No Water

So the first time that I can EVER make that NEVER (I am a Broken Arrow Grad of 89' thankyouverymuch) remember BA called off school due to frigid arctic burrrr cold temps...no snow on the ground...no ice...just C-O-L-D... happened on Thursday and Friday...it left me scratchin my head, dandruff? Perhaps, it's cold out, but none-the-less, no school...

No biggie right? That is until you have frozen pipes and have to go without water...uh-huh I said NO water...The schools got it right...it was TOO cold for ANY child to be out in this weather...I surrender I was wrong...I was selfish wanting my Mon-Fri time...hey I am fallible and will gladly admit when I am wrong...BUT I had NO water....

So Then that makes you, well okay 'me' turn to face book like nobody's bidness (is to a word)

My status message was 'NO water...this should be a fun day'

I got Support via,comments,phone calls,private messages,emails, the offer of showers,you offered up your home whether it was 5 mins or 2 states away, your offers of fillin up the 5 gallon buckets-cuz that's how we roll here in Okie-land to flush the commode were abundant...okay one person bestie offered me 'a cup' of water again that's how we roll and I so know she meant I could take over her house if I needed to.

I am quite certain if the world came to an end and according to the Mayans it will in 2012... anyone could find the help they needed on FaceBook... for realsies...

There is a reason I don't twit or tweet very often, mainly because I feel twitter lacks something... I am still trying to figure out 'exactly' what it is 'for me'...but when I glance at my twitter page-I go oooo and ahhhh because amybo designed it.... then I go ooooooooo it is full of tiny earls(thanks to my mom URLS will forever be earls)...the company I keep? Perhaps....BUT I gots more to say than any 140 characters could ever contain...

I have a point here...bare with me please...thank you...

Facebook lets me do that and more...

I got to type white and then later in the day... pink-all you ladies will so know what I am talking about and when YOU typed black, nude, pink with polka dots and commando I was only a teeny tiny bit jealous of your cuter-ness(yes a word) and your desire that posting your Bra colors was for a greater good Breast Cancer Awareness and l clicked 'like' because I support you...like a good bra...whether it be nude,purple,blue,tan or commando...I support YOU!

Facebook is just more personal, at least it is for me...maybe that's the difference...I am not confined or defined by 140 characters...

I gotta tell ya there is NO better support than that of a woman...and Yogi and Seth and Otin (my loyal 3 guy gang)

So as I was yellin speaking softly with motherly concern for their goodies xbox 360,ipod touches,miss me jeans and lord-ta-day every other item laying on their closet floorto/at the childrens to clean out their closets...

I let them-(the childrens-think Madea) know that I was expecting the worst BUT hoping for the best and I had them covered with my handy dandy blow dryer in hand-a girls gotta thaw out her pipes, right?

NO snarky comments please I'm having a moment here.... You ALL were right there monitor to monitor/keyboard to keyboard cheek to cheek beside me....offering support...


We got our water back thanks to my blow dryer skills and a little help from my friends....sing it with me....

If we aren't already friends on FB...then let's be...let me support you as others have supported me....as a matter of fact, I am taking the next few days off of posting and am gonna spend it visiting and getting caught up and being neighborly because...that's how I roll...

I appreciate each and everyone of you that reads my dribble or is it drivel.

My confession for today: I can NOT believe It is my 2 yr blogOversary... 2 years I have been spittin out stuff...and yet you read me and come back for more...THANK YOU!!!!

above photo courtesy google images


  1. Two years? WOW...Congratulations! I don't get the twitter malarky either, not sure I can confine myself to 140 characters without writing, re-writing, having a cup of tea, forgetting what I wanted to write and starting all over...

    Facebook is where it's at...It may be soooo old nowadays but so am I!

  2. I think facebook is yesterday's front porch. I can grab my ice tea or hot chocolate...more likely, my 4th cup of coffee and sit down and just *visit* with everyone! I can talk to my real life sista in Illinois, find out how my new great niece is doing in Indiana, along with visiting with you...and you and you!

    I have to say, I was amazed and pleased at how all of facebook came to the aid of the Arrow Truck Drivers last month! After all, it was the neighborly thing to do.

    Glad you got water! The water to the washer is frozen here, but I expect it should thaw sometime tomorrow. The laundry piles are growing....but I don't havta do the laundry!!! (Just polishing the dull side, here.)

  3. Oh Hell no, No H20?!? :) Glad it's back, that's no fun @ all. And I'm going to look u up on the FACE BOOK! :)

  4. That is tough when the water freezes because it is always in the back of your head that the pipe may break. Also, if the cold snap does not let up, then it can be hard to thaw it out!

    I am not much for facebook. There are too many family members on there for me!

    Twitter is really useless, although I drop one here and there to be sociable.

  5. nursing White today,..
    you rock! have a great weekend!

  6. Happy 2 year Blogoversary! Glad I found you through SITS. I am a FB addict, love it---taupe. Find The Park Wife and become my FB friend!

    Have a great weekend now that you have water (my pipes froze too).
    The Park Wife

  7. Happy Second Blogaversary. Mine is coming up in March. Glad the water situation got fixed. We were without back during Hurrican Hugo MANY years ago and I declare, it was worse than being without electricity!!

  8. LOL
    I'd take water over lights anyday if I had a choice. I hate bein without water!

  9. This past two winters I've had frozen pipes too so I feel your pain. I woke up to no cold water last Saturday, and spent the day insulating pipes and spraying foam insulation into the gap at the bottom of the walls in my pantry (where my water heater is and the outside pipe comes in). So far, so good.

  10. No water? Yuk! It gets way cold here, like in the single digits often. My pipes have never frozen and we don't leave the water runnign at night. I have no idea why they don't freeze, I'm just SO glad they don't. The hubs says pipes are built for the weather here. Makes sense. Facebook? I have been encourgaed several times to join. The hubs is afraid of the security issue. He banned MySpace from the house, but I think he might be coming around to Facebook. I think I will aske him again. I have so many friends that don't blog, but Facebook. Wow, even as I write those terms I am acutely aware of how much the world has changed in my lifetime. Does that mean I am getting old?

  11. I went 2 weeks one yr without water, had a totally new appreciation for it after that!

    Congrats on your 2 YEARS!!! Go Girl!!!!

    I don't twitter, hadn't figured it out yet....and I do NOT Facebook, don't want my past catching up to me, I like being un-found, LOL!!

  12. So far so good on the pipes but others have had problems. It's 17 here this morning. Wow, a heat wave.

    I love Facebook. It helps me keep in touch with all kinds of people from bloggers to family to former co-workers and close friends. I don't want it to prevent me from real face time, though.

    Twitter? Not so much. It's too time-consuming.

    Stay warm!

  13. I never saw that you had no water--I would definitely have been there for ya. And your dribble has made my day more than once!

  14. Glad to hear your crisis has been averted!
    Hope your day goes better!

    Happy blogversay!!! I enjoy reading your posts
    you make me laugh soooo hard that I snort sometimes as I've told you before.


  15. Happy Blogaversary! I'm with you on FB vs Twitter. But are you a fan of @shitmydadsays?

  16. happy blogoversary! twitter just isnt...i dunno but i feel the same...glad you made it through the water shortage...had busted pipes at a frinds the other day and spent quite a while helping him fix the damage.

  17. It amazes me how FB has brought so many people together...I've gotten more support myself from people are far removed from me...makes me have hope for us after all...

  18. Like I said on my FB status, the past couple of days I've been like an ADHD kid on CRACK on there. I've been all over the place. Because of the weather, anybody and everybody was on FB. I love it!

    I'm so glad you got your water back on. And, I'm glad you came to your senses about school being out for the cold. LOL!

  19. I do twitter and facebook. I figure if i am on the puter, i might as well play, er.. i mean "work" on them both!!

    And you can so come to GA and use my shower. I know having no water sucks hugely!!!

  20. I think I have to readd you on FB Miss Georgie...we apparently are not friends anymore. Must have been when I was cleansing I got a little overzealous.

    FB is my favorite place to be...all my friends and family are there. It's convenient and I'm not stuck talking to them on the phone. LOL

  21. Happ blogiversary! And are we not FaceCrack friends? Because I SO would have brought you gallons of water.

  22. oh thank GOD that photo is from google. i thought the post was going to be how you and your kids bonded and actually touched each other during their time off. i was mad (and jealous. my kids won't come near me).

    i am considering breaking up with twitter. i do like FB so much more. i feel safer and more loved. and you know it's all about me.

    and don't you just love running water?

  23. I. L. O. V. E. F. B!

    Facebook is the reason I quit blogging for SO long, and I think I could easily become a shut in and do the whole Howard Hughes thing so long as I had facebook :)

    Happy Blogaversary!

  24. So glad that you got your water back ASAP!

    Happy Blogaversary!!!!!!!!

  25. How did your "Hair Party" go? I am glad you all enjoyed the wine. I always knew you were an expert with a blowdryer....By the way-whose hands are those in the pic? Congrats on your 2 year blogaversary!

  26. I only started FB Dec 1 and have found a lot of friends from way long ago. It's been a neat, sweet deal. I'm not blogging as much, mainly because of work lately and just plain tiredness!

  27. Georgie girl, I've gotta tell you... some of these paragraphs made NO sense to me! ROFLMAO! But, I'm with ya on the Twitter thing. It just doesn't have that cozy feeling that FB does. And yeah, I was one of those "nude" girls!

    Btw... how the hell did you let your pipes freeze? How cold WAS it? I mean, kids in Canada still have to go to school. it's frickin' cold here too dammit!

    Justine :O )

  28. I heart fb too! After the drama on twitter last month, I will never twit again.

    I really enjoyed reading everyone's colors. It was like being a part of a team. mine:ultra white; nursing. I was testing the size to see if i needed to buy more before this one comes. good news...they still fit!! YAY!!

    was that TMI?

    Well I feel like we are blogging sisters so too bad if it's TMI! :)

  29. I am so sorry about your no water situation! How cleaver to thaw the pipes with a blow dryer! I will sign you a friend request now on fb, be looking for mine.

  30. All due respect. I couldn't disagree more. FB is like a barren black hole and Twitter is where I connect with people with common interests to mine. FB is where old HS-ers stalk me to be friends with them and then never speak to me. Errr. Maybe it is a northeast thing, don't know. Twitter rocks. FB is a pain in my ass. But so glad you love it. We all need something we love.

  31. i'm so glad you got some friendage in the water crisis! no water sucks total butt!

  32. The laundry piles are growing....but I don't havta do the laundry!!

    Work from home India

  33. After all your frustration with the water pipes, drop by my post for Tuesday. Trust part of it will put a smile on your face.

  34. Ugh. This reminds me that we need to go check on my FIL's house. We turned the heat on but it got so cold, and we didn't go over to check on the pipes like we should have.

    I grew up in an area that was notorious for NEVER calling off school no matter what the weather was. And apparently, the state prefers it that way, because starting next year, we get only 3 calamity days, which is going to force them to make kids either trudge in the snow or stand out in sub zero temps to wait for the bus. I'm just glad my daughter is already a junior.

  35. I <3 me some Facebook!