Spirit Halloween

On Sunday Eric had to run some errands and offered to take Jess to get her Halloween costume, I personally thought he was on drugs or had been body snatched since he offered to take 'the girls' (the word GO and Abby are one in the same-jingle your car keys and she's at the door) shopping. Most men in their right mind wouldn't offer to SHOP with GIRLS... let alone TEEN girls... but I didn't question him, I was all like 'it's your funeral' in my mind of course...I would never....

Later in the day while I was giving myself a mud mask and body scrub... Abby called---sorry MOM I think you called during my time of zen... (keep in mind Eric is on a hunt for Jessica's costume)

Abby: Momo I got the cutest starwberry costume

Me: Strawberry? Like Strawberry Shortcake?

Abby: Yesssss-it's so cute Momo

Me: I can't wait to see it... Oh what did Jess get?

Abby: She's still looking...

So I am picturing this-don't judge

Or maybe even this-a mom can hope

both photos courtesy spirithalloween.com

Nevermind the fact Abs didn't even need a costume, but hey she found one AND she bought it with her own hard earned money, who am I to tell her what to do with her cash... besides her dad was with her...yanno monitoring things...GOD REST HIS SOUL!

Let me just say that I am a pretty easy going parent-with boundaries of course, okay well sorta...This my friends is what my almost 16 yr old daughter brought home....

And here is the description of said STRAWBERRY costume:  pic courtesy of spirithalloween.com

Sexy Strawberry Dress Adult Womens Costume
Show 'em some good ole country lovin' in this cute Country Girl costume. This sexy costume is a home-cooked combo of sweet and saucy, featuring a strawberry-colored Gingham print mini-dress, matching bonnet, and green-striped stockings. When you skip by in this hot Halloween costume, you're sure to get guys kickin' up their heels to ask you to the next hoe down!
•Sexy Strawberry costume
•Three piece costume includes:

•Off the Shoulder Halter Dress with Apron

•Striped Stockings

•Does not include shoes
Yeah I know Right?....
AFTER Abby came home and 'Modeled' for me....This is the conversation that followed:
Me: So you let our daughter buy a hooker outfit (NO offense meant to hookers)
Eric: She had her own money-she checked out before I got up there...I never saw her...
Eric: silence
Me: uh huh....NO SOUP FOR YOU!
I will NOT post a pic of Abby in this costume... UNTIL I find a turtle neck and like 2 or 3 belts-with bullets,some ski boots and some ace bandages and I have a drink or 5...she will need them, as will I...I DO have my boundaries...and when I asked her where she was going? her reply....to walk around the neighborhood with Kylie and her lil bro and sis...

As a mom I am speechless...

BUT not my almost 16 yr old...nope her reply....hey mom ...'At Least I didn't Need Shoes!"

Ask me if Jessica got a Halloween costume?-see  my confession...

My Confession for today: Jess comes home and says...'MOM' ...dad said I am 'Decisionally Challenged'! and she says it like it's a bad thing...yiyiyiyiyi


  1. I think it's darling.

    I also think her father didn't see her in it before he let her get it. Dads don't seem to appreciate their daughters looking like hookers.

    No offense intended to hookers.

  2. OMG!!!!
    I like the turtle neck Idea!!
    I don't even have the right words :)

  3. So Eric's taking her back tomorrow to return it, right?

  4. This is hilarious.I'm sure she will not look slutty at all.

  5. OMG! 16 year old girls just do not know what power they have. I'm thinking this unleashes the weapon at full strength. Ahem.

  6. You totally crack me up!! No offense to hookers...OMG, that's classic.

    And the line from Seinfeld from the Soup Nazi...that was good!!

    Everytime I read your blog, it gives me little glimpses into the future when my kids are teens and I find myself holding my breath!!! Oh dear Lord, I pray you're still around in the blogosphere when my kids are at that point! I'm gonna need some serious encouragement (and some awesome comebacks!!)

  7. I was thinking, praise the Lord I have boys, then I remembered some of the terrible stuff they have pulled through the years, and I think, well it all is about even isn't it?

    Enjoyed your blog so much! Thanks for the honest fun sharing...

  8. I think it looks more like a strip-o-gram outfit than a hooker? Not that I'm an expert on these types of things.
    I'm so glad I have boys.
    Can't believe Daddio let her buy that!! Maybe some leggings underneath will help.
    Good luck to you!
    Wanna come to my Halloween Shindig next year and borrow her outfit? Hee hee.

  9. Well...Georgie.....it happens, My daughter is in her senior year at college and I am flabbergasted at the costumes...but I always get to see them...gee thanks...right??

    All the girls wear them....like it or not...I would rather see what they are wearing than have them leave looking cute then changing somewhere else....that was the motto I stuck with....

  10. Do you have a puppy? If not, buy a puppy. Then you can be all innocent like, "Oh, oops! I guess the puppy chewed it up! Well, your grandma has that nun costume I wore when I was your age..." And, you know, it might be nice to have a pet around the house.

  11. You are easier than me. The rule is no short dresses and that includes costumes for Halloween. My daughter bought a dress with her own money, came out with it on, and I refused to let her leave the house until she changed :o)

  12. Well....so. Are you going to let her wear it, or not???

  13. Every Hubby and BF is hoping that we wear our Hooker Costume!

  14. Oh my goodness, you are in so much trouble. Then again, so is hubby for letting her buy that sexed-up costume. Oh please please please show us pictures of her wearing it so we can bust on your hubby some more!

    Justine :o )

  15. this is hysterical. leave a man in charge and hell inevitably breaks loose.

    can i recommend for jess a nun costume. i don't see how that could go awry.

  16. I wouldn't care if she bought it woith her own money, I would be taking it back tomorrow and getting a refund and tell her that she needs to buy something more appriote. Sure she is going to be mad but at least she won't look like a hooker.

  17. Oh Georgie, I dunno, it looks like it's the same size as picture #1 and the tights are identical. Is Abby a short girl? If not maybe she can wear a snowsuit over it!

  18. Sheesh! All that for $44.99? Kidding. The prices are outrageous. She didn't get much for her money. Maybe you could try that tactic?

    Good Luck!

  19. Wow...sounds like a conversation that took place in my home - when I was growing up! I love that you added No offense to Hookers...

    As for the costume...uh yeah, I'd have the same reaction. I think I'd only let my daughter out if she were covered head to toe in like a trash bag or something. I'm not looking forward to those days.

  20. LOL Poor Georgie! That's a cute outfit if it were longer. Back when I was younger we didn't dress like skanks. haha

    Oh and Jason Statham is filming the movie "The Mechanic" by me. It's so cool.

  21. Oh yeah! I would totally put a turtleneck and long pants under that outfit! Yikes!

  22. I like the way the green diamonds fit right over the va-jay-jay...kind of like a bullseye.

    I'll keep my boys away, even though they are young, I don't want them getting any ideas! :)

  23. She should've needed an ID to buy that costume - good luck with the turtleneck :)!

  24. OH NO!!! I hate this "growing up" thing that all of our kids seem to be going through right now! IT SUCKS! (are we too old to say that?) LOL!
    I think maybe you should go walk the streets WITH Abby on Halloween! :) You would be a cool mom!
    Best of luck to you!

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  26. I don't know who is in more trouble here.
    DH for letting her purchase it (maybe he was hoping you would wear it?) or her for thinking you would let her wear it??

    I hate to remind you, but she is the oldest.
    This will not be the last time this happens. :)
    You're welcome, lol.

    Maybe you should just lock her in her room now?

  27. Oh man - I just don't know how you're gonna handle that one. I am not sure that I am a big enough woman to let my offspring leave the house in that. And I know you don't wanna, but I'd REALLY like to see pictures. Specifically ones that include your expression when she gets dressed :) I have an award for you on my blog. Please pop over ~ Kim

  28. It's my senior year in college and I hate to tell you it's only going to get worse, she will probably end up looking cute in that (make her wear some tights or leggings) and just be thankful she didn't bring home a naughty nurse costume :) My mom doesn't even ask anymore what I plan on being lol

  29. I am LMAO...I feel your pain though. I hate to tell you this or anyone else reading it, my daughter bought my granddaughter a costume similiar to this a couple of years ago. I said WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? she was only 11 years old.
    Hey, I was giving your hubby points for taking the girls shopping....lol.

  30. How did you NOT choke your husband AND your daughter? Turn them both around and send them back for a refund. Ugh. This is another reason I thank God everyday that he gave me 3 boys. I could not deal with teen girls. God bless you and your patience of gold Georgie!!!

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  32. What was he thinking? Oh wait, he's a man...he wasn't! (poor guy!)

  33. I love how you put in the description!

    "you're sure to get guys kickin' up their heels to ask you to the next hoe down"

    I think they meant HO down. No offense to Ho's, of course!

  34. I am supposed to be getting ready for work and here I am laughing at you!
    I think that costume should of had a parental rating on it and noone under 18 should be allowed to buy it.
    Oh, goodness!

    See you soon?


  35. men are clueless sometimes! As a mom, we would have checked the bag before leaving the store OR more likely checked out the hopeful purchase before going to the cashier! Uggh. I'm sure it's cute though and you can class it up Georgie!

  36. So what time have you scheduled your brain aneurysm?
    Surely it's coming.

  37. Oooooh! As a mother of a two year-old girl, I am AFRAID. Very afraid!!!!

  38. Um, no. When did Halloween become so *sexy*? I am so not ready for this with my own kids.


  39. She what? Seriously? Ay yiyi!!!

  40. Hello darling, I missed you so I stopped by to check on you. Hope life is treating you well, wishing you a great rest of the week.


  41. ROFL...I know, my day will come.
    All I can say is definitly "hoe down" with capital HO!
    One last question...is he still able to walk and talk????

  42. I can't believe they sold it to her......Oh dear! Poor you!

  43. What the heck was he thinking???

  44. oh my gosh.......sorry but i did laugh!!!!!!!
    yes it is cute.......but the answer would be N-O here too!!!!!!

  45. Yikes. That would not fly around here, either. A young woman came to our party last year in that costume. It's adorable but very sexy, too. Good luck.

  46. Yeah, um no. My daughter is six, going to be a ladybug and I'm still making her wear a foundation of long sleeved black leotard and black tights underneath.

  47. It can't get any better than this.