Giveaway~$15 amazon GC~Giveaway

OK so I don't know the first thang about contests on this new blogger site...but OH lord ta day and all thangs Holy I so wanna hold one!

So in honor of me being a chair dancer(you all did know I was a chair dancer-right?) here are the rules:

Check out my playlist and tell me from the 100 songs I have listed which is your fav and why...
post your response in the comment section IF you do not like one of my 100 songs then introduce me to your fav...AS a bonus the 1st person to guess(in the comment section aka "peeps love me") my favorite song from the list will win a $3 amazon gc...yeah I know ima big spender....that's all I got right now so so so SUCK IT.. ;-) This is meant to be fun....Contest will end Aug 5th at Midnight CST and the random winner chosen shortly there-after also the bonus $3 amazon gc will be announced as soon as someone gets it!

You can post this contest on your blog with a link back to get an extra entry-just note in my comment section you did so...this is open to all family, friends, strangers, stalkers, bloggers and non bloggers-I will post the winners on my blog...you will have 7 days to claim your gc

Click the link below to be swept off to my playlist where you can chair dance your way to a $15 amazon gc

So just to clarify:
Leave me a comment with your fav song from my list and why OR your fav song not on my list and why(1 entry) I have a diverse music list
Blog about my contest(1 entry)link back please
*BONUS*Be the first to Guess my Favorite song out of the 100 songs on my playlist and win a $3 amazon GC
2 entries possible
Have Fun...

My Confession for today: Happy Chair Dancing fer sure fer sure....


  1. Your favorite song is Jesse's Girl I think! I really like your song pick of Blondie Heart of Glass.

  2. My favourite song from your list is Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here," because my mom has always liked it.

  3. I love Abba's Dancing Queen.. i'm gonna say it's your fave , too!

  4. 80's Beach Girl8/02/2008 9:06 AM

    I think Boogie Shoes must be your fav...it is first on the list. As for my fav...I love so many of these songs...remember the night with the beer and 80's music LOL! By the way I've got "cool moves" for Boogie Shoes. DYK that Miss A is the only one that knows where I got the moves.
    So I guess Boogie Shoes is my fav !!!

  5. My favorite song is The Dance by Garth Brooks. I think your favorite song is Show Stopper by Danity Kane because...well...we all know you're a show stopper;)!

    You have such a diverse list because you have a multiple personality disorder....bwaaaha! Just kiddin;)

  6. I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog...I hope to see you again...
    And since I just can't pass up a contest...I am going to say your Fav is Abba Dancing Queen...which is one of mine...but then again you have a few that I love...and so I can't really choose just one...love Floyd, Fergie, Abba...oh except for the country music, I could totally steal your play list...LOL

  7. I blogged about your contest:) Here's the link

  8. Ok. Here's the deal... Your playlist rocks out loud. You've reminded me of soooo many songs it's not even funny. Look for me to rip a lot of them off... ha! Picking just ONE based on the love of the song is impossible. So, for the sake of having to pick one, I'm picking "Don't Fear the Reaper" simply because if you haven't seen the Sat. Night Live skit with Will Ferrell, then, you're totally missing out. It'll have you crying. Gotta have more cow bell!! (catch it on YouTube) As far as your fav, I think I'm going to go with "When I Grow Up" by the PCD. It's totally a chair dancing song... and chair dancing rocks... BTW, I'm blogging on your contest tomorrow. In the meantime, I've added you to my blog roll because you just might be one of my music sisters...

  9. My favorite from your list is "Don't Bring Me Down" by ELO. I'm going to guess that "don't cha" is your favorite. I have no real basis for this, it's just that when I think "chair dancing" I think "Pussycat Dolls." :-)

  10. OH MY GOSH! i have found my long lost twin! seriously. i love all of those songs. most people think i am crazy for having such eclectic music tastes. but i can't help it! and i am definitely a dancer myself. chair dancing, kicker dancing, slow dancing, crazy fast dancing, pole dancing...no..never done any pole dancing, but i bet it would be awesome! ok...to pick one...me...being such an indecisive one...i pick...um...babe by styx. only because i have recently blogged about songs and it reminded me of a friend from junior high who found my blog because i blogged about that song and him. crazy but true!

  11. Wow, your songs really bring back some memories. Some songs I forgot all about....

    I like and have Queen's Under Pressure. One of my favorites.

    I don't have and forgot about Loverboy's Lovin Every Minute of it. I may have to get hat off Itunes.

    * I'm having a CONTEST! Have you entered yet? *