This is my confession...if you have one...read on...

The past few weeks have been full of excitement,sadness,joy,disappointment basically a whole gambit of emotions and a whole lot going on.

I have been reevaluating lots of things in my life...I am Blessed with a beautiful, healthy family, I have good friends and a core support group. So what's the problem?

Well there are times I feel like things are spinning out of control and it is like I am on the outside looking in. I always try and make light or find the humor in any situation but lately I have been in a funk-is it early onset mental illness, it runs rampant in my family and I do not make light of mental illness, I understand it is a condition...

Is it the fact my children are growing up which means I am getting older, they need me less and I need them more?

Is this a mid-life crisis?

Do I just need a vacation?

Is it because I have judgmental people in my life?

All these questions are why I am left reevaluating and yes sometimes that means cutting people, family even out of my life or keeping them at arms length...it is not an ideal way to live but it is how I cope...

My little life with my little family is just a blip in the grand scheme of things, I understand there are many more people out there suffering far worse than I...but this is my space, where no matter how jumbled, how crazy I can jot it down. Some of you will completely understand, some of you won't and that's fine...

This is where I open up the confessional, for you, if you choose to share what has been weighing heavy on your mind and heart. If you don't have anything to confess perhaps you could help a confessor, the floor errrr blog is yours...

As always anon confessions are fine...

My confession for today: Confession is good for the soul...


  1. HUGS....hang in there Georgie! I dont have a confession for today. Sorry.

  2. I know how you feel. My girls are grown and have families of their own to go and do things with and that doesn't always include me. It wasn't easy to let go and stop being such a dominating factor in their lives. You'll get used to it. You'll see. When times get rough, they'll come right back to Mom.

  3. Sorry about your stuff. I always get anxious about change (real or imagined) I think I might be a little crazy.

  4. Hang in there Georgie with two hearts. You have a whole bunch of people out there thinking of you.

  5. You're not alone in feeling this way. There are times when I feel so overwhelmed with emotions, disappointments, discouragements and then I try to find a way to look at life differently.

    I do hope that you will find things in your life to add joy. I know your family is that joy but sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need too.

    My confession: I'm so angry at my mom for being selfish and not supporting my dad's medical diagnosis and issues. I can't understand how they can be married for 51 years and she shows him no compassion or love.

  6. Live in the moment. It's all you can do. We love you, GF!

  7. I'm sorry things are rough right now. Thinking of you. ;)

  8. oh how i know how you are feeling!!!!!
    my husbands family has decided i am an evil person....and are trying everything they can right now to make my life as miserable as possible!!!
    so i too have had to cut back on what i share on my blog and facebook.....i hate it because i love to share my family and the things that make me happy, but if i have to pay a price for being happy....my plan is to not share as much as i used to. maybe i will get over this but for now i am being quite general....BORING i know!!!!

  9. Lovely site yours,Congrats!..and a нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D

  10. Hopefully it is just the March blahs. I do know that feeling of the kids needing me less and less. Keep looking on that sunny side.k

    My confession is laughing in church during a funeral today. Yeah, whoops. I felt like Mary Tyler Moore. Yes, it will come out as a post later....

  11. Cheer up! Maybe we just need a GNO with the local blog friends.
    My confession: I'm really sick of dealing with poop even if I do think it is funny.

  12. I am 52 (53 in June) and my 28 year old daughter keeps me so busy I most of the time forget to remember to be depressed! There was a space in my life that she did not need me, my husband found a 10 year younger girlfriend and yes I also felt lost. Tomorrow does hold different feelings for you... not all good... just different. Keep looking for your tomorrows.. today will pass and so will the bad. I will keep you in my prayers.

  13. My confession for today is my mother is driving me crazy. She lives in her own world 90 percent of the time, she does not really respect my husband and family, she NEVER in all the years we have been married given my husband a birthday gift, but she NEVER forgets my SIL's birthday. I have decided NOT to spend another Birthday of mine with her because she hurts me more by her actions than it matters to my husband. Will she ever get it? NO, she never will...she will just whine, and complain. But I refuse to make a big deal over my birthday when my wonderful husband's is so boldly ignored.

    I wish things were not always so darn hard.

  14. It's nice to know that I'm not the ONLY one out there feeling this way. Life has a way of dumping ALOT on us to carry around and for the most part we do well with it until that "Last"
    thing just feels like it is breaking us apart.
    I too am dealing with a lot of thoughts and feelings and some of them are not the nicest.
    I guess I need Spring Break to regroup and start anew.
    My confession: I don't care for my coworkers!!!!!!!

  15. I am tired of things always being so complicated...family, job, kids....some days I just want to run off to a deserted island never to be seen again. I wonder if anyone would miss me? Do you ever wonder that??

  16. Prayers and hugs to you!

    My confession: I really don't think my parents know the 'real' me - I've changed a lot in the past few years and I choose not to deal with the teasing and judgement, so I choose to keep them at arms length - for better or worse.

    And my second confession: My first confession was a very long run-on sentence!

  17. I've been through quite a period of self-evaluation over the last 6 months, so I feel for you. (((hugs)))

  18. Is there anything I can do?

    My confession:

    I am tired of rain, tired of this crud that is going around, and just tired in general.

  19. Hugs to you Georgie. Sometimes I get into a funk, too, and it makes me crazy.

  20. If anyone denies ever being in a funk "they lie". Hormones, the weather, change, fear,etc. etc. Sooo many things can make us our soul ache. But eventually the sun shines and we find a way to "move on". (((HUGS))) Remember, "don't try to dance with an alligator" - keep your distance.

  21. Mine is that I just posted something very similar over on my blog!

  22. Just have to say this is one of my favorite posts--I even read all the comments. Because this is how I feel most of the time and I thought it was just me. (Don't we always think we're the only ones?) Thanks for opening up, Georgie-it took some guts.

    My confession: One of my daughters is not a good mother and I would help her ex and his new wife get custody of the kids, if I could.

  23. I'm sorry that your heart is feeling heavy. I think we all go through times like that, but some are worse than others. I think it's good that you figure out who is more of a poison in your life, and leave them behind.

    My confession? My biggest desire is to divorce and I can't.

    Justine :o )

  24. My confession... I had a circle of friends a "core" group so to speak... I put a lot of my friendship "eggs in that basket" and last fall I got "voted off the island"...

    The person I thought was my "best friend" grew cold towards me last summer... then in the fall (a week before my birthday) she told me there were things about my personality that rub her wrong and she didn't want to "hang-out" any more... (so that's all we were doing... hanging out??)

    I don't know what she said to the others about me, or our situation... I tried to not gossip about any of it... she obviously didn't feel the same way... now they do all the same things we all always did, but without me...

    To make matters worse, I go to church with and am involved in several groups with these women....

    My confession part... I know these women would like me to quit my activities and disappear... and I want to... the other women involved in these things have their friendships established... as much as I don't want to let them chase me away... as much as I hate to admit I am weak... I am tired of being strong and unhappy and just want to make some new friends... I don't want to be on the outside, looking in anymore...

  25. I told my sister not to get two puppies at the same time and she did, and now one of them needs surgery and it will be a nightmare rehab. I don't wish any pain to the dogs, but for god's sake I TOLD YOU SO SIS!

  26. Joe and I "ran away" to Florida JUST to get away from our grown children ignoring us until they needed something. He sees HIS grandkids when it's birthday time or Christmas. He gets slathered with their verbal "WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH" then never sees them again. 800 miles away and we were happy for the first time in our lives.

    It shouldn't have to be that way. It hurts.

  27. Whenever I have moments like that I take a deep breath and tell myself to slow down. It actually helps. Maybe because I say it as an order.

    My confession is that I have been using my exercising as an excuse to eat like a pig. Oink, oink :(

  28. I think we all have those "funks". Its just depends how long they last and what the root is.

    For a long time I wasnt happy with some major issues in my life. My relationship, my job, wrestling with whether to sell my home or not.

    After a long time of KNOWING I wasnt happy (but ignoring it because everyone told me I had the perfect life) I made some huge changes. Things completely spun out of control because of those changes. My choices and my decisions affected a lot of people - not just me. But I did it anyway.

    I can tell you that last year was the hardest year of my life when those changes were being made. Its a year later and things are looking up. It takes time...

    Hang in there....try to figure out what exactly is bothering you.....

  29. Miss reading you.
    Hope things are getting better.
    Confession: Cadbury mini eggs hiding in cupboard--me sneaking them like a little child--don't want to share--probably won't--unless I am caught--and I just lost 30lbs.

  30. Here's hoping things improve soon!! It could be any of those things, or all...Am I helping? Didn't think so.

    No confessions...

  31. hang in there!! I think it is easy to get in a funk in cold, cloudy weather!!! It is amazing how things can change when you add a little sunshine!!

    My confession: I kind of like mowing my yard during the summer to have some alone time - away from my kids. I love them dearly - I just get tired of hearing "mom - she did this..." and a little time out in the yard helps relaxe me, and burn some calories - great stress reduction when you can not run away from home..