Someones Gotta Say It

The Voice is way better than American Idol

 Kellogg's giving us Krave aka The Crack of cereal, only to hook us then raising the price is poppycock

 A Self imposed facebook hiatus makes everyone think you blocked them bahahahaha even though you didn't

 Elliot Sadler needs to be tar'd N feathered for wrecking my man Jimmy Johnson after barely 2 laps 

The Price of Senior pictures is highway robbery

Laundry is over-rated, who needs clean clothes and who can afford 'HE' laundry detergent!

Raising your insurance b/c your child has a wreck sucks, raising it again after same child has another wreck sucks worse

So happy your child is getting married so you can get that child off your insurance be the proud mother of the bride is a GREAT feeling

Pine-Sol and Comet just may be the best cleaning products ever

Ryan Seacrest getting doused with bisquick and knowing he was beyond pissed and couldntdoadamnthingaboutit was priceless

Watching Octavia Spencer win  best supporting actress for The Help AND Shelia E & Pharrells drumming were the BestOscarMoments of the night, let's stop talking bout Angelina's legs please

The dad that shot up his daughters laptop...did what a lot of parents would like to do, but don't, at least publicly

 HD TV is the best invention since toilet paper

 McDonalds sausage mcmuffins are da bomb for a buck

Seven Seas Creamy Italian dressing needs to be put BACK on the market-how could they discontinue my favorite dressing ever!

My Confession for today: I'm slowly emerging from my funk-Thank you for stickin by me


  1. SHUT UP! They discontinued seven seas creamy italian!??! I LOVE that stuff!!!!

  2. I concur to all of the above ❤

  3. I am dreading my stepson being a senior next year for that very reason...the cost! Too bad he isn't homeschooled.

  4. I missed the Ryan Seacrest thing. Dare I hope it's on YouTube?

  5. I havebeen a follower for a while but have not commented. So, here goes; I love that Crack cereal, my 4 yr old saw a commercial and insisted on getting a box! I really enjoy your honesty and wish I could do posts like yours, from your heart. So sorry you are going thru rough times. Didn't get to see the Ryan Seacreast thing! Thanks for this post!

  6. Oh and I love The Voice!

  7. Good to see the old Georgie coming back!