****************This is Amy Amy Bo Bamey*******************

Just a heads up that Georgie and I closed comments for now because we are not happy with what is happening. It is with heavy hearts that we have had to sit back and watch things be said that cause drama and hurt feelings.

We set out this year excited because we increased our number of participants and were ready to spread lots of Holiday Cheer. We feel defeated right now that Secret Santa has caused some drama and hurt feelings for some and those were not our intentions and in turn that has deeply sadden Georgie and I. We DO NOT like drama especially when it is associated with something that we are in charge of.

What is going on in the comment section of this and other blogs is not okay with us and does not make us comfortable to sit back and read. We have to speak up about it. We were not calling any of the last minute people flaky however others have in the comment sections. However when you have a LARGE group that you are in charge of and half have not shipped the day before the deadline OF COURSE we are gonna stress out. We STRESSED OUT sent out mass email reminders and PEEPS followed through.

Comments we have read on another blog really have not only hurt us but I am sure the giver as well. I hate to see it continue on but we cannot control what happens on other peoples blog. We thought we tried to make it right and even had a elf step up ANONYMOUSLY to send to that person and the original SSS did something to try and make it right. I am sure after trying to do right she has to be more than upset that she is still getting comments hammered about her. Be that as it may true colors do show and people can do what makes them feel better.

We were freaking out when we still had 50 people that had not sent in DC#'s to us the day before the deadline. We did not think there would be that many last minute shippers. I an HAPPY to say that we are only down to 17 that we are waiting for to send us DC #'s.

I cannot fathom the idea that people would have signed up for something and not follow through with it. So I have faith that there will be follow through with the 17 we are waiting on.

So we are gonna try and move on and ignore any drama that continues because we don't want it to dampen our spirits. We have many other people that are gonna be receiving their gifts soon. We cannot wait to see the posts that will be coming in the next few weeks. We appreciate all the good and thankful emails that have been sent our way and they keep us going.

Thank You for Listening!


P.S. Please ignore any and all spelling or grammar mistakes, I was kinda writing in a hurry and trying to get these thoughts outta my head.