The Invisible Children

My 14yr old came to me last night and asked me if I had heard of Stop Kony 2012. I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I have/had not heard of Kony 2012 or The Invisible Children!

When Jess is passionate about something there is NO stopping that child. She had me watch the 30 minute video and each time I gasp she would say "just wait mom it gets worse".

She looks at me and asks "What are WE gonna do Mom?"

So I do the only thing I know to do...

Go to my FB wall & post the video, 'like' the invisible children fb page and then I ordered her the Kony 2012 action kit. Which is described as follows:

People will think you’re an advocate of awesome. Everything you’ll need to take part in
our KONY 2012 campaign is included in this kit: an official campaign.

+ T-shirt 
+ KONY bracelet
+ Action guide
+ Stickers
+ Button
+ Posters.
You can decorate yourself and the town with this one-stop shop.

If you haven't  seen or heard this video yet either via an email or on your social network ...it's only a matter of time. I posted the video last night and already today I have seen over 25 shares of the Kony 2012 site.
My confession for today:I just got informed...

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  1. http://thedailywh.at/2012/03/07/on-kony-2012-2/

    I'm just sayin.