A to Z...Get 2 Know Me

So those lovely ladies over @ The RHOK do this mclinky monday where they give you a question and you answer it. This weeks q is Know me from A-Z...

so in an effort to help you get to know more about me using the alphabet... here are some lil tidbits...

A is for Abby my beautiful and sweet oldest daughter, I was so elated to find out I was having a little girl. I had her name Abby Lain picked that same day and never wavered...

B is for Bag Lady I LOVE bags,purses,handbags,totes,clutches. I am embarrassed to tell you how many I own. Right now I am coveting this lil beauty and you can be summer ready with your own Beach Bag too.

C is for Coffee it makes my world go round and round. Oh how I love thee with Hershey's

D is for Doggers my lil loyal companion is Ginger, she never back-talks and loves me no matter what

E is for Eric my husband. Who lets me boss him around and lets me think I am always right, who loves me in-spite of all my flaws..

F is for FaceBook I ♥ FB...friend me or join my decisionally challenged page-links are on my sidebar

G is for God, my Rock and Savior

H is for Housewife more specifically The Real Housewives of....on Bravo, my guilty pleasure

I is for Italy a place I would love to visit

J is for Jessica my youngest,my baby, she was to be named Ashlyn Morgan had her name picked out for months even had stuff monogrammed with that name...then the day she was born Eric tells me he doesn't like that name UGH-well he liked Morgan b/c that was his very good friends last name it was Ashlyn he didn't favor, we were literally leaving the hospital and the staff is saying YOU MUST NAME THIS CHILD FOR THE BC!

K is for KISS the band,the movie Detroit Rock City(great movie) and Gene Simmons Family Jewels another guilty pleasure...all KISS related

L is for Laughing Cow Cheese LOVE this stuff! It comes in the perfect portion size and it is YUMMY!

M is for Mom... my mom whom I would be lost without,she is one-of-a-kind,she is beautiful,she has a kind heart and soul she is my Mom

N is for New York Style Bagel Crisps one of my favorite snacks-try dipping them in hummus

O is for outlaw and I am related to one Belle Star aka Myra Belle Shirley

P is for punctuality, I am always on time or early for everything-being late is not in my vocabulary...just ask my mom

Q is for Quirks I have many and I enjoy hearing other peeps-a few of mine I dip my fries in real mayo,I can't sleep without a fan blowing and not a ceiling fan but a box fan,I dip my popcorn in tea,I can not watch a movie in a theater I wait for the DVD release...make me feel normal...PLEASE share some of your quirks...

R is for Reese my son, my sweet son who looked like an alien when he was born with his cone-head, he was suppose to be named Ethan but I've never met an alien named Ethan...he was 2 weeks early weighed 9lbs1oz and 21inches long...he is my baby boy and I don't think he looks like an alien anymore

S is for Sisters and I have two Rebecca and Laura and I love 'em more than KISS,Laughing Cow Cheese and NY Style bagel Crisps

T is for Two Hours-that's how long it has taken me to make it to the letter T...T is also for Twitter and I am not a tweeter I have an account but rarely check it

U is for Umbrella...I do not own one-I do however like Rhiannas song Umbrella

V is for vacation, summer vacation ahhhh, I am trying to come up with a fun destination for this year-it will be hard to top last years trip to Grand Canyon National Park,Tombstone,Taos and Pagosa Springs

W is for Wii which is currently collecting dust

X is for kisses as in X♥X♥ and I love giving them and receiving them

Y is for Yearbook photo-heres mine BA Class of 89

Z is for Zany...that's me....

My confession for today: Guess what I got for Mothers Day...go ahead I'll wait....okay I'll give you a hint hangman style:2 words: P_ K_ / _ASS

*disclaimer* I screwed up my very first time to participate in a RHOK event... go figure...I didn't know I was suppose to answer specific questions-they'll prolly never invite me back...so sorry to anyone visiting from RHOK so to help you out a little... I will be 40 this year,I have a queen size bed which i am still pissed that i allowed eric to talk me into downsizing,green is my favorite color,I awake at 5:45am,I prefer silver to gold,I'm right handed,I am 5'9 but I'm so round you can't tell it, I do wear undies me and the granny panty are like this &, I'm NEVER late(see above) I love ALL veggies garden fresh tomatoes being my fav,I love all the animals at the zoo except the snakes, I am decisionally challenged and obviously can't follow directions...


  1. I have many quirks too-and our WII has been collecting a lot of dust lately also. Love reading the MckLinky Mondays and getting to know everyone better :)

  2. I love lists like these...its nice to read new info on my bloggy friends.

  3. LOL ... You are a HOOT! And if it makes you feel any better I have enjoyed all the McLinkys but I like yours the best this week! SO FUN to read! (Never met an alien named Ethan! LOL!) Thanks for the follow and comment! And I'll blame it on my headache but I still have no idea what you got for Mother's Day. The only answers I could come up with based on your clues were a little *blue* in theme. :)

  4. By the way ... I sent you a FB friend request and followed you on Twitter. I don't spend oodles of time on either though.

  5. I love your list. I guess you can play again next week. Maybe. LOL.
    I hope you went and bought yourself some jewelry and flowers to go with that PikePass. Eegads. Why the PP?
    ~Mrs. Priss

  6. Your's is the best yet. My U is also going to be an umbrella, thank you very much.

  7. Good Job!
    I'm shocked.
    Just shocked.
    You love KISS.

    mine is posted now.

    George's full name is George Herbert Walker Hightower...wink wink.

  8. I loved your MckLinky Monday, and I am sure they will invite you back. They take all, or so it seems! :)

    P.S. I need a P_K_/_ASS, so I would have been happy with that gift! LOL! :)

  9. I LOVE Gene and Family Jewels. It's just fascinating.

    You can stil be allowed to come back. We make exceptions for those challenged. :-)

  10. You crack me up! I rarely watch movies on DVD. If it makes you feel better, I only get to the theater two or three times a year, too.

  11. This was a fun post!!!!!! Loved the yearbook pic too:) ((hugs))

  12. Quirks? I have no quirks. Tic. Tic.

    Well...maybe a few. I don't like water splashed all over the countertops.

    Lovely photos, Tall Girl!

  13. I love it!!!!! I hate snakes too!!!! I need to do an A-Z list too!?!??!?!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  14. Ok I like your way better ; )~
    Love the list w/pics. I'm sad I have no pics.
    The post felt naked w/o any.
    Thought of you yesterday. Lots of love & hugs to you!!!

  15. I LOVE the way you did it. I actually started doing mine the same way when I realized I was supposed to copy the format. Your way took MUCH longer.

    I have quirks. I have to check my straight iron to be sure it's turned off at least three times. I turn around in our neighborhood a lot just to drive back to my street to make sure the garage door is down.
    I only like popcorn if it is accompanied by hot tamales!

    Yes, you can play again next week! =)

  16. Okay, I still can't figure out your MD gift and I'm kind of afraid to know.

    This was so fun to read. But Laughing Cow comes in the perfect serving size? Yeah, if you eat the whole round thing! Popcorn in tea? That's just gross. There were a bunch of other things, but now I've forgotten. Oh! The fan! I am the same way. The louder the fan the more comfy I am.

    Justine :o )

  17. Loved this post and getting to know you better. Kinda jealous that I can't be a RHOK :(

  18. DAng someone needs to tag me on this I wanna steal it I LOVE YOUR A2Z!!! :) Happy week mama!

  19. I love you list! I don't know if I could do the popcorn IN tea, but I love to make a pitcher of tea and drink it with popcorn while the tea is still hot.

  20. Thanks for sharing a lot of your personal life with us. That took a lot of time. I can relate to some of them. I am never late either. It bothers me when people are late.

  21. How fun! Did it really take you a long time? Your answers are good!

  22. wow the whole alphabet! love the late 80's hair - lived it loved it, glad it's gone

  23. Oh, my! Format shmormat! Loved your list! And you simply must give Twitter a chance! It really can be fun!

  24. Georgie I feel like I know you already & I like what I read. Such a fun gal! Absolutely loved your list...Let me thing about my quirks & I'll get back to you. Thanks for visiting me at my blog.

  25. You are such a RIOT!
    You ROCK and NAILED it!
    I am your latest Follower.
    It is a pleasure to know you!
    Happy belated MOTHER'S DAY!
    Mine is here
    Happy MM!

  26. I always love to read these kind of posts (maybe it's because I feel less quirky myself) Thanks for following...back at ya!

  27. What a fun and revealing post! This Ozark farm chick is so very glad I dropped by to read your A-Z. Great lists girl!

    From the windblown hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  28. I am super shy and never talk to people unless they talk to me. I panic when thinking about being alone with people. I eat colored candy by color such as M&M's and Skittles and by which ones taste the best. Like yellows, greens, purple, orange, and always red last. So yea I'm a little quirky too. Oh and I also freak out about not having a parking spot when going somewhere that has limited parking.

  29. Do you watch Lost? One of the others was named Ethan (who knows, he might be an alien).

  30. Girl you are too funny!!!! I looked for you at Mom's night out the other night - I was hoping to get to meet you in person! Popcorn in tea- I will have to check this one out. (sweet or unsweet, or does not matter?) I eat hot tamales with my popcorn (my hubby does not like me to contaminate his popcorn -so I always have to have my own bowl) I love the flavor and it is much easier than making cinnamon popcorn! Quirks are what makes a person interesting -without them we would be bored with everyone! Hope you have a good week!

  31. The quirks cracked me up. I too cannot sleep without a fan. The dipping popcorn in TEA? EW. but I do put m&m's in my popcorn. Sweet and salty...mmmmmm...

    also, I only grow hair in one armpit.

    The End.

  32. You put us housewives to shame...You totally outdid us!! Overachiever!!! LOL!! I love your list! Thanks for playing along! And please come back....♥Mrs. Hart♥ P.S. You know where I learned the hearts from!!!

  33. Hey! I'm busy now so I didn't read anything on your blog yet, but I will later! I just visited to thank you for the compliment and tell you I'm your newest follower!

  34. We've got TONS in common! Coffee makes my world go 'round too! I also think God ROCKS! :) Love all of your pics and your take on the AtoZ!

  35. Oh, and I am SO decisionally challenged! Seriously.

  36. I loved this list THAT MUCH MORE because it didn't follow "the rules." I know this RHOK loves you anyway! (And I hope you are doing OK, you've been on my mind this last month.)

  37. Am I possibly the only one who could not figure out the hangman clue? Now I will be trying to figure it out all night! LOL

  38. I have the Sweet Blog Award for you on my blog!

    I LOVE Laughing Cow Cheese! It's so convenient!

  39. OMG I have a Reese too...spelled the same way! I say it that way, only because the other Reese's I've come across spell it wrong, I mean...hello....Reese is spelled with an S not a C...duh! LOL So it's great to find someone who spells things right;) LOL

    This was cute, I may do the same thing...but I think there might me quite a bit of THINKING involved and it's still early, hahahaha

    Have a great day!

  40. Yay for class of 1989!

    You ahd beautiful 80s hair, girlfriend. I am jealous!

  41. 1980's yearbook photos are priceless!!