Secret Santa Soiree Gift

Our First SSS gift has been sent and blogged about...so exciting...
Could THIS be YOUR gift?

Here is the linky with all the participants

My Confession for today: AH I so Love the Holidays


  1. MY confession for the day is the exact opposite. I HATE holidays and, therefore, I place myself in the position of being considered odd, or just nuts for not joining in the "merriment".

    Personally? What I hate is the ORDER to be merry. Everyone joins, but lose it the very next day when the calendar pronounces that the holiday is over.

  2. I love the holidays too. My favorite time of year begins about October 1 and ends about April 1. :)

    I LOVE being the first SSS! Now I need to finish packing the stuff I got and send it on its way. Yay!

    Thanks for being such an excellent host, Georgie!

  3. Now that you bring it up, I think my next tree will be a slimmer one. It takes a long time to decorate my fatty!

  4. Wish I'd been on the ball and gotten in on this!