Hot 100-well mine

I have really enjoyed reading your comments to my giveaway and my 100 song playlist-no one has guessed my FAV song yet-but there is still time 1 hr to be exact...
OK so you took the time to look/listen to my playlist and there were soooo many songs I wanted to add maybe those other products of the 80's will enjoy this lil montage...Trip Through the 80s-it may bring back memories of a first kiss,first time sneaking out,first time you got in to an 18 and over club,first time in the car with that special someone,first concert,first sleepover...maybe it will just remind you of your first whatever-I know I gots some memories to lots of these songs

I will be kickin it old school for drawing the winner later tonight-which will be announced tomorrow


  1. 80's Beach Girl8/06/2008 9:41 AM

    I Love the 80's !!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! We need to have another"80's and beer" night.
    DYK you are are fav "hair band" fan!!! LOL I love ya!!!

  2. This is the best montage ever! It makes me want to get up and dance, dance, dance!! Yes, the 80's will never be replicated!!