I Heart my Geeks

Phew what a weekend I have had...I took advantage of tax free weekend,the geeks went to Defcon 7 and we went to visit superman...

A quick daddy update-for my new readers-we just found out my daddy has cancer-he had surgery-cancer was removed and he is now known as "superman" cuz, well that's how HE rolls...
We spent the day in the country at daddy's house-he is doing well! He says "send food" so we did and here is proof how daddy is doing...They are all drunk on Tea and High on Mimi's beef brisket...all kidding aside that has to be one of the most precious pictures to me-but that's a whole 'nother blog...

Moving on to the geeks in my life...not sure if you remember or not but they went to a lil festival called Defcon 7 and when they got home Friday night they had all kindsa spoils errr free goodies for us...lilest bean snatched up this right off the bat...what can I say they are "well" rounded and fans of the "apes" is that a ciggie hangin outta her mouth? *hangs head in shame* Mother of the year award look out 2010-I'll fer sure fer sure be a candidate then

I am not promoting weed,middle bean just showed up at home with this headband on(below) with the logo "Pineapple Express"... pick your battles right? He did hand me one tho' and Oh how cool will I look when I am out walking for the cause the ASS Project 08 -with a stoner headband for a movie that's about a "Pot" dealer while I am tryin to make my ass vanish. It's always the damn pot-heads that make me NOT loose weight! Day-ummm pot heads

I would also like to note they brought me a car air freshener which at first I thought OH COOL! Then I read it..."Rock Me Sexy Jesus" OMGosh what kind of festival did mr gp take middle bean to? I took my handy dandy sharpie and made the air freshener say...."Rock Me Sexy Hey-Zus" NO way in HELL could I drive around with a "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" air freshener dangling from my rear-view mirror-but dagum it smells good! Here are a few of the pics the geeks snapped this weekend-I dunno who was happier about this photo middle bean OR mr gp however middle bean is kinda flushed
BUT I had a Shawn of the Dead impersonator to keep them in line-I LOVE that movieThat there fellow is Chewbaca from star wars-the resemblance is uncanny-don'cha agree?Some storm troopers...man there was lotsa weapons at this lil Defcon 7 festival...I have NO idea who that fella is-Or this guy with a chainsaw for an arm-I am sorry but it just cracks me up! Come on a chainsaw for an arm...I mean, middle bean looked way more scarey today with his bloody nose and toilet paper hangin out...lets compare K?

Told Ya...

On a side note I would yet again like to point out I do buy my beans clothes-why O why do they wear the same shirt day after day OR every other day? This was 3 days worth of photos AGAIN I won't be able to apply for "Mommy of the Year" till surely 2012... Thanks middle bean...

I have had fun reading all about what songs you like from my "Hot 100"

My Confession for today:I am happy to report mr gp did NOT run off with 7 of 9


  1. I'm happy to hear that's how your dad rolls... Good to know it's a-ok... That festival looked hilarious. I think my fav pic is the one with middle bean (and the obvious flushed face) and the girls with the boobies... how funny!

  2. Thanks for your visit!

    I'm glad your Dad is okay. I hope he continues to get well!

  3. Great to hear that your dad's doing better! School shopping stinks! My husband's on 3-11 shift too , so I am pretty much a single parent for this busy time, doesn't it suck?