A Much Needed Trip

Just returned from 2 glorious days in Eureka Springs-that cooler weather nor drizzle could dampen. We arrived early and our Inn keepers at Candlestick cottage Inn were gracious enough to allow us an early check in. We had private/room specific parking for The Peaches suite.

Day 1

This little gem of a B&B is wonderful, our suite(1 of 4) was spacious, overlooking the hollow below where deer roam. Sitting on the patio outside our room in the evenings you could hear the music waft up from the downtown area. Heavenly!

Due to the Inns perfect location we were able to park our car, walk the one block to all the shops in the downtown area-this luxury probably saved us close to $15 in parking fees since we spent the entire day downtown, shopping,snacking and finding the perfect spot to watch the St Paddys day parade.

We needed fuel for our bodies-so we headed to Mama Rouxs only to discover they were closed BUMMER because I really wanted to try their muffalatta, we moved on to Chelseas to have some of their famous pizza, again not open when we tried for lunch. Thankfully I did my research and had a backup plan we headed to The Pizza Bar for their very reasonable lunch buffet. Some of the BEST pizza I have ever had. around $6pp

We stopped by Eureka Live for some adult beverages-a very cool underground location with tin ceilings LOVE the tin ceiling. There is a huge table with hats all kinds of hats for you to wear while you are there, from a marketing standpoint I found that genius! The service there was out of this world, the owners formally from a town in Oklahoma worked behind the bar and in front of the bar delivering bowls of candy to the patrons and complimentary juicy fruit shots. Eureka Lives tag line is 'What Happens underground...stays buried' Love that!!!

We had plans to go to Autumn Breeze for dinner but due to the fact Eric had been on 19 straight days of nights he was exhausted, so for dinner we opted to get Bubbas BBQ to go and enjoy in our room.

We hadn't eaten at Bubbas BBQ in years and after I devoured my ribs,slaw and baked beans I was left asking myself WHY WHY WHY had we not been back sooner? The ribs were perfect IMHO the smokey flavor was spot on. I LOVED their slaw(I am still dreaming about the slaw) and beans and the sauce was divine! YUM-O Bubbas gets 5 stars from us. Ribs for 2 with sides and bread $26...no photos because remember I said 'devoured'

Some random ES  photos from our trip

Day 2

Breakfast at Candlestick cottage Inn is served at 9am on their treetop porch. Upon arriving tables were preset with plates,water and juice then you are offered coffee,hot tea, hot chocolate or mochas. Our first course was vanilla yogurt with strawberries and bananas, then came a warm blueberry muffin and to round out the 3 course breakfast we were served non-greasy bacon(my bacon always comes out greasy-this actually looked healthy) and a very large portion of egg/hash brown casserole. The Innkeepers shared stories with us about their travels from California to ES.

I just can not say enough about this Inn and it is one of my new favorite places to stay...

We had reservations at another property for our second night The Tree House Cottages, so we had to say our goodbyes and pack up for a new adventure...

While waiting to check in we shopped the attraction district, took a tour of the Quigley Castle-which was incredible, just the story behind how the house was built was fascinating-From the website:
Elise Fiovanti, was Italian. She came to the Ozarks when she was nine.  She loved the outdoors and began to collect rocks as she walked along a creek bed to school. When she was 18 during the depression she married my grandfather, Albert Quigley.  He was the type of fellow who brought her rock collection with them to the site of his farm and lumber mill. They lived in a lumber shack and had five children. My grandfather promised her a house with the lumber cut off their own property. In 1943 she designed a house that would allow her to bring nature indoors. It would be her dream house. The lumber was cut and drying in a long chicken house below the shack. However, WWII was going on, and supplies were rationed. My grandfather thought they should wait to build the house, especially as the design called for 32 large windows, and glass was rationed.  They argued about it for several months. In June, when my grandfather left for the mill, grandmother and the five children, three of them teenage boys, tore the lumber shack down.  She moved them into the chicken house...read the full story HERE
Tour prices were $6.50 for adults and children 14 and under are free. Here some photos of Quigleys Castle

We had lunch at Cafe Soleil-if you have never been to this restaurant don't walk... run it was FAB, they make their dressings in-house, the parm dressing on my salad was a flavor explosion in my mouth, the hubby had the Fish taco wrap $10 plus $2 if you sub pasta salad for a house salad and I had the Old Chicago sandwich $8 both were very good!

Check-in time at Tree House Cottages...there really are no words for this place, The owners Terry and Patsy have thought of everything. We stayed in the Hidden oak tree house with it's gothic arched doorways, this tree house sits 26 ft in the air-you are definitely in the treetops-when you look out your deck it is hard to believe you are still right in town,woods and wildlife are abundant-serene comes to mind. Our tree house had a heart shaped jacuzzi, dimer switches-which are the bomb, tall windows,fireplace, modern kitchen set up, the fridge had complimentary champagne,OJ,sodas, pumpkin spice bread and various other snacks were left for us to enjoy...The Bed was the most comfy bed I have ever slept in! I wanted to bring it home with me...I can so see why this establishment rarely has an open night or rather why they are booked so far in advance...MAGICAL!

We stopped in at the Lumberyard saloon for some before dinner drinks-this has always been one of our favorite spots for great drink specials and friendly attentive service-they didn't disappoint! A few photos from The Lumberyard...these ladies come down for the parade every year! They were a HOOT!

For dinner we stumbled upon a new to us place called Rockin Pig Saloon and come to find out they are fairly new, opened in June of last year. Located in the corner of Gaskins Switch shopping center, don't let the word 'saloon' fool you this is a family style restaurant that does have a full bar, smoking is permitted outdoors only-in the 'Pig Pen'  and they gladly welcome families traveling with children.

Is it just me OR does great service make everything taste better? Out of every place we visited and while we did get great service everywhere this place was just a step above-it is hard to explain...perhaps it is better 'experienced'

We started with an appetizer of Smoked Asada tacos-chopped smoked brisket topped with cilantro and onions with a slice of lime served on white corn tortillas , fresh grated cheese and avocado ranch sauce were offered by the wait staff and while the tacos were perfection as is, I gladly accepted the condiments to jazz up my taco. No photos because these babies were 'inhaled'

For our main course Eric being a rib lover had the baby back ribs $11(half rack & $19 full rack) with slaw and sweet potato fries which of course I sampled-if I am comparing to Bubbas they were meatier and had a nice flavor not as 'smoked' as I like and a little to heavy on the salt rub for my tastes but still tasty-I preferred bubbas just because they had the perfect amount of smoked flavor BUT this wasn't my meal LOL it was Erics, the slaw had a kick to it which made the Eric go Best Slaw EVER! and as for the sweet potato fries(which he doesn't even like sweet potatoes- so i was shocked he ordered them) they came with a dipping sauce that the waitress described as 'tastes like Christmas-time' and she was spot on! He thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

I had the Al Pesto pizza $10-which are wood fired, the Al Pesto was an olive oil and pesto base with fresh mozzarella,ricotta,tomatoes and roasted chicken-which I loved my only complaint was the chicken and tomatoes were sparse BUT due to the great service it was quickly overlooked on my part.

Day 3-departure day

We begrudgingly checked out of Tree House Cottages-so did not want to leave, but the real world and no less than 100 text messages from our 3 children called us back to reality.

We stopped at Mud St.Cafe for breakfast, where we passed the largest muffins I have ever seen-I should have bought one for the road-my only regret was that I didn't.

We ordered omelets that were served with cottage fries-the best tasting potatoes with onions I have ever had, I had the Greek omelet-Artichoke hearts, black olives, spinach & feta. The hubby ordered the Mexican omelet-Spicy pinto beans & cheese, topped with sour cream, salsa, tomatoes and black olives. He opted for minus sour cream and plus jalapenos-both were out of this world good!

The perfect way to end our trip...and I am already planning our next trip up...
Thank You ES for making this a relaxing and wonderful experience...I miss you already... yes it is  possible to miss a town...

A few more photos of the town...

My confession for today: This trip was just what I needed...I am pretty sure it saved my sanity!

*edited for a disclaimer*: no one in Eureka Springs knows I exist, I was NOT paid for any of the above reviews, I was a wife and mother seeking refuge and ES took me in...and gave me back my sanity... I just chose to blog about it. If you are an Innkeeper,restaurant owner, hotel/motel manager or own a shop in ES I am an equal opportunity tourist...if I left you out this go round forgive me...I am scatterbrained at best...you don't wanna know my worst...  I promise to come back again and again I bet I will discover you next time around! 

Distance map so you can start planning your trip


  1. wow - great post. I felt like I was there with you. I'm super jel and would love love love to stay at the tree top cottage place. ah - heart shaped jacuzzi.

  2. ES is just the cutest little town ever. Thanks for the food reviews! We keep meaning to make it out for a similar type of weekend. Someday.

    Did it hurt, passing the biggest muffins ever? :)

  3. Man, I need some barbeque about now! Looks like a fabulous place--so glad you had a great time and found your sanity!

  4. ok!!! I'm a little jealous now! OK A LOT JEALOUS...and this is kinda sad, but....all of the pics of food look DELICIOUS!!!
    I'm glad you still have your sanity - pretty soon I'm going to need one of these......

  5. Wow - sounds like a great trip! Bed and Breakfasts/Inns are the best! So glad you are feeling better!

  6. Wow! What a great trip. You have some nice photos, too. The B&B's sound wonderful and you made me hungry with your description of the food!

  7. Now THAT'S some partying! LOVE the green wigged gals...looks like a fantastic trip, Georgie. Thanks for letting us share it vicariously!

  8. WE LOVE THIS CITY!!!! Ken and I had the greatest time when we were there. Now we have more to see and do when we go back.
    Sounds like you needed this and glad that yoiu had so much fun!


  9. YOU WENT WITHOUT ME!!! lol,,,
    Promise me the next trip i can come to save my sanity as well!
    Looks like you had tons of fun
    thanks for sharing!


  10. I sooooo want to go now!!!!!! I may have to email you....but it does look like you shared everything!!!!!! Is it kid "fun" or more for moms&dads?!!?!?

  11. How lovely a trip! (All of the food looks so yummy!!)

  12. We visited ES on our way back from Tulsa a few years ago. It's such a neat little place -- we walked around for a few hours and visted Thorncrown chapel and St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church. I would love to go back for a few days and explore some more. Thanks for the memories!

  13. How beautiful Georgie! Your trip looks so fun.

    ~Blessings to you. ~Melissa :)

  14. Oh Georgie, this trip, though not nearly long enough, sounds heavenly! And the food! Holy crapola! I have to admit, I cringed when I saw the decor at the first B&B, but boy did the Treehouse place make up for it, just in plain coolness!!! Woot woot!

    Sooooooo glad you had a great time there again!

    Justine :o )

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  16. Even Arkansas is cooler than Dallas.

  17. Never been near there. Looks like a quaint place to visit - loved the treehouse!

  18. Georgie....I have missed you! Looks like you guys and an awesome time with lots of good food!! I love E.S.

    I laughed about the text messages....see, they can't get along without you! On days when I have to go to the City, the boys will start calling or texting before I get to the highway!! I always threaten to come back and grab their phone. LOL

    Glad you had such a great time!

  19. We love ES. I will have to start working now on getting a reservation to the Tree House Cottages!

  20. You've been BUSY!!

    Missing you and just wanted to stop by to say hi. :)

  21. looks like you had a great time! The treetop cottage looked fab!!!!

  22. Eureka Springs is one of our all time favorite places. Thanks for sharing the great tips. We will definately be checking these out next time.

  23. i haven't been to E.S. in so many years. thoroughly enjoyed that pic of the green paper mache unicorn. very cool!

  24. Georgie, I loved this post, simply for the fact that you took pictures (or thought about it after the fact - lol) of your food!!! My family thinks I'm crazy whenever I do that!! Girl after my own heart! love this post and glad you found or kept your sanity!

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