Spiritual Realm

I have talked about all kinds of things on this blog, my childrens, my family, life, things I like, the good, the bad, the ugly...

I rarely IF ever talk about God, Politics, or the world wrestling federation...not because those things don't interest me, okay the WWF doesn't...just sayin and sorry to any WWF lovers out there just know I don't judge-WWF lovers are people too... where was I...while I may be a loud, opinionated person, I am that person confined within the walls of my home, I don't like confrontation...

Today, I am curious though, what are your thoughts on the Spiritual aspect of life? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Do we have Gaurdian Angels? Did Noah really build an ark?

Some of you may recall me saying I have this "gift" like a 3rd eye or some severe Intuition...if you stop reading right now I will totally understand seriously my own husband thinks I am weird, crazy even...

Let me say, I do believe in God and a Higher Power, I believe Jesus died for our sins on a Cross and then rose again 3 days later and I believe in Angels...I believe in the BIBLE which serves as my Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth...

Now that you know where I stand let me say I recently had a Spiritual Reading done by Sassy Pants Freckle Face aka SPFF

I am not ready to disclose everything from that encounter, I am not here posting this to try and change your mind on how you think, I am not here to try and convice you of anything...I just wanted to share a little bit of what happened...

Okay it isn't so easy to put into words, let me say she knew/said things that there is NO way she could have known and I am not talking about generalizations, I am talking about cold hard facts of my life that I have NOT shared with anyone, not even my bestie.

Shortly after I was married to my first husband I had some serve cramping and bleeding, it would be hours later that I spent in the hospital before I learned I had a miscarriage, once I was informed of what happened I was told I needed surgery, a simple procedure really, for cysts on my ovaries. My family knew of the cysts BUT not of the miscarriage...I never spoke of it...to anyone...

BUT SPFF told me my son is doing just fine and wants me to know that...MY SON!

She told me lots more, stuff that there is no way she could have known, most of which I am still trying to digest and come to terms with...SPFF is NOT a fortune teller, she uses Arch Angel Oracle cards which bring messages of love, peace, and hope. She has a gift a very special gift...I do believe that...

So if you have read this far...tell me, what do you think? What do you believe? Is It possible?
I linked SPFF up there for anyone interested in learning more, but for now lets have a cival discussion in the comment box...

My confession for today: I am in love with the Romano's Macaroni Grill new boxed dinners OMGosh They ROCK!


  1. Oh girlfriend... I think you and I might have been separated at birth :). While, I don't have a personal story, I will share my personal feelings...

    I, too, believe in the Bible-Jesus-the resurrection and hold true to my faith. However, I do believe that it's not cut and dry--and I'm opened to the beliefs of others... I have been thinking about getting a reading done too.. I'm just afraid of what might "come out" and if I'm ready to deal with it. How brave you are! :) I think it's awesome that you actually had it done. Do you feel better since..or did it just stir up more questions? I'm asking this not to be nosey but to help me decide if it's something I'm ready for.

  2. I do believe in the spiritual world !!! You're NOT crazy !!!! Love Ya !!!!

  3. oh my gosh.......i do believe and agree!!!! but SPFF sounds VERY interesting i have to go check her out!!!!!!! i love that kind of stuff...i am amazed!!!!!
    i love the macaroni grill......i will have to check those out too!!!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  4. I absolutely believe in the spiritual world, but not sure about Heaven or Hell. Weird I know.

    I believe both my sons were handpicked for me and my husband by powers much greater and far more knowledgeable than I could ever hope to be.

    I believe in Angels and Demons.

    I believe in God, but look at the Bible with shades of gray and frankly, some doubt.

    I respect all beliefs, but find people that don't believe in anything, a scientific answer even, somewhat sad - to not believe that there is some point to our souls, our spirits, our lives.

    That, I have a difficult time wrapping my brain around.

    Excellent post. Good for you for taking a step out into the "oh no" zone. It's your blog. Do what you wanna do :-)

  5. I have a friend who had a similar reading, ( two friends actually) and what was told to them, was unexplainable...she knew things about each friend that NO ONE knew....one friend, had an abortion....in her late teens, she was told that her son Michael forgave her, that it was just not his time....holy cow.....this really plaqued my mind for days....I'm too scared.....of what they might say, and of what they might not say.....Real???? it has to be.....no other explaination....I'm just too chicken.....

  6. Let me clarify...I never had an abortion myself...but geesh...you never know what might surface.....that is the part that is a little unnerving....

  7. I wanna try Romano's Macaroni Grill new boxed dinners,.. I hear they are way nummy! It was great talking with you, thxs for the link ;)

  8. I waiver back and forth.
    My nephew was 18 months old and was involved in a accident that he had to be lifeflighted to St Francis. I drove like a mad woman in the rain in a car prone to hyrdoplane Praying for God to take me and leave the baby. He's 6 now and a spitfire!
    When my grandbaby died at 4 months, the only words I could say to my hub as he was driving me to be with my daughter was "There is no God." Babies should not die. A God would not allow that.

    I'm just not a believer.

  9. I don't know what I believe, to be honest with you. I have a really hard time believing that we were just put on this earth one day, especially for me to have come from some mans' "rib". You really do have to be a believer in the Bible for that one. I would tend to believe more in the evolution theory-it just makes more sense to me. This is only MY thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. The notion of a heaven and hell-well I believe that you are living in your heaven or hell right now on earth, and when you die-you are just dead. Sorry if I offended anyone, that is not my intention, you asked what or how we believed.

  10. I think you know that I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and that HE did indeed die on the cross for my sins and for everyone else's and that HE will be back again for those of us who have accepted Him as their Savior and King. I too respect other's beliefs and try to remain open minded. Thank you for sharing. And about those dinners, gonna have to try them!

  11. I do believe in those kind of readings, but I am too scared to have one done myself. I went with friends to have our palms read once, and I chickened out at the last minute and waited outside.

  12. I think there are some people who do have a gift for that. It's something I'm not comfortable doing myself, because I'm a waah waah baby.

  13. Wow that's crazy! I always want to say i DON'T believe when stuff like that happens....but really? When it's something that NO ONE else could know? How can you NOT belive?

  14. Georgie, I love you even more now than before. Personally, I believe that the Bible is a book, of stories, illustrations of how to live, but should not be taken as fact. It was written by humans after all, however enlightened by God or a higher power, they are still humans. I believe that the universe (or God or a higher power or whatever that may be for you) is present and the more in tune you are with it, the more at peace you are as a person. I'm not a huge fan of organized religion and feel a bit more comfortable saying that I am spiritual, but not religious. I could talk about this for hours with you, the crazy things that have happened in my life, the 'coincidences' that occur, the gifts that have been given, the things that my intuition have told me before they occur.
    I'd absolutely love a reading from SPFF, I am sure she's going to be swamped for ages now with requests.

  15. I would rather spend my life believeing in Heaven and die finding out there is not one,

    Than spend my life not believing in Hell to only die and discover that there is one!

  16. I believe and don't really care what others think. It's what matters to you and not to others.

    And my bff got a reading from some well known psychic and that lady knew so much stuff about her and her family that had passed. I also believe in that stuff too. I am so interested in that kind of stuff. And I also believe in ghosts. There's plenty of things out there that we don't know about so who's to know what's really going on.

    P.S. I'm sorry about your miscarriage =(

  17. God, heaven, and hell.

  18. I doubt you'll like my answer, but there's a guy who blogs at eskeptic.com who explains how these folks do these readings, taking advantage of visual clues and body language.

    I don't believe in esp, or any paranormal phenomena. Tellingly, James Randi has had a million dollars on the line for decades, and no one has managed to claim it, yet.

  19. I'm Mormon so I'm sure you know the basics of what we believe. But I've always been more liberal than most LDS people. I'm okay with gay marriage and stuff like that.
    I haven't ever heard of these readings except on tv late at night. It's very interesting to me. I'm going to have to check her out.
    I too, am sorry about your miscarriage.

  20. I'm a believer in God, Jesus Christ, and the Atonement. I also believe there is a Satan and he has power, too. He can make things seem what he wants them to be and we can be deceived. Now you probably think I'm the crazy one.

  21. I have to admit I'm intrigued by it all. That's just nuts that she was able to tell you things that no one else ever knew!

    BTW, I'm totally diggin' your new blog look!!

  22. I too believe in God, that Jesus died for all of us and that act & the Resurrection are fact. I believe in angels and I believe in so much spiritually. I personally do not subscribe to organized religion as such ~ too many rules that, IMHO, 'man' created. I believe that God has given us guidelines to live by, that He has a great sense of humor and that He is a God of love, not fear. Ok, now I also believe many people have a gift for "knowing" and those that are truly gifted do not share without regard. I have a great deal of intuition...I believe we all do...it's just how we allow it to develop or not. I'd love to have a reading...haven't in a very long time.

  23. I'm pretty fundamentalist in that I believe that God created Heaven and Earth, he sent his Son Jesus down and that he died on the cross to atone for our sins, and arose into Heaven on the third day. I believe that God has a plan for our life and is active today in the affairs of the world.
    I believe in Angels but I don't quite know what they do or how they fit in.

    I don't believe that God made the earth in 6 days. I think God is eternal but that our Universe was created several billion years ago. I think we may have descended from apes.

    I don't believe in banishing gay people from churches nor the ministry.

    As far as the end of the world type stuff about the rapture and all that I don't worry about it, we'll find out soon enough.

    I think God is going to judge us more on how we treated the downtrodden around us rather than our ideological purity.

  24. I believe we are made in God's image. We have His sense of humor, compassion.

    I believe babies are born innocent and thus saved. In maturity, they chose to believe or not to believe.

    I look at the miracle of a rainbow, the tiny hairs on a newborn's upper lip, the muscles in the legs of a horse as it runs -- and I wonder how man could ever doubt that there is a God, that there was a plan.

    I also avoid anything that approaches witchcraft. Someone above mentioned how readers have been proven to use people, taking clues from body language.

    God gives us all many gifts -- intuition being one of them. I love studying people, analyzing things they say -- but only God 'reads' us through and through. Only God sees us in the womb and in the grave, a snap of the finger, our timeline. That's why He can forgive us, when we can't forgive ourselves -- we don't spot the patterns in our lives as easily.

    I believe that if I had been the only sinner in the world, Jesus would still have died for me.

    I believe God cheers me on, gives me what I need, allows me to fall/fail -- because that's an opportunity for me to learn.

    And yes, I agree with another above. I would rather live in faith, than in doubt. I would rather trust, than fear. I choose to believe.

    Thank you for the thought-provoking questions. I hope you have a good weekend. ♥

  25. Hopefully you realize that I am a believer. I am a fundamentalist in my beliefs and I was not raised to be that way. That being said, compassion is the example that Jesus showed us so please do not mistake my believing for anything less.
    I can't even pretend to know the answer here, but I think we need to be careful of following anything or anyone not in line with the bible.
    That's all I have to say about that.

  26. I believe in all of the above. And I believe I should be in bed. Good night :)

  27. good for you. yes i believe in everything you said. spirit and angels do exsist. After working with some hospice pt's and I was also with two freinds when they passed. There is a a spirit that lives on sometimes here sometimes somewhere else.

  28. Wow...that is amazing.

    I most definitely believe in the Holy Trinity, the Bible and Salvation. Love my sweet Jesus!

  29. I think that's so cool you had a reading done. I always want to stop and get read or whatever.

  30. I believe in God and that He sent his son to die for our sins. The Bible, however, I think is left to a lot of individual interpretation.

    I think it's very cool that you got the reading done G, and I'm considering doing the same!

  31. I believe God is everywhere. Heaven and Hell? I'm not so sure.

  32. Were we possibly separated at birth? I feel so much the same as you! I wouldn't say that the bible is my guide, because I don't read it, and what I have read I don't take too literally. But do I believe in God, his Son, the Trinity? Yep, sure do, with all my heart. Do I believe in angels, spirits and demons? Yep, to that too. If you know me, you know I'm addicted to Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi channel. I truly believe there are spirits out there that are still among the living. I believe some people are much more sensitive and are able to either sense them, feel them, or even speak to them. So, as for SPFF, I totally believe. I don't know exactly how card readings work, but I'd love for her to do it for me.
    I'd also love to hear more about your reading if it isn't too personal. Or hell, even if it is I wanna hear it!

    Justine :o )

  33. I go back and forth. I wasn't raised with religion and I don't go to church. I think you can be a good moral person without organized religion. I believe in prayer though. But sometimes I wonder if there really is a god, why do these sweet innocent babies die, or suffer from cancer and other horrible things. It doesn't make sense to me. That's where I go back and forth.
    When I was younger I went to a gal who did spirital readings and she knew things about me, that she shouldn't of known. It was weird.

  34. Here is what I believe. Follow what you believe in the deepest reaches of your heart and do not worry or concern yourself with what others think. Me personally, I am an atheist, but some of my best friends are religious. I ADMIRE their faith and would never want my position to influence them in any way. :)

  35. I believe in Jesus just like you. Spiritual readings I am not so sure of. I have never had one. I know that Jesus exists because once I became a Christian my life did a complete turn around and almost all of the reasons I didn't believe in God have been proven to me to be wrong. I had no idea what the Bible really said until I started going to church.

  36. Here you go Miss Georgie!


  37. I do believe in heaven and hell and God. I'm not sure what I think about psychics. I've never experienced one.

  38. I definitely think there is a spiritual world, and it probably works slightly differently for each of us, without the laid out rules/guidelines we often think are so important.
    This is a very thought-provoking post.

  39. Hey chica. Hope you've been doing well. How's your father doing? I hope he is hanging in. I haven't been a faithful reader lately and I am sorry for that. I'll try to do better. I've started a contest on my blog. There will be a status update posted tomorrow. Stop by and check it out if you have a minute and spread the word. I would appreciate it. Did you get my email about the templates? I'm still wanting to find someone to design one for my sight.....speaking of which.....this new one you've got is BUSY! lol Be good to yourself.

  40. I read tarot cards! I absolutely believe in a spirit world.

  41. I believe that God created the earth perfect and mankind stuffed it up with disobedience, which is why awful things happen. Babies dying is the most wrong thing possible! We weren't created for that sort of thing.

    God sent Jesus to make a way for us to be right with him again. Thank goodness. Of course, Satan has some power too! You want to be careful with any spiritual reading stuff. It's real.

    I'm so sorry you lost a little one. God had a son who was killed, too. This world is not right.

    I know that chunks of the Bible seem not to make sense on their own, but the more you study it, the more you realise it's supernaturally freaky. Investigate!

    Good on you for asking the deep questions.

  42. Hey Pooki Pie! I am slowly getting back to the blog world?! I missed ya!! Jesus Christ saved me from myself. I am a believer who did not believe for a time & God showed up in a BIG way in my life proving w/o a doubt that He is our Creator.
    The Bible is the truth, the older I get, the more I realize that fact.
    Not sure about the reading?! Would like to know more about her & how she believes she has this gift? This kind of thing fascinates me. Unfortunately, my mom tends to "worship" readings, numerology, horoscopes, ect so I tend to be skeptical.
    Happy to check it w/you! Next year I want to participate in SSS : )

  43. .i do believe and agree!!!! but SPFF sounds VERY interesting i have to go check her out!!!!!!! i love that kind of stuff...i am amazed!!!! Work from home India

  44. I'm not judging you, so please don't take it that way....

    The Bible talks about false prophets and fortune tellers.

    In my opinion, these individuals really do have a gift, but I don't believe it's from God.....

    Unless you are Ms. Cloe and if that is the case, THEN CALL ME NOW!

  45. Why do we need someone outside of ourselves to tell us anything about what we have done?

    Does it affirm that we are real?

    God knows everything about us...even to the number of hairs on our heads..

    I was a big sinner before God drew me to Himself...I said...if you are out there, show me who you are...and then I said...if you are out there let there be a young man as my lab partner to tell me who you are...

    I said this sincerely...really wanting to know..
    my life felt pretty empty and worthless and I didn't understand the "why" of life...

    I walked into my lab that first day, our teacher had assigned our partners...he was a young man, he told me about his love for God and His son, Jesus Christ...about his desire to be a missionary...

    whoa, baby...that was just the beginning...if you want to be blown away...don't pay someone to read some thing about you...but talk right to God and see what He, Himself, has to say to you!

    I double-dog-dare ya!