McLinky Monday-Holiday Decor

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Today over on The RHOK Mrs Edwards is asking us When we put up our holiday decor?

Generally my tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving but this year the tree went up 2 days before Thanksgiving because I had to buy a new pre-lit tree this year and I had to make sure all the lights were in working order. I can with much confidence say the lights all work.

I went with a taller slimmer tree vs the bigger bottomed tree, 2 out of 3 dentists kiddos didn't like the new tree look. Also Eric wanted the black OR purple tree from garden ridge I had to completely veto that, I still have a little tradition left in me and just like I like my hot chocolate with marshmallows and my bagels toasted, I like my trees green...

We were to put up all the tree decorations last night BUT Abby had to go and get herself a boyfriend and wasn't home until after 9pm so my tree still looks like this....

I have 2 huge closets full of Christmas decorations but this year I am keeping it simple and just hanging a wreath outside and decorating the tree...well, provided Reese and Jess don't go getting a GF or BF I will be decorating a tree...teenagers =)

So tell me how much decorating do you do? Or better yet why don't you join us for todays McLinky Monday? It's easy...

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My confession for today: Jessica had her first real photo shoot and got 'cubed'


  1. Nice tree Georgie; we too have a tall, slim tree and I love it. Plans are to decorate next weekend as I haven't made all the huge red bows for the garland that will be placed on our front porch railings; those suckers are difficult to make and I've got two more to do.

  2. I love the 'cubed' photo....great shot.
    I had to join in on your McLinky Monday...not sure if it was traditional though.


  3. Speaking as a nontheist who doesn't just LOVE everyone's over the top displays of ancient pagan rituals, I vote two weeks before Christmas. But I know I am massively outnumbered.

  4. I love the tree. We usually put our tree up after my son's dirthday (Dec. 10th.) I don't do lights outside because I don't know how, and being a single mom the idea of taking them down in Jan. does not make it appealing.

    I do put candle lights in front 2 windows.

    We like to drive around and look at lights others have put up.

  5. Looks like a nice tree -purple does sound kinda cool but, yeah I'm too much of a traditionalist for that also. Oh and I also like "cubed" photo of your daughter :)

  6. GS-Big red bows sound delish on a tree!!!
    Lynette so glad you joined in this week

  7. The Mother- I am tryin to not over do it this year...

  8. Becky that sounds like a great time to put up the tree...both my husband and I are Dec babies and I really hate that our Bdays are intertwined with the holidays...is that selfish? LOL

    Mom Mayhem thank you for being a traditionalist! If you would have been on that tree shopping trip with me you would have freaked at hearing eric say Oh this black one is cool...it would look really good at night in the dark...oh look here is a purple one...and this one is almost crimson and you could do cream bows...yep he is NEVER Christmas tree shopping with me again =)

  9. Love your new tree!

    I have a feeling I may need a new one next year. I have one strand of pre-lit lights that aren't working. I hope that's all that's not working this year. Ha!

    I love, love the pic of Jess in the cube. I'm so glad you took her to do that. I wish I would have gone ahead and taken Courtney.

  10. I LOVE the "cubed" pic!! She's beautiful. That's such a cool concept.

    I'm NOT looking forward to the days of girlfriends. I want my little man to stay little. I need a pause button! My cousins are all getting to the age of BFs and GFs. It really puts a kink in things! They're always busy these days. Makes me sad. They used to want to hang out with me all the time. Now, I'm old news...and old. Boo.

    The Christmas tree looks pretty! I love a tree with just lights on it. I'm going simple this year too.

    Mrs. Edwards

  11. First - love the "cubed" photo!! Too cute for words...DD & DH both have birthdays tomorrow so no Christmas tree till they have been sufficently celebrated...I love Christmas but don't like to decorate - even though I do it every year. Does that make me awful? Don't answer that!

  12. I really wanted to keep it simple this year to BUT my kids and hubby talked me into putting almost all of it out...whew it's a lot of work! I LOVE the slimmer taller tree! Kenzie had a purple tree for her room and loved it...she's a kid though.
    Also LOVE the cubed pic so cute!!!

  13. Decor will go up soon. We went to a table-topped tinsel tree three years ago afte r the loss of my Mom andwe have enjoyed each year. One day we'll go back to the big tree.
    Decorations through out the house and lights outside. I decorate less now due to having to
    put it all away while on break. But we still have fun.


  14. Just thinking about getting out the decorations gives me a headache. Wish I could hire someone to do it!

  15. love the cube photo...adorable!

    i am looking for a taller skinny tree, ours is too FAT! takes up too much room!!

  16. I love the cube photo. LOVE IT!
    I'm glad you got a green tree and I love my skinny one. I don't like having to find a spot for a big bottomed tree and my two giant dogs don't try to clear it.

  17. Your tree looks beautiful with the lights! Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll have all hands available to help decorate. That's the fun of it all!

    PS--I remember when it was just three simple toys. That was the best!

  18. I so want a faux tree. I think the taller, slimmer trees w/large bottom are awesome!
    Happy decorating :)

  19. Ahhhhhhhhhh - with NaNo I totally missed signing up for SSS this year. Bummer.

    Hope it goes well. I'll just sit on the sidelines enjoying all the gorgeous stuff being gifted. Per usual, I love that you do this sweet Georgie.

    As far as decorations go, I swear I'm going to throw out half the junk every year, but by the time I take it all down, it goes right back in the boxes. Looking forward to digging through the crap today :-)

    XO - Ash

  20. cute "cubed" picture! Well those teenagers are crazy what are they thinking going and getting a boyfriend and spending time with them - crazy!!
    Your tree is beautiful! I know what you mean about streamlining your decoration - I am trying that out this year to (however my kids keep getting decorations out of the closet that they find - I knew they were there I was just trying not to get out everything!) I like to put up my tree either the Sunday or Monday after Thanksgiving, before Dec. 1st so that I can really enjoy the tree - but it also lets me get through celebrating Thanksgiving before Christmas begins.

  21. Jessica is beautiful! You won't believe this, but we bought our first Christmas tree EVER yesterday.

    It cost $7, but it's quite lovely. So far it has 4 strands of tinsel, a paper chain, and a paper star on it.

    At least this year we have something to put presents under, not like the Christmas Couch of yesteryear.

  22. Great tree! I got started decorating but right now it is just all a big mess!

  23. I like your new tree. It looks great.