Schedule Pick up

Today I had the honor of giving oldest bean a tour of my 9th & 10th grade school-where she will be attending for her freshman yr...

MY My my have things changed...gone are the days of BIG hair and aqua net,jeans that you rolled then folded up(you remember right?)making the perfect tuck,Vans OMGosh checkered Vans,Polo's by Izod Lacoste, I had to have my Polo with the collar UP-of course we couldn't afford "Izod" so we had Le Tigre or Hunt Club,Penny Loafers,Parachute pants,SWATCH watches OMGOSH Swatch watches were the COOLEST Like Totally and I owned one! Lastly I didn't see any Madonna wannabes walking around today either-What is this world coming too?

What I "did" see were the same cliques-The jocks,the cheerleaders,the band geeks(I might add NOT so geeky anymore)the goths,nerds and the beans somewhere in the middle(like I was) It was Breakfast Club all over again and I started sweating and having hot flashes,now they have added the skaters,the drama peeps and the posers-not sure about that one...WTF is a poser?

*quick disclaimer* the above cliques' names were merely a reflection of "my" time gone by, the 80's-In NO way shape or form am I making fun of anyone OR trying to continue what was possibly a very awkward time for youths(myself included)-but more of an observation of, while things have changed they have also stayed the same...

It was weird being back at my old school,the very same school that oldest bean will... attend her first formal,possibly get her first "real" boyfriend,the school that she will get her drivers permit at,start planning her future through her grades where every single A counts-geesh it all seems so surreal-I bet some of the same teachers are still there too.

She had her schedule down in prolly 5 mins flat-me, I still have nightmares about freshman PE and forgetting my locker combination...I need to give the girl some credit she is everything I wasn't-she is a Cheerleader,a good girl,well liked by everyone,cutesy cute preppy while not wearing knock-offs and stands firmly in her beliefs and convictions and I feel sorry for anyone who tries to question those beliefs and convictions.

The next 4 years are without a doubt gonna fly by and my fine peeps (all 4 of you) well that brings a tear to my eye...I gave her what she needed to begin this journey, ROOTS and WINGS and today I saw her spreading those Wings....Fly Baby Fly

My confession for today:someone hand me a tissue errr the whole damn box


  1. Wow, I have nightmares about gym class and forgetting locker combinations too.

    Sounds like your daughter has a great foundation and is ready for high school. Good job!

    * I'm having a CONTEST! Have you entered yet? *

  2. Sounds like you've got a strong girl there. I get the willies every time I think back to H.S. --there was no name for the clique I was in...the misfits maybe?
    Now I am totally groovin to Almost Paradise on your music player...ah the memories...some were quite good I must say.

  3. 80's Beach Girl8/06/2008 9:27 AM

    Girlfriend I will buy you a case of tissue! Your oldest bean is quite remarkable...by the way her schedule this year is a tough one...she told me about it yesterday. I sure am proud of her!!! I wish all teenagers were like her!!!

  4. Man, time does march on... I know it was hard to see one off to HIGH SCHOOL! Old Soul's headed there next year. It sounds like you've got a really great bean and I know she'll do GREAT!!

    BTW - the rest of it had me giggling... I was all about "Stiff Stuff" hairspray. A good hair day was when the bangs shot STRAIGHT up and then feathered down... Too funny... I need to find a pic...

  5. I have to add in Forenza, Outback Red and Jellies.