4th Grade

All through my elementary school days we moved around A LOT. I think up until 7th grade the longest I was at any school was a year and a half and it seems I remember moving twice during one school year. It was hard making friends and all that moving is something that has carried over into my adulthood fears that I carry around like a monkey on my back.

I refuse to move out of our school system because, unlike me, my children have gone to school with the same children since pre-K. I like that, they like that...Eric just wants out of dodge...

I recently reconnected with some friends from 4th grade on FB. When I attended Irving Elementary in Muskogee. Angie had this photo posted on her wall

That's me, top row center. I was very tall for my age. I had boobs and had to wear a bra-it wasn't cool to be the tallest girl and the only one with boobs. That is Mrs Cook, she was my favorite teacher ever, she was also very tall when she was young-well that's what she told me.

I remember Mrs Cook taking me aside because the boys would tease me and snap my bra, she would give me pep talks, never saying anything bad about the boys but rather trying to help me see how unique I was, instead of me trying to make my tall, boobie self invisible. She totally rocked...

That  year I won outstanding student in all of 4th grade and Mrs Cook, no doubt had something to do with it. I remember when my name was called, I was scared, not wanting to get up in front of the whole school and walk down the aisle to the front and collect my award, but I looked at Mrs Cooks smiling face and everything changed...I got un-grounded...

I was grounded because we(my sister Becky and I) had asked to go play at someones house after school (about a week before the awards ceremony) Mom said yes...only thing is, we kindasortalied instead of going where we said we were going we went 2 streets over to play at another friends house who had a trampoline. We had deduced that since mom was at work she would never find out, we would be home before she got home...only thing is...she got off work early and came looking for us... not good...  

When I won the award my mom ungrounded me and that meant I got to go to the end of the year Skating party. If you were child product of the 80s you know that means combs in your back pocket, suicide pops,  and skating to Jam On It, Celebration, Another One Bites The Dust, Rappers Delight and YMCA(just to name a few)...it also meant that IF I didn't put on skates everyone else was as tall as I was...if only briefly...cuz THIS girl LOVED to roller skate...

4th grade and half of 5th were BIG years for me, I had good friends Shelonda and Jorinda were 2 of my closest, I liked 2 boys, Stacy and Randy-Randy would come by my house every morning with a sack full of bubble gum and jolly ranchers. Stacy gave me his arrowhead necklace to wear-which I proudly did on picture day (mom wasn't real happy about that one) I would wear my moms long faux fur coat and high heels to school-THANKS to Mrs Cook helping me embrace my tallness, I apparently felt the need to be even taller. I traded moms diamond ear rings for lip gloss-she wasn't to happy about that one either.
5th grade would usher in a more tomboyish me and it was the first and last time I got 'swats' for spitting spitballs. I collected 'NFL' pencils that were 2 for a quarter down by the office and traded them with the boys. Most days after school I could be found in our yard playing touch football with the boys. I even owned an Oakland As green baseball helmet that I so thought I rocked...then we moved again and I said goodbye to my friends and promised to stay in touch...it just took me almost 25 yrs to get back in touch...

Out of all my grades of school when I look back 4th and the first half of 5th grade are the ones I remember most fondly. Yes even if Harley use to chase me all the way home and call me spider-legs...

My confession for today: Isn't it funny the things you remember from your childhood...Do you have a certain time in your childhood that left a lasting impression?


  1. I know what it's like to move around a lot. I moved a gagillion times once 5th grade was over.
    I made one really good friend when I was in 1st grade.
    We never lost contact through all of my moves.
    20 years later and we still are best of friends!

  2. I moved a ton of times in elementary school too AND I started wearing a bra when I was nine. I used to BEG my mother to homeschool me.

    I was tall for my age in fourth grade too; unfortunately I haven't grown since then. Oh well. The tall thing was fun while it lasted. Now I like to describe myself as "fun-sized".

  3. Isn't it funny how things change - now EVERYONE wants to be tall and have BIG boobs. You were ahead of your time...I was fortunate that my parents stayed planted in one place and I didn't have to change school districts but one time. No particular year stands out in my memory, but I remember the name of almost every Teacher I ever had.

  4. I'll have to think of what time really stood out...all grade school was pretty good. I was one of the tallest in 5th grade, by the start of 7th grade, I was one of the shortest.

    Middle school was...blah (and we called it Jr. High). High school is kind of a blur....but then it was the 60's! (JK...it was the 60's, but I didn't participate in most of the popular activities...I worked!)

    Good post!

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  6. The point I turned away from Christianity comes to mind. I was 12.

  7. Those special teachers are worth their weight in gold. What a great post, Georgie!

    I loved books and in 5th grade I felt more at home in the library than in the classroom. I also loved music and wanted to be chosen for the special summer class in music. The art teacher thought I should go to the art class. I was HEARTBROKEN!

    Sheesh! The things you remember.

  8. What an awesome post! And I first....I didn't see you in the middle - I saw the girl next to you and thought "man has Georgie changed!" LOL!
    Girl...totally loved the skating parties! And I remember people carrying around bubble gum and jolly ranchers in brown paper sacks all the time! How cool!

  9. wow - that's so detailed. i don't a have a good memory. what a fun post.

  10. In my third grade year my Dad passed away--that was tough and in my ninth grade year my algebra tutor moved away. Other than that----Oh I did love going to the skate rink on Fridays too!
    Wooooo Hooooo!!!!!!!


  11. It is amazing how those of us who moved a lot in elem school still have those class photos! I just posted the other day about a second grade memory. Moving around meant I was always the new outcast. My 1st and 5th grade teachers were the only ones who stood out as advocates for me. Then there were the meanies...

  12. wow, you were tall. I was too, but stopped at 8th grade and everyone caught up with me. now i'm only 5'5"..not tall at all. fortunately i have forgotten most of elementary school! high school was definitely better for me!

  13. ok let's just sit and talk for abit....seems like old friends here.
    me in same schools from beginning to end as we never moved. dear hubby moved every year if not more often.
    so we have both views.
    roller skating....yipppee.....the lion sleeps tonight and knock three times were favs. speed skating and couple skate too!
    was not a tall one....was the fat one....heck still am....but that is ok for now I know I rock.
    thanks for the memory lane post.....seems we both was on the same lane....btw
    I grew up in Irving....Texas

  14. I love your memories. :)

    I had English teachers in high school who told me I could write. Best teachers ever.

  15. I have quite a few but mostly because of some crisis times during those days.
    My mom moved around a lot - 7 times in 2nd grade! I think it sent her the opposite way from you. She still can't stay in one place. :)

  16. Holy cow, I'm amazed at how much you remember just during that one year or so! Sounds like your teacher did a lot more than just teach you math and English. Wow.

    How tall are you?

    Justine :o )

  17. I linked up to you in my "Five Favorites Friday" post... I hope this is ok, if it isn't let me know and I will take it down.

  18. oh yes, i remember 4th grade well. it was the last of my really great years, before i started getting a little too mischievous in 5th and beyond.

    we moved a lot, too. i liked it at the time... i could reinvent myself. but i am like you and have made the decision to stay put for my kids.

  19. My hubby is from Muskogee. His family still lives there.
    Loved skating in the 80's. Great songs back then too.Took the kids recently - the rink was so dilapidated, I was afraid we might get sick if we touched anything.
    4th & 5th were hard on me - the guidance counselor said I was gifted, but I was failing in regular classes (screwed me up). I didn't hit puberty until 7th grade, so I was a little immature.

  20. My entire childhood left lasting impressions. Hey I'm still in childhood. hahaha I enjoyed every minute of it, except when that thing happened with little girls turning into little ladies ugh!

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  22. Mostly not so good though...I was overweight, which meant it to developed early and got my period early...all make for a perfect recipe of endless torture!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great, now I need to go visit my therapist again!! HA!! (like i need and excuse)!!


  23. I developed...see i can't even speak English!!
    I mean "write" English...ayayayaya


  24. like I need AN excuse....sheesh..going back to bed

  25. Great memories! We moved around a lot when I was young. I did go to the same school for 4th and 5th grade though and have some really good memories from that time. Unfortunately my kiddos are going to have to move around a lot too since we're a military family. So cool that you got back in touch with your 4th grade classmates!

  26. We had very similar experiences (excluding the height and boobs -- BTW, I'm not sure that I have ever really gotten those) but I was shy and a product of six moves in elementary. I had a great 4th grade teacher (Miss Lowery) that touched me deeply and that's when I met my best friend (who's STILL my best friend) so I, too look back to that time fondly.

    My only question is... what about skating to Xanadu??? That was my favorite skate song!

  27. Love the class photo ... and how great to have a teacher like Mrs. Cook. And skating parties just took me back. This boy Tony asked me "slow skate" with him to the BeeGee's "How Deep Is Your Love?" (complete with dimmed lights and disco ball). It was the highlight of my 8th grade romantic life, which, admittedly, was pretty lame. I cannot hear that song without thinking of that moment.

  28. I moved a lot too until high school. It stunk and sadly my girls have been in three schools in two years...that sucks too. I would be hard pressed to leave this district now.

    LOVE the pic...

  29. School for me wasn't fun. Being the shortest, smallest kid in class was kind of a bummer.
    I wish we hadn't moved from WA state where my kids had tons of friends. We have lived in FL for 5 years now and not one of us has been able to make a friend worth keeping.
    We need to move.

  30. I too was the tallest in class until I hit high school. Tall and skinny and ugly. Very unfortunate. I think I've blocked out most of my early school years for just those reasons... :o)

  31. Too many childhood memories to count! I think I've blogged about most of them, though. :) I'm so glad your teacher made such a difference. Maybe she's on FB?!haha

  32. I was the tall one with NO boobs. I was 5'10" in middle school. Talk about freeeeeak! Ugh. lol.

    Thanks for sharing your childhood memory with us!

    I found you from CM -- stop by my blog some time if you get a chance.

  33. Now I am singing Jam On it! Looooove it.

    I like to think that someday there will be a post like this out there about me.

  34. This is a great post! Brought up a lot of memories for me!

  35. Great post. I totally remember the awesome skate parties, though I never did master a proper shuffle.

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  37. we moved a lot too. do you still live in muskogee? i live in ok. you mentioned a while back, on my blog, that you survived the ice storm, too.

  38. Don't you love going back and remembering all that stuff and looking at yourself?

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