

From The Jollie Primitive Site:

We are a family-owned company offering high-quality handmade items. Our specialties include Ohio Amish metal barn stars painted by us here at J'Ollie. This combination provides you with the largest variety of barn stars on the internet with so many sizes, colors, and finishes.

We provide locally handcrafted wooden game boards and very unique chess/checker boards made right here at J'Ollie. We also work closely with our Amish friends to provide a large variety of handmade baskets, wagon wheels, birdhouses, barnwood rustic furniture, and unique Amish decor.

Our newest addition to the website is hand woven rag rugs, area rugs, throw rugs, cotton rugs, recycled rugs, and solmate sock rugs. The advantages of these fabric area rugs include the large number of colors available, the ease of care in high-traffic areas, and the possibilities for color-coordinating with your room decor. Our rugs are durable and machine washable.

Jollie Primitives has been kind enough to offer all Decisionally Challenged readers a 10% discount on any Amish Barn Star. Just enter THANKYOU (all one word all CAPS) in the discount code box on the checkout page.


Right On The Walls Winner:

Congrats: Terri

I will be in conatct with you shortly

My Confession for today: Eric took the girls Halloween costume shopping I can not wait to show you the 'Hooker' no offense meant to Hookers outfit Abby came home with...

*Disclaimer* I was not paid for this review. I was not given a free product for this review. I do however own a Barn Star from this company that I love and thought it would make a great addition to my SS gift idea series.


  1. sweetness! I love Decisionally Challenged!!! Thanks Georgie, will send you an email.

  2. I am SO looking forward to the SSS exchange this year! I love being surprised and I love being the surpriser (is that a word?)!

  3. congrats to Terri!!! oh and I love this site!!!

  4. What a great tie in Georgie - I love their stuff. Can't wait to see who I get and maybe I can do a little shopping :-)

  5. oh my gosh I just love your blog! Its fun and fab and you have wonderful posts!

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  6. More great gift ideas, girl. And ahem... a winner that is NOT me. Oh well, congrats to #9!

    Justine :o )

  7. I can't wait to be paired! And I can't wait to see that halloween costume lol

  8. Wow, I'm beginning to think I was too vague...my SSS partner's probably gonna hate shopping for me....but, I promise, I really do love everything!!!

  9. I love Christmas!!!! It's the time for giving!


  10. I'm a little behind on blog hopping but looking forward to SSS!

  11. You are so helpful and just such a wealth of information! Thanks!!

    Can't wait to see your Hooker!

  12. I'll have to check Jollie Primitives out again...used to follow, but nothing had posted in a long time. Is she back? Hope so! Thanks for the GREAT tip, lady! Have a sweet weekend.

  13. Grorgie, love the primitive site! Awesome stuff. Actually, all your suggestions have been.

    Been checking out the different blogs. I'm up to 97....but I started at the top end. LOL

    Hope you had a good weekend.