Secret Santa Gives Back

Okay ladies...I would say and gents but my 2 faithful male readers yogi and asphalt blogger didn't sign up for the SSS(guys this is open to you as well) just so ya know...nothing says love like getting called out on a blog AND belive me I have been there and this is nothing like it! Don't hate me-I just wanted you to know you were included.

I am so in the spirit of the Holidays, the weather here has a chill in the mornings, DST will soon be upon us(I love an extra hour of beauty rest) and with each SSS email we get... I get giddy

We have a lot of fun with the SSS and it is so easy, at least for me to get caught up in the shopping,the sales,the shopping,the deals, the shopping...I wanted to add a feature to the SSS exchange this year and since the SSS is nothing without YOU-I need your input, your advice, your help...

How many times during the holiday season have you passed that tree in the mall or in your local wal*mart, you know what tree I speak of, right? For all practicle purposes lets call that tree mission mistletoe-I am from Oklahoma and mistletoe is our State flower, it is beautiful and it is meant for kissin' MM for short...

I pass by the trees all to often during the season-always stopping to pick a piece of paper and read what it says: 4 year old boy wants gloves, ball, hat OR 27 year old needs coat,chapstick,gloves...it's hard, I tell the kids, walk up and pick one each-do not read...pick one and walk away....then we will shop...I wish I could buy the whole darn tree...

Now Instead of that tree in the mall or the wal*mart, it's a blog I read, someones husband lost his job, a single mom doesn't know how she will pay her gas bill, someone lost their house,depression hits home...it's a reality that is becoming all to real for me as I read blog after blog, someone we know is effected or is it affected by this economy...

What would you say if I asked for a few of you to step up and be Elves for Mission Misletoe? Above your SSS exchange partner duties...

What would you say if I asked you to suggest privately via email someone who might be in need of a Mission Misletoe Elf?(MME)

Well that's what I am asking, I want this Secret Santa Soiree to be something that is more than exchange gift after exchange gift, I want to pay it forward...This year I want to make a difference in the life of someone, a fellow blogger...do you know one that could use some help?

This year the SSS will sponsor 2(it will be hard to pick JUST 2) fellow bloggers along with anyone who wants to step up and be a Mission Mistletoe Elf-(MME) this will be anon guys-it's not about links,tweets or diggs

If you know of someone in need, having a hard time PLEASE email me(on my side bar)

If you would like to become a mission mistletoe elf(MME) please email me(again sidebar email link)

My confession for today: I know as a whole collective group WE CAN make a difference-Are you with me?


  1. This is an AWESOME idea! You have mail.

  2. Love, love, love this!!

    Sending you an email now...

  3. Hey Georgie with two hearts. I don't mind being called out. You know me I just love female attention.

    Since I'm invited I guess that I'll sign up. I haven't figured it all out yet but I'm not giving any beaded female product holders but I'll make an effort to avoid my "Nothing says love more than camo duck tape." mentality.

  4. Love this. I will e-mail a blog to you later today. If I don't and you notice, please remind me!

  5. What a great idea! You have a wonderful heart. :)

    Btw, I signed up for SSS but haven't heard anything about it. Should I have?


  6. You are wonderful Georgie! I think your idea is awesome.

  7. Great idea--there is so much turmoil and unrest
    in this country right now and people like you make it a better place!


    PS: Glad you enjoyed Tuesday Trivia!

  8. You rock. Check your email.

  9. Hey! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and commented. I have been checking my email and have not gotten your email. I would really like to participate in SSS. Let me know how to give you my address again so we can get started!!!

  10. Ooh girl, this is a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  11. Yes, I know someone. ME!
    Now that my bestie and her 3 children LIVE.WITH.ME.!!!
    Someone send vodka.

  12. this is a great idea! let's try to spread the true meaning of christmas to all!

  13. Pay it Forward. Yes. Definitely. Count me in. Logistically, how will you get the address of the intended giftee? They may be offended. People and their pride. I hope not, but I'm just trying to think ahead of any glitches.