Mrs Bundy

As in AL not Ted oh goodness that would be bad bad bad,,,,

So the ladies over at the RHOK asked me to join them and what's any good Okie girl gonna do? Okay so I fidgeted and got hives because it is a commitment...

I can barely keep up here...right? Let alone my new review blog...

However I have faith in the RHOK ,it won't appeal to you all because you will think it is ONLY for Oklahoma bloggers...but it's not...it's more than that ...there will be McLinky Mondays and well other posts that you may wanna join in on...

I know this is a BIG big BIG blogging world...and we all make decisions on who we subscribe to or follow...let me just say as a NEW part of the RHOK I will speak for the lil person,the unknown,the hiding in a cubby hole blogger...because I do believe we ALL have a voice ...I am all of the above...I have blogger-meet-up anxiety, I hide in the cubby hole, I am the lil person....I am the unknown...I am YOU!

This blog will stay the same...I will continue to post about my FAMS and all that goes along with it BUT I would LOVE to have you join us over @ the RHOK too!

My confession for today: Being Mrs Bundy is gonna be a good thing...

photo courtesy google images thankyouverymuch


  1. Yee-Haw!!! Can't wait to see you soon :)

  2. Whoop! Mrs. Bundy fits you perfectly.
    I'm superduperexcited to have you writing with us. We are in for a fun ride!

    Dawn AKA Mrs. Albright @ The RHOK

  3. OK - I'll check it out

  4. Well, good luck with that. Will be visiting.

  5. I love it!! Great choice for the name! I'm still pondering mine (ok, I'm freaking out a bit). It is a big commitment, but it will be so much fun! I can't wait!

    *I wish I had some cool RHOKstar name to put here*

  6. Welcome Mrs. Bundy! Your name is hysterical. So glad you are joining us at the RHOK.
    ~ Mrs. Priss a.k.a. Baloney

  7. too cool....don't you feel like a super star