Since I'm snowed in...

I thought I would pop in and say HI! Just in case you were not one of the 30 states affected by the latest winter storm and let you know I am still alive...snowed in and hunkered down but alive....

♥ A lot has been going on since my last real post...aside from record breaking snowfall in Oklahoma, I attended a RHOK OUT and it was a total BLAST getting to see old friends and make new friends. Surprisingly I was not my normal socially awkward self...go figure...

Yes that's me on the end...and Yes I cut all my hair off...I got an inverted bob...I likey!

♥ I have been working A LOT and I love my little job...it makes me smile...

♥ I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,The Girl who Played with Fire and the Girl who Kicked a Hornets Nest-GREAT flicks even if they were English dubbed...I also watched The Other Guys, Everybodys Fine,The Kids are Alright,Saw 3D,Case 39 and The Sorcerers Apprentice...I'm gonna owe a hefty late fee because I can't return the movies

♥ I threatened a groundhog and I won...YAY Spring comes early this year-YES you have me to thank for that one =) ...however, our crazy local weathermen/lady (We ♥ You Julie Chin) keep trying to tell me we are going to get...are you ready for this???? MORE SNOW!!!! Now apparently they have never been cooped up with 3 teenagers for days on end because IF they had they would be forecasting sunshine and flowers and chirping birds and and, well you get the picture...

♥ I have been forced to listen to Justin Beiber for hours on end so much so that I can now do the 'DOUGIE' in my sleep!

♥ I have been watching or trying to watch(see above) National news, Have you been keeping up with everything happening in Egypt? Did you see the footage of my man AC aka Anderson Cooper being attacked? INSANE I tell ya!

♥ Here are a few pics of our snow storm well it was a BLIZZARD actually!

My confession for today: If you don't hear from me soon send out a search party the kids may have me duct taped to a chair...

P.S. If you are a blogger with a PR4 or + and like the infographics I post contact/email me-They are looking for other bloggers to post on their blogs as well. 


  1. Thanks for taken care of the Groundhog. I am so done with this winter weather crap. I am in one of the states that was hit with this lovely blizzard.

    PS Im a reader, bought the book the girl with the dragon tatoo. but didnt get thru the first 5 pages and loaned it out to a friend. How was the movie?

  2. Bless your heart. Isn't it awful.

  3. It was a pretty RHOK'n evening -so glad to meet you IRL! I am so over the snow -I am hoping spring does come -soon! Crazy watching the news -stuff going on in Egypt and the blizzard going on here -Hope things get better all around soon!

  4. Beiber for hours = cruel and unusual punishment!

  5. That's a lot of snow - I know what you mean about being stuck with the teenagers.. Yep - I surely do.. My in-laws just got back from Egypt on Monday - they said the first 2 weeks was wonderful - they went on a cruise on The Nile etc... When they arrived back in Cairo for their return flight home - they said was scary and crazy.. Tanks in the street, buildings on fire, the air was thick with tear gas.. They are thankful to be home.

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother

  6. Please make those kids be nice to you. If they aren't, I'm coming after them. I used to teach 5th grade in the "hood" and they don't want any of THIS. lol.
    Georgie, I was so bummed not to hang out with you at the RHOK out but soooo glad you had fun. :)

  7. Excuse me......you can't take ALL the credit for threatening Phil! BTW, I am so proud of you and you are looking HOTT even though it is -3 and colder than a witches #@!%^ outside!

  8. It's just cold here, and I'm thankful. Stay warm, Georgie!

  9. I love your pics!! Your hair is ADORABLE!!! I LOVE it!

    This snow is crazy. I can't believe how much there is AND that we're going to possibly get some more...NUTS-O!

    Egypt is insane. I feel bad for AC and the other journalists who have been under attack. I'm also praying that 76 year old lady gets out safely...what the heck was she doing over there in the first place?!

  10. I've started the girl with the dragon tattoo movie 5 times and can't get into it

  11. Good to see you again--have missed your funnies!
    Have fun in the snow!!

    Happy Sunday!


  12. We here in frozen Texas sympathize. But we don't have the infrastructure to deal.

  13. Hi Georgie! I'm back at blogging (antibloggedy here). I am now over at the "withgreeninmind" and am doing a giveaway....I hope you win, because you were my first real follower over there. =) The snow storms were intense....not for me, we missed it (or it missed us) by about 1-2 hours north of us.....although they were telling us to stay home, and saying "snow of EPIC proportions". While they were right about the snowfall, they weren't right about it being here in Pittsburgh. Hope the kids don't still have you tied up to the chair.

    Kalei, aka Antibloggedy, aka Green.