I wonder...

Just some things that have been on my mind lately...

I wonder why the conditioner that comes in the hair color boxes isn't on the shelves...itistheBESTconditionerever!

I wonder why they call it the terrible twos because shouldn't it be the terrible teens? SRSLY!

I wonder why when a child is on the cusp of eight-teen they think they knowitall!

I wonder why if you get to wear scrubs all week then your job says "It's casual Friday!" I mean can you get more casual than srubs? and what do you wear pajamas?

I wonder why I still "Stop and Listen" every time I hear Vanilla Ice and his Ice Ice Baby?

I wonder if all these earthquakes and hurricanes and unrest in other countries are a sign...

I wonder why most people only eat corned beef on March 17th...it's like sooo yummy! Maybe it's the Irish in me...

I wonder why my doggie is freaking out and growling at the back door right now...I just took her out and no one is in my yard...yet she is very unhappy

I wonder why my daddy had to get a rare sarcoma and die...I miss him so much!

I wonder why senior year is so expensive

I wonder what kind of drugs Charlie Sheen is really taking...."Winning...duh"

I wonder why X husbands are such asses!

I wonder why the ocean spray commercials are so funny!

I wonder why people have to get Dementia or Alzheimer...it's so sad...

My confession for today:I wonder what if...


  1. You are doing some serious wondering. It got me to wondering. Like why can't our dogs and cats live longer?

    Take care Georgie with two hearts

  2. Know what you mean about the conditioner in the hair coloring kits. Some good thought here.

  3. Totally agree on the conditioner thing and Vanilla Ice!

  4. I wonder why people who abuse animals aren't given the same treatment by animal lovers and leave the law out of it. It's NOT a misdemeanor!

    I wonder why I had a clinical nervous breakdown just to get me to leave my childhood home where there were 60 years of grief and abuse, just so I'd finally have the nerve to move out last week.

    I wonder if I'll live long enough to reap the benefits of my eleventh hour decision.

    I wonder if I deserve this new house and my loving husband and the adoration of my little dog.

    I wonder why the man who just got home from church Sunday ran out of his house and called me every vile name at the top of his lungs because my dog peed on his bush.

  5. I've wondered where you've been....

  6. When Geek Son was in his terrible twos his pediatrician told me they don't outgrow the terrible twos until their about eighteen and by then they are livin' with someone else. He was a wise man.

    I'm sorry about your Dad, I lost mine last Oct. Hugs to you sweetie.

    God bless ya and have a great day filled with the luck of the Irish!!!

  7. I love the "casual day" commercials where the people are naked. Now THAT's casual!

    Teens - I was one of those once. I'm sure my mom would rather have skipped those years!

  8. I too have wondered where you've been! Glad to have you back :).

    And now, I'm wondering how the Mountainers will do in the first round of the NCAA Tournament - tip off is in a half hour!

  9. Alright STOP. Collaborate and listen.
    Why do I still love that?! It's so stupid. :)

  10. I had to laugh about the scrubs! Nope, can't get much more casual than that!

  11. OH MY HECK!!! I also wonder about that conditioner in the dye boxes!!! That is so funny... I'll take your word for it about the ex... I hope to never have one of those... my neighbors is a nightmare!

    Love ya girl!

  12. I too wonder a lot-----like:
    I wonder what happened to manners and respect.
    Why are all the good things bad for you.
    Who is making money on these high gas prices--I'd like to chat with them
    Glad you back!!!! Missed you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  13. Great list, Georgie! Sure hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. Great post!! I think I wonder some of the same things!!

  15. In our life keeping that sense of wonder, curiosity and questioning alive will keep the child in all of us alive!