It's a technology world

I was gonna talk about the GREAT stuffing VS dressing debate but I posted that on FB...then I was gonna talk about 'editing' on your(meaning MY blog) blog and how, well...how bad my blog posts are(un-edited)...but if you really knew me...you would know this is me, I don't pretend to be someone else...I am NOT trying to catch Hollywood's eyes, I am not trying to become the next Pioneer Woman...when I type 'prolly' I so mean 'prolly'-if you want prim N proper then I am not for you-IF you are the spelling police then I am not for you ....BUT then I shook my head and said who the phuck cares...which leads me, ummm you...IF your still reading, into this lovely segway...

So I was thinking tonight as I texted my oldest child...well I was thinking one of two things...my poor mom OR poor me...

When I was 16 and cruising Fontana or hanging at the Caravan(didn't we all have a local hangout?) I can only assume my mom was sitting up watching SNL because she enjoyed it! Lord knows I came home a time or two soused...the difference is...CELL phones...texting-to be exact...being able to be in constant communication....so tonight as I am watching 'Law Abiding Citizen'(God Bless Gerard Butler) on a FRIDAY night I am texting my oldest child and asking what is going on...where are you going,what are doing,who are you with....

My mom didn't have that luxury...Thank Goodness(yep I said Thank Goodness)...BUT I do...No my child is NOT cruising Fontana or at the Caravan nor is she soused...she is at IHOP,then she may be going to meet up with other friends...my point is, back in the day, we, as parents would NOT have been privy to this info...there wasn't any way for a parent to contact us...

I sooooo need a texting info-graphic....

SCARY...huh? or is it? We don't live in a June Cleaver world anymore...things are not always black N white...maybe I am to(or is it too I know it's NOT two) liberal with my kiddos,maybe I am not...I run on the clock of "Pick YOUR Battles' BUT I sure LOVE being able to get in contact with one of my kids instantly if I need to!

My confession for today: Reality checks are a good thing

P.S. the Secret Santa Soiree is gonna be da bomb this year! yes I just said 'da bomb'!


  1. Girly, you have a style. That's what makes you so fun to read.

    And, yes, times are completely different. I'm glad I didn't grow up in these times. Bwhahaha!!! I'd never get away with anything.

  2. Oh I am so glad my mom could not check me out when I was a teen! But my College Girl is so responsible she checks in with me just to say she is leaving campus to start her drive home everyday. I am so so so lucky to have her!

  3. Yeh we are more fortunate than our parents & theirs before us to have the comforts of modern technology. We can keep tabs on our loved ones right at the press of a few buttons. It's comforting to know that they can reach us in an emergency & visa versa.
    I think your blog is great!!

  4. Seriously? People have judged you for your writing? Ughhh I am so sick of the bullying that goes on in blogging! Screw em all and feed em beans or better yet ex lax! Oh and I never thought about how wonderful it is to have a cell phone while parenting, but how cool would we have been in hs with cell phones!

  5. You have style and flair Georgie, I love it. The ones who don't like it can lump it.

  6. I love being able to text my teens to find out where they are and when they'll be home. Technology is so cool.

  7. I love your writing style and I'm so glad my parents could check on me. My daughter (16) tries to pull the same stuff I pulled and unfortunately technology has prevented her from being allowed to get away with it...BWUAAAHHHHHHH! I'm too much of a step a head of her. You keep writing the way your adorable heart writes!!!

  8. That should have been COULDN'T check on me...LOL

  9. Honey--
    Love you just as you are!!!


  10. You PROLLY shouldn't worry about the spelling Nazis. Let them worry about that.
    You're great!
    As for the texting, how do you know she is where she claims to be? ;)

  11. Funny, we used to drag Main and do the turnaround at the Tastee Freeze and Bowling Alley (the BA Bd of Ed now). B used to hang at IHOP too. The invention of cell phones and texting is awesome. Our parents had no clue to our whereabouts at all did they, or at least mine.

  12. I had this discussion with my mother yesterday!
    I am glad we did not have cell phones tracking us! LOL