This Is...

Slim Shady aka Reese...

He Is...

Growing a mustache
Dyed his red hair dark brown
Taller than me

This Is Reese...

He is...

Addicted to XBOX
His fruit of choice are Kiwis and Strawberries
Needs to clean his room
When we go out to eat...he orders 2 meals
Has the cutest freckles
Needs one of his eyebrows waxed, srsly!

He is...My son... who when he was born I said he looks like an alien take him back, I'm glad I kept him-he makes my heart beat. Reese is a hard one for me, I didn't have brothers or grow up with boys in my life on a daily basis, so some of the things he says and does leaves me scratchin' my head at times. Eric assures me it is typical boy behavior.

He hates it when I blog about him, so I won't tell you any of the crazy stuff he has pulled over the years...he says he googles my blog when he is at school just to make sure I am not talking about him. So I will just say-in case he checks up on me today, Reese I Love You more than you could possibly grasp right now, every single day a Mothers love grows and deepens for her child and you my son, are SO my child...

My confession for today: We keep passing this sickness around in our house and to be honest with you I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I had to reschedule my lunch date with Brandy and Sheila for cryin out loud!

Today I'm playing along with seven clown circus and her  Wordful Wednesdays


  1. awe, I just had my baby guy , you know he will be 6 months on sunday! I hope my lil guy is a lot like you big guy ;) there is something special about caring for a wee man,..in hopes he becomes a man at some point,...

    hey we still need to connect ;)

  2. I'm so sorry y'all are perpetually sick. Ugh. Your Reese is a handsome boy, though. Why on earth would he want to cover up his red hair? Wait. Never mind. I did the same thing when I was 18. Worst thing I ever did.

    Aren't boys wonderful?

  3. That is sweet.
    I'm puzzled by boy behavior as well. :)

  4. He is a cutie! I know what you mean and being puzzled or surprised with raising a son (not because I have one, but because I don't) I was raised with all brothers, I laugh and joke and say "in the world of burps and farts" so it is shocking to now be raising a house filled with all girls! Much gentler home! However there is something sweet and easy about boys that our home does not have. I always had hoped that I would have a little red headed boy one day! (very surprised that I did not have a household of them actually!)

    I hope you start to feeling better and
    get to go out to lunch soon with the girls!!!

  5. I love being a mother of boys, and I dread the day that they no longer are okay with me writing publicly about their cute, awesome ways.

  6. I love these post you've done for your kiddos... so sweet... even if they don't like it... One of my girlies love being on my blog... one doesn't... and then gets mad that I blog more about her sister?!?... go figure...

  7. Aww he's a cutie! I also have a son and never had brothers. My son is 20 now but I swear my love for him still grows stronger every day! He makes me laugh and the sound of his laugh touches my very soul!! Great entry!

  8. Aww...this post is great! And with my oldest being 15 i know EXACTLY how you feel! I love him too death and SOMETIMES I want to shoot him! LOL! (A mother of teens understands what this means!) Reese, son, you've made your momma proud! Keep up the good work! :)

  9. well even though you couldn't make our hot date - i'm glad you posted on your blog. and i like your kids posts.

  10. He is a handsome guy, Georgie and I know you are proud of him.

    Question, does he go through the house jumping like he is dunking a basketball, as he scraps his hand across the ceiling or am I the only one who has kangaroo basketball players for sons?

    You are right! It is time for the crud to go. I am so tired of coughing myself silly and not feeling like doing anything!


  11. It's so hard for me to believe my three year old will be that big one day. Probably sooner than I'm ready for. ;)

  12. Wow! You've done good, Georgie!

    Now get well, 'K?

  13. He is a cutie. I think it is a teen thing. Both of my kids need to clean their rooms.

  14. Yeah the whole boy thing is new territory for me too! I keep complaining that "someone" keeps peeing behind the toilet and no one will own up to it. So gross and such a boy thing to do!

    Your Reese sounds like an amazing guy...and very handsome!!

    Georgie, I have to tell you that I think your kids are so blessed to have you as their mother. You are down-to-earth, easy to talk to and you know how to have a good time!

  15. Hey Georgie with two hearts, - Reese looks like a very nice young man.

  16. Well geez, I hope he doesn't check your comments, 'cause I'm getting ready to embarrass him. He's GORGEOUS, Georgie! I love his carefree-looking style and I even think it's cute that he likes kiwis.

    I love these posts you do on your children!!!

    Feel better hon!

    Justine :o )

  17. So sorry to hear about the sharing of the sickies--yuck!
    Boys/Guys ARE different than us in more ways than can be described. Good Luck!!
    You doing good.

    Thanks for coming by -miss you when you don't.


  18. i hope you feel better soon!

  19. He sounds completely normal to me (she says as a mother of an 18 year old.) We had that sickness back in the Autumn and you're right, it seemed like it never ended.

  20. What a cutie pie! I bet the girls love his hair.

    Hope y'all feel better soon. So many people around here just cannot shake this crud.

  21. What a cutie!
    Watch out Momma he's gonna be a heart breaker!!

    Sorry about the bug you guys keep sharing. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!
    Spring will be here before you know it!

  22. cute....set up keywords such as available, dating, and cute as heck....see what he gets on google then.

  23. Nice post.. hope you all are well soon. Great blog, I have teen boys as well.. they are pretty great most of the time!

  24. oh my, typical boy behavior... definitely keeps you on your toes, does it not?

    you have the most gorgeous kids.

  25. i popped over from rebecca's blog... i am also mom to teens and one tween. this is a sweet post, and i love that he googles you from school! my kids cringe after photos and say, "you don't HAVE to put that on the internet...." hope i'm not causing any emotional scars! (:l

  26. I left you an award over at my blog. Come check it out.


  27. He's a cutie pie. I recently learned that Kyle's been reading my blog. He even commented one day, which made me smile. Our boys....what would we do without them?

  28. BOYS ARE HARD! I scratch my head a lot around here too...and my hubby's answer is the same as your hubs. My girl I get, the boys I don't. But yet, they are so my boys...
    Reese looks completely normal now for being born an alien, LOL! Hope he reads that!

  29. You are funny and sweet and loving! I enjoyed this post. I hope he does google it 'cause it's nice.