Weekend Update #1

Recently I have discovered I can not give what is being given back to me in the form of comments and emails...My solution? Do a post, once a week and totally copy SNL and name it Weekend Update...my hope is I will be able to get back in the swing of things and visit blogs and reply to comments...

So this weekend update post is about my lil impromptu trip to Eureka Springs Ar....

Since this was an impromptu trip we left at 6ish PM on Friday and were ES bound...Eric aka Mr GP had been on nights yanno 11-7 not to be confused with 7-11 cuz that's a convenient store

We arrived in town with not so much as a reservation anywhere...but that's the BEAUTY of an impromptu trip ...unless you let your hubby pick the hotel/motel and said hotel/motel has the worst beds EVER! So I am NOT linking where we stayed...just know hard & lumpy!

I hadn't eaten all day when I woke mr GP for this trip(remember he is on 11-7 shift)....I will skip the whole trying to pack fast and what we forgot and had to buy once we got in to town...and IF you know ES you know the restaurants pretty much shut down at 9pm...so my wonderful hubs had to listen to me whine all the way to Eureka about how hungry I was....I whined the whole two hours and forty five minutes...I may or may not have said..."Are We There Yet?"

So we arrive/pick a place to sleep/look for food and end up with bar food...it's our only option....srsly! BUT let me say we were at The Lumberyard and they have GOOD bar food...I just didn't know i wouldn't get to eat that bar food.....

Right as our food is being delivered Mr GP tells me he doesn't feel well...and being the good wife I am I suggest he go to the bathroom and splash water on his face....

He stands up...sorta...and falls face first into the bar-CRACK...then he does the Nes-tea PLUNGE backwards-CRACK...and this is where I so DO NOT FREAK OUT....all I can say is Oh My GOSH...Eric...I don't wanna spend my ONE weekend away in the ER with you under observation AND I am Hungry....and I hear in the background CALL 911! This is where I slap my hubby so hard in the face....and say WAKE UP!

My Confession for today:TBC....


  1. I am hoping that all is well. That's got to be frightening. Waiting for the rest of the story.

  2. Georgie, OMG come on tell me this was a dream....nightmare to tell the truth. I am so with you on the I need to eat NOW thing. I swear my ass hits the seat of a car and my tummy rumbles with hunger. HA HA

  3. Truth or fiction, that is a great story. It does happen just that way. I love Eureka Springs and so would you under different situation. Take care and pack you a snack on the next trip.

  4. OMG! Are you freaking kidding?!?!? Don't leave us hanging - WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?

  5. Am I the only one that thinks this is just a dream?

  6. Oh, man! Please give us an update as soon as you can!

  7. oh man! i hope that he's better by now. CRAZY

  8. Uh..great first reaction...was there a second one - or did you just raise your hand and say "Waiter? I'll have what he's having."

  9. Oh no!!! I wouldnt have wanted to spend the night in the ER either!