Weekend Update #1...Continued

Where was I? Oh yes, I had just slapped my hubs in the face! I also shook his shoulders and promised to break up with him IF he didn't wake up!

He woke up...sorta...yanno that glazed and dazed and disoriented look... well that's what I was dealing with...I asked them not to call 911, again, the selfish side in me so did not want to spend the night in the ER for observation...PLUS the one time I passed out and fell face first into an open dishwasher rack no one took me to the ER...I coulda poked an eye-ball out ya'll!

As soon as he is sitting in a chair and we are asking him all kinds of questions-I yell "pack up my food" Remember we had just arrived before Eric decided to hijack my weekend had a terrible fall.We asked him his name...his reply eeeerrrjeck...we asked him where he was...his reply Thhhe lllummmberrrjacckkkk(close enough babe...close enough)

The wonderful staff at The Lumberyard helped get Eric to the car and I got us back to the hotel. The back of his head was bleeding and the knot was outward protruding not inward...so my goal was to keep him awake for a few hours,ice his head and take care of him...Ididnotsleepthewholenight! It was at about 2am I realized we left the bar and grill without paying!

He woke up Saturday hurting-especially on the left side of his face *snicker* I had to retell him the entire story-he basically had no memory of it...although as the day went on he started remembering bits and pieces...so I knew he didn't have brain damage....

The new owners of the Lumberyard are from UNION! and There was NO WAY this BA TIGER was not gonna go back and pay her bill! We took it easy on Saturday it's the least I could do...right?

He woke up Sunday hurting in places he didn't even know he had....

I will say this was, besides the awful and uncomfortable bed, this was the MOST relaxing trip to ES ever! Okay minus the minor freak out at seeing my hubs laying unconscious on the floor of a bar and grill...

This is a true story I only wish it was a dream or nightmare....

Here are a few photos from our weekend...I hope you enjoy them....

My confession for today: Stay tuned for next weeks post as we celebrate my best girlfriends 40th Bday!


  1. Goodness!! You had the whole town to yourself!! what a great time to go! We were married there.

    and I have to say I'm so disappointed you didn't take his photo of him on the floor. I would have done it for evidence that it happened and it wasn't my fault.

  2. i'm so sorry that your husband hurt himself. i'm glad it didnt' screw up your trip. lol.

  3. oh holy jackwads!!! That's INSANE!!!! I'm glad he's doing better!!!
    Eureka springs is fun.....but right down the road in FLIPPIN, ARKANSAS....it's the best!

  4. I simply adore your "nurturing spirit". LOL
    You're my kinda nurse!!
    Did you thank your dh for the Blog subject matter?

  5. Thats pretty scary there Georgie with two hearts. We loved Eureka Springs even though all the real good places were closed.

    I loved the humpty dumpty on the wall.

  6. That's scary. Has he been to the dr? That being said, I was certainly expecting a photo of him on the floor!

  7. awww no bruised up face photos....lol
    oh my, my DH is in and out of the hospital so much that the er staff knows our home number. I don't blame you one bit.

  8. Um... go back and look at that hotel sign and tell me if you see something so wrong about it.

  9. When you do a trip--you do a trip!
    Glad Eric is doing ok.
    Did you ever get to eat?? :)


  10. That must have been terrifying! So glad everything is OK.

  11. Jeez, I was stressed reading about it!

  12. I would think all that hair (unless it's a wig) would have cushioned any fall. Next trip, leave him at home and wake him up when you get back. That is, if you really want to.

  13. Glad to hear he's well and that your nursing did the trick. Beautiful photos BTW... and I don't see anything wrong with the hotel sign. Am I blind?

  14. Glad that your hubs is ok, and that you got to avoid the er!

  15. You are so happy for having just suffered a traumatic event! I would have FREAKED out! I'm not the calmest under pressure. Unless my son is choking, because well...what else is new?

  16. Hey Girl!!
    I wanted to swing by to say hello!Sorry about your husband.I hope he is doing well.

    I'm trying to figure out the hotel sign as well???? lol...I must be blind!
    Take care

  17. Oh wow...glad he is ok :) Following you now...please stop by and say hi Areyouamom.com