Friday Fragments

Is it Friday already? I am not sure where this week went, but it's gone baby gone...So I will attempt to recap my unproductive week, Fragment style

* I had a dream that the Pioneer Woman and myself were besties...not sure where that came from, she doesn't even know I exsist

* Most of the week was spent with me in bed, I have been sick sick sick, not the flu or swine flu, just aches, chills and a cough that would give any smoker a run for their money-Nyquil has become my best friend...hmmmm maybe that's why I have been having some funky dreams...

* Jess gave Abby 'The NUB' award, I don't know what a NUB is but the award was pretty and sparkly, Abby didn't think it was as funny as the rest of us

* While pruning my rose bush, with scissors-my pruning sheers were MIA, I almost cut off my index finger, it was a bloddy mess, I blame the nyquil

* Did you know there was an official Call of Duty-World at War skip-day for 9th graders around the world on Wednesday? Reese told me on Monday he was pretty sure he would be sick 'like me' on Wednesday, he said 'he could feel it coming on' My son may or may not have participated (COD is a Xbox game)

* Jess had over 500 texts on her cell phone...we don't have a texting plan...I had over a 100 and I don't text, the majority of mine were incoming from the childrens, so I didn't get grounded

* I REALLY want a cat...just sayin...

* On Dec 20th I will be attending my first concert in over 20 yrs...I some how got ram-roded into taking Abs and 2 friends to see Justin Bieber-I like JB, I don't like crowds or hoards of screaming teeny boppers

* Abby had her Sweet Sixteen party Thursday night-it was lovely, she was lovely, her friends were lovely, all 16 of them (kinda fitting, sweet 16 party and 16 friends came) and  I only had one lovely minor freak out in the privacy of my bedroom and that was when I was told the X factor was bringing HIS X factor...  here are a few pix from her night-you can see them all on FB

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My confession for today: I can not believe Thanksgiving is almost here, where has this year gone?


  1. I think its hysterical that you had a dream about Pioneer Woman! ha ha ha I thought I was the only person that dreams about pure strangers! Happy Friday!

  2. I love me some Nyquil dreams.

  3. What a nice party - even if the X Factors tried to screw it up for you!

    Man, I think I haven't been here in a while - I like the new digs.

  4. Poor thing - I hope you start feeling better soon!
    Looks like Abby's party was a success!!! :) Very lucky girl to have you for a mom! :)

  5. You have been sick a lot! That party looks so fun!

  6. Nice photos! It looks like they had fun. Hope you fell better soon.

  7. I do not worry about the Xfactor! I kicked him out and he remarried a large woman. She is super sweet to my girls. I lucked out.
    And you shouldn't worry about that other person either. You are in a solid relationship with someone that adores you.

  8. The dream about the Pioneer Woman is hilarious. I had a dream last night that Ryan Reynolds left Scarlet Johannsen for me and we bought a huge mansion together. Which one is wierder? I dunno, but you probably have a better chance of being BFF's with Pio Woman than I do of being with Ryan Reynolds!

    Looks like the b-day party was wonderful!! Awww, sweet 16!

    Oh and my cat will be shipped to you via UPS. Expect her on Monday.

  9. Scissors, nyquil, same sentence, ummmm...

    So glad your daughter's birthday was a success!!!

    I love cats - I'm definitely a dog person now, but the cat I have and the one I had is/was awesome!

    Hope you are feeling better...

  10. My husband was also "sick" on tuesday because of MW2. he's just a big kid

  11. Awww, Sweet 16! :)

    Seriously? You want a cat? I used to, too. Then I got one.

  12. I have had bloggie friend dreams too...so you're not alone.

    Abby's party looked like it was a hit but what was NUB? Did you ever find out?

    Feel better soon.

  13. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. such cute pics- Happy birthday to her!

    I, too, butchered myself pruning my rosebushes- I can't blame it on Nyquil AND I was wearing gloves- those suckers are dangerous!

    Glad you're feeling better, dear!

  15. 16 16's pretty cool
    cold is yuck and it is going around
    mia pruning shears dang bet they are with mine.

  16. Oooh, hope you're feeling better - and I hope your finger is repairable! Ouch!!

    So now video games are encouraging kids to skip school? Hmm... that's one I hadn't heard yet. ;)

    Oh - her party looks WONDERFUL!!! What a fun birthday!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog Georgie. It's nice to meet someone else that's as decisionally challenged as myself! My husband jokes that he can't take me through a drive-thru because I can't make up my mind in time! :) Looks like your daughter had a great Sweet 16!

  18. I sure hope you get to feeling better, and thanks for hte pics of hte party; I was wondering how it had turned out, and hey, only one meltdown? Very, very cool.

  19. Abby looks so happy! Happy 16th!

    Feel better, Georgie!!!

  20. A dream about Ree? I'm sure she'd be thrilled! :) I have her cookbook so I feel closer to her now...

    Nyquil and doing anything is dangerous!

  21. I LOVE your new look! I hope you feel better soon- nyquil is MY best friend when I don't feel good but WOW does it do some funky stuff. My new daytime best friend? MucinexD, from BEHIND the pharmacy counter.

  22. I can't take the nyquils and cough syrups... alcohol. But I can take hot tea with honey and hugs from a loved one or 6....5 fur babies. Feel better soon!!

    I too almost mangled my fingers this year with rose bushes. I am a seamstress so this is not a good picture for me to develope in my mind of what if's. Oy.

    I hope i'm not too late for secret santa!!

    Take care

  23. Glad the party went well ~ my kid's BFF in high school was an Abbey ~ Abbey spelled backwards is Yayba ~ which is what everybody called kid's BFF ~ just in case you want to adopt a new name for yours!
    Cats come in pairs, yanno! Two is better than one, any day. Hope your stocking is full of kitties this Christmas!

  24. "I don't like crowds or hoards of screaming teeny boppers"

    Me either, but just enjoy the music and I'm sure that you'll have so much fun. Thanks for this very fun post.

  25. Aw, she's just beautiful and what a great looking party! Fancy schmancy style!

    I was wondering where the hell you've been. Sorry to hear you're feeling so crappy. You're blaming the Nyquil on everything, so I guess we'll have to blame it for the bazillion typos in this post too. LOL

    Justine :o )

  26. Maybe you should get a texting plan for Christmas.

  27. Sorry you've been sick! Nyquil is a good friend isn't it? ;) Well, except when it makes you cut your rose bushes with scissors (I've SO been there) and you almost cut off your index finger...OUCH!!

    I'm thinking I might have to start a savings account for when Princess Nagger gets to cell phone age and texting...or just convince hubby to upgrade our plan to include unlimited texts. Of course if we ground her until she's 30 we'd be able to worry less about her... ;)

    Abby is beautiful and how FUN there were 16 friends for her Sweet 16! Looks like everyone had a great time! :)

    Happy FF! Feel better sooooon! :)

  28. No cat!


    Party looked like fun!

    Have a good weekend!


  29. Do hope you're feeling better. And what a party! Really pretty pictures, and a sweet memory for her!

  30. I love your Friday Fragments!

  31. PW is very cool so I can understand why you dreamed about her ; )
    Love the pics of your beauty! Looked like a fabulous party!

  32. first time stopping in to your place

    your daughter and her friends are gorge - what a great party

    i have also nearly de-fingered myself on numerous occasions - i blamed my ADD

    i have 3 cats and one has been trying to die on me for 3 months - they aren't all catnip and purring

  33. Wow - what a beautiful sweet 16 party!!

    I have two cats and I always want another one but don't want to become a crazy cat lady so I hae to fight the urge...

  34. I hope you are feeling well soon. Lovely birthday party!!


  35. That was one big party. She must be a great daughter!

    Thanks for visiting!


  36. Wasn't Wednesday an official U.S. holiday? So why would they pick it as a skip day? Although I get the "Call of Duty" idea for Veteran's Day.

  37. Love the pictures! Abby is so pretty.
    I am so very proud of how you have handled the X.

  38. Glad my hubby didn't know about the Call of Duty skip day. He did have to work, but they let everyone out early.

  39. Your daughter is so pretty in her pink top. She looks like she had a wonderful time and I am sure she will have lots of good memories. Don't let the X get you down. You are doing great dealing with him and without him. As to the texting, it is the only reason I have MetroPCS (unlimited calls and text)because the service sucks but I have a 14 year old.

  40. PW would be an AWESOME best friend!

  41. Finally made it! that looks like it was quite a partay!! She's a lucky girl :)

    Until about two months ago, we'd had cats for the past 18 years. Now, I am THRILLED to have no cats. Hey! You've inspired a fragment for tomorrow--thanks!

    Your new header is smashing! :)

    Hope you are back to your normal, other-kind-of-sick, self! haha