My husband is cheating on me

I saw him in the distance, He didn't know I was there so I hung back and watched, watched him... with her. I saw his eyes light up, was that a hint of drool in the corner of his mouth? I saw him take a deep breath as he smelled her scent, It was like he savoured every moment before he exhaled.

He looked so happy, like he didn't have a care in the world. What could she possibly offer him that I couldn't?

As I stood there I realized the signs were there all along:

The new number he called over and over on our cell bill
All the new clothes
Always having to make a 'stop' before he came home from work

This had to end and now, so I walked up to him and brought him back to reality and I am pretty sure if I hadn't he would have drained our bank account on her...

Let me introduce you to the husband stealer....

Miss Bass Pro

I caught him red-handed as he was carressing a pair of these

He tried to say 'BUTTTTTTT I was OOOOONLYYYYYY looking'

My confession for today: It's almost hunting season it's like prom for men here in our state or as I call it- The time I become a single parent, married YET single

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  1. I know the feeling Georgie. My husband and son love Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain and Cabelas. I will not see them on the weekends for the next six weeks!!!

  2. Yeah...that's us with Cabelas. I'm planning on posting this week a conversation between the hubs and I that will fit so nicely with this! Best of luck to you as widow season, err...hunting season starts...

  3. Oh yes, hunting season. All the mornings I spend alone on the weekends in bed. Suppers are spent eating with just the kids and an empty chair where hubs should be.

    Oh yes, I know this well.

  4. I fell for that hook, line and sinker. YOU STINKER

    That was a good post!! Hubby's mistress is golf, so I can kinda relate!

  5. Georgie--

    You are a nut! A funny one but a nut still.
    It's Trivia Tuesday later at Dreaming so come by.


  6. Oh Lordy....my heart stopped. Excuse me while I go lay down. Too funny!

  7. LOL, I was kind of expecting to see a picture of a puppy or something like that, but I did not expect fishing clothes!!!!

  8. My hubby has similar results from Cabelas....and hunting season gets rough around here too. Good luck!!

  9. OMFG...The title made me want to pass out!!!!!!!

  10. ahhh... becoming a funded single parent, eh?

    I'm glad my hubby is too fidgety to hunt. He told me the other day he was going to go hunting with some guys from work. Once reminded that you have to be still and *quiet* when hunting... he realized that would be a bad idea. Not a good idea to hunting and make all those men with guns angry because you scared the prize catch away because you had to move your leg or sing a song.

  11. I thought it was going to be a rifle. Shame on him for touching. Window shopping is OK (within reason of course)!

    Good story, Georgie!

  12. Well then this should not be the time to mention that I work for Bass Pro and have the whole employee discount thing!! I'm pretty sure it is the only reason I hear from the men folk in my family this time of year.

  13. I can think of worse hobbies...

  14. oh, that gives me an idea... do you think he would want two teen boys in tow? they are DYING to go hunting, but my husband's lover is a fast car, not cammo and a duck blind, so they are out of luck.

  15. lol your so right it took me forever to find a man who does not hunt or watch sports.

  16. Boo would be at the Bass Pro Shop for fishing supplies.

    Just think, you'll get tons of things done during hunting season.

  17. I'll just never understand the obsession some people have with hunting. Killing a perfect piece of nature for sport. Yeah, I know, helps overpopulation, blah blah blah, puts food on the table, blah blah blah. But my goodness, I could never look a deer in the eye and then shoot it. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    No offense to your Bambi killing hubby, of course. heeheeheeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Justine :o )

  18. So, I saw the Barbie pic first, and thought he loves Barbie! LOL!!! Cute!

  19. Girlfriend we should start a club for the wives left behind.
    Remember the little rascals had the HeMan Woman Haters Club...something like that. Women Who Love Fanatical Hunters.
    He's on the phone right now with his boycrush...his hunting buddy.
    At least I have football to fall back on.

  20. Well, I was relieved that it was Outdoor World....for a minute there, I was like "Oh no, he didn't!!!!"

  21. You are a hunting/fishing widow too?! I'm so sorry. we can comfort each other. I thought it was just in Alaska but oh no. It's here too.
    I had to actually say, "NO hunting/fishing bewteen the month of March through middle May." When I had Connor, 5 days later he went on a halibut charter for 3 days, camping.
    I feel your pain.

  22. It's getting to be that time of year! I'm from WI so Deer season is kind of a Sacred time here in our state.

  23. Love it......You scared me for a minute, I thought with everything else, Georgie's gonna buy a gun! LOL!

  24. I am a karate widow so I know how you feel!