5 Pet Peeves-McLinky Monday


Today on The RHOK Mrs Coco is asking us what our top 5 pet peeves are...

5) People on Facebook that BEG you to vote for their Pagosa Springs Picture so they can win a trip for their 14th Wedding Anniversary...I mean the nerve of some people... I am that person...now please go vote for me

4) Snow that lasts longer than 2 days

3) Bullies

2) Cellulite

and my number one pet peeve is... People who are late!

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My confession for today: I am craving crowder peas and garlic mashed potatoes


  1. Your craving kind of turns my stomach. "Just saying..." ;-)

  2. i don't mind when other people are late but I HATE when I'm running late.

  3. 5. Yeah, especially if they don't want to take me along on the anniversary trip.

    4. Snow period. I've had enough for several years now.

    3. Amen, I hate bullying.

    2. What, you have a problem with my cellulite?

    1. I was going to do this earlier but got distracted, sorry.

  4. I am with you on the late thing.. I hate hate hate to be late and often times I am too early - which isn't any fun either..lol

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother

  5. 5) I hate that too (but I'll go vote for you anyway because I like you!)

    4) I SOOOOO AGREEE!!!!!!

    3) I need to work on NOT being such a bully. HA. I kid. I'm not a bully ALL of the time.

    2) I have some to share. Are you sure you don't like it?

    1) WE need to work on this. WE are usually late because of someone other than ME. ::cough::

    Thanks for linking up with me today! xoxo

  6. Slow drivers on clear, dry roads after days of ice and snow on the roads. Come on folks! WAKE UP!

    Let's bury the bullies in the snow and let the late people dig them out.....slowly.

  7. Love your list. I will not be late when meeting you in the snow : ) LOL.
    Stay warm and sane!!!

  8. #5 makes me LOL. You're shameless. :)

    I know you're going to think I have totally LOST MY EVER LOVIN MIND, but I actually enjoyed my days snowed in. I hardly ever get a day to just be at my house with no where to go, so it was a welcomed change of events. Don't shoot me.

    I also HATE bullies and cellulite. Boo to them.

    I must confess that I am occasionally late. Do you hate me?

  9. I love crowder peas, with chow chow on them. Yum!

    I so agree with the lateness. It drives me crazy. I hate waiting on anyone.

    And, bullies just suck. Unless I'm the one doing the bullying and then it's justified. ROFL! I'm kidding!!!!

  10. OMG. I totally wanna smack people who are late.

  11. I agree on the bullies, cellulite, and the snow that seems like it's gonna last forever- Grrr! Your # 1 made me Lol ;)

  12. Ok...I have to move cellulite to the top of MY list! I so totally didn't think of that!

    I agree on all the rest ...(but so I'm not a hypocrite...see Baloney's post ...I have to confess) Don't hate me but I am that late person! My hubs usually keeps me on time but I am always frantically double checking everything to make sure I don't forget something we might need...and usually still forget something. LOL

  13. I agree with your list. I don't like waiting for other people to show - it is just annoying!

  14. I hate being late and I hate people making me late. Especially to the movies. I need to be there before the previews.

  15. WAIT, Georgie.

    You were late to our lunch date.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!