3 more *update*

In all my excitment of googling,searching,reading,sharing,posting and listing my requirements like king size bed and jacuzzi, I was quickly reminded of something by reading an email that I recieved tonight and I would Like to share that email with you....

"Hi Georgina,

You and your husband picked a good month to get married. February is still the off season for us.

We bought this motel 3 years ago and have been trying to raise the bar with remodeling and new amenaties, while still keeping our prices low enough that you spend your money in Eureka Springs on memories, not lodging.

All of our jacuzzi rooms have a king size bed, a microwave, minifridge, electric fireplace (excellent mood setter), and of course the extra large 2 person tub, plus we finally got our wifi in.

We will also be glad to put our congratulations to you and your husband, on our lighted marquee.

This room rents for $60 per night plus Eureka's famous 13.75% lodging tax. total would be $68.25.

But the reputation we've built these last 3 years, is headlined by our exceptional hospitality, very clean rooms, and little suprises like our wedding and anniversary packages, which would be waiting in your room when you get here.

Even if you decide to stay with someone else, please stop by to say hi and look us over for future reference.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Since we're originally from Pawhuska we always enjoy visiting with fellow "Okies".

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cindy and Johnny"

Well my wonderful bloggy friends Cindy and Johnny from Carolyn's Ozark Swiss Inn got Customer service Cornered and they are funny and witty to boot...I can blog while on my anniversary trip and I always wanted my name in LIGHTS! they made me feel special and they genuinely would like for us to stay with them all the while they know I am considering other lodging options and still would like to meet us if we choose to stay somewhere else-NOW THAT'S CLASS!

I just wanted to share the email with you because reading that has me rethinking what makes a place...

'The Place'

Well it seems Twilight Terrace was the winner, so it will be added to the poll once I get through my list...in the Benton Place Inns defense-the pictures truly do NOT do this lovely property justice...we have stayed at the BPI before and I got a tour of the rooms and they are breath-taking...

Now I need you all to put TT out of your mind yes TIFF and Deb-that means you and help me narrow down these next 3.

I have to include some budget lodging in my list-just incase mr gp says "Do you want to shop OR spend $150 a night on a bed?" I GOTTA shop, for the beans AND for the lucky winner of this insane contest-

I should note, I promised mr gp that you all had his 'best' interests at heart-with some of the latest comments on the BIG bed and mood lighting and 'edward/twilight' references...

With that said my main requirements are that we have a jacuzzi & king size bed and these 3 deliver 100%

First we got Country Music Inn

They have a fantastic package-Ozark Relaxation - Three days and two nights in a Romantic suite. Your Ozark package includes two one hour massages or one couples massage, two trolley passes, candlelight dinner for two, carriage ride and commemorative photo. Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and tax. $425

Located in the Attraction District with fantastic rates and a 5% discount to new customers plus secluded wooded view from the room windows, mr gp LOVES wooded views-I love that fireplace!

Swiss Village Inn

Has a couple +'s they have great rates,nice location, located right next to 'Quicker Liqour' (hehe that name still cracks me up) and Shawbee's Big Dawg Saloon-which is an awesome lil bar with Kareoke-of course I am merely a chair dancer But this place has a GREAT vibe

All you have to do is leave me a comment on which place you like and why-if you would like to explore the properties further just click on their names to read more about them. I will then enter your name for a very special gift from Eureka Springs-name will be drawn before I leave very special gift will be sent when I return home.

If you would like to read about last years trip to Eureka Springs you can do so by clicking HERE

My confession for today: This is soooo exciting and I can't wait to see which place you like


  1. The COuntry Music Inn has a great package. And the rooms are very nice.

    The Carolyn's Ozark Swiss Inn has an awesome sci-fi jacuzzi. And the good woodsie view.

    But The Swiss Village Inn is next to a liquor store and a karaoke place. It's also simple and to me that works just fine. I am just gonna sleep there. So I pick The Swiss Village Inn.

  2. I visited all the sites, I think the Ozark Swiss Inn has the best Jacuzzi. Swiss Village Inn has a good location with some walking distance night fun like the karoke bar.Hmmmm

  3. I pick Twilight! I pick Twilight! Oh wait.

    I like the Country Music one cuz you get massages. Hello!!!

    But then the last one is near liquor which is a major PLUS and near entertainment.

    It depends on if you're gonna stay in and snuggle or go out and have fun.

    I still pick Twilight even though it's not an option.

  4. I like Carolyn's Ozark Swiss Inn. I love a fireplace, and I like the feel of the rooms.

  5. I can't help it, nothing compares to TT. I'm just so disenchanted by the rest of these. They seem like typical hotels to me, nothing terribly special like TT is.

    But ok, since I DO want to be included in the contest still, if I HAVE to pick one, then I'm going for the Country Music Inn. Although that name is just AWFUL! But all the extras like the massages and candlelight dinners - they more than make up for it.

  6. My vote is for Country Music Inn...all the extras sound great. Especially the Massage and the romantic dinner. This is really fun! I really want to take a little trip there too!

  7. Karaoke + Quicker Liquor = Good Times at the Swiss Village Inn. I liked that room the best, too.

  8. Out of these 3 the country music inn!

    I love how excited you get over ES!! LOL

  9. I like the country place too! cool bathtub in right by the bed! just bathe, then slide into bed. i'm with ya on savin' a little on where you stay and having more spending money!

  10. I pick twilight, for the mere reason that its TWILIGHT.... oh Edward (sigh)

  11. Counry Music Inn!! But ask for a different bedspread. The price is GREAT!!!!

  12. I vote for Country Music Inn, hands down. How can you pass up a package like that, plus it looks nice. The pink curtains in the second one are terribly jarring to my eye.

    Hi Georgie -- thanks for stopping by my place! I'm so behind on blog reading it's not even funny. I hope you have a blast. I remember seeing pictures from your last trip and it looks like an awesome place.

  13. Place looks so cool, I would pick the twilight inn, that looks so romantic!!!

  14. How romantic! No question about it...carriage ride, massage, jacuzzi.....Country Music Inn...you can bring your own liquor and the candlelight.....

    And a memorable picture of the two of you...

    Have a wonderful time!!!

  15. Did someone say karaoke bar??? For that reason and that reason only... The Swiss Village Inn. Awesome.

  16. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. I'm going to have to explore your blog a little more so I can plan a trip there myself. I live in Arkansas and have never been to Eureka Springs. My sister has and keeps telling me I need to go.

    Maybe next year!

  17. Hey Georgie - thanks for visiting my blog! Just popped in to say "hi!"

    :big waves!:

  18. The Country Music Inn sounds terrific!

  19. Definitely stay close to quicker liquor!

  20. Oooooohhh! Sounds like a treat! Nothing better than a B&B and an anniversary! Have fun!

  21. Thanks for stopping by (and commenting!) on my BATW day!

    Good luck picking a place to stay!

  22. I'm going with #2 Carolyn's. With customer service like that...I bet they have cinnamon rolls for breakfast! And a nice view! Really it's a win-win!

  23. I like the Swiss one. Mainly for the fireplace--I think that would make it so romantic!

  24. OK - that is a nice email, but...

    She cant spell: amenaties - that's just messed up. lmao.

    That was the one with the sci-fi tub so I'm ok with you taking that one. But make sure there is an adjoining room for me. I hate to sleep alone.

  25. Of those three I would have to say the Country Music Inn.
    The other two look like the Bates Motel. And why would you want to be next to the liquor store?
    Just buy all your booze at home and bring it with. lol
    I prefer quaint little B&B's myself, so charming and lots of personal attention. But hey, that's me.
    ES looks so cute. I am sure wherever you stay will be extra special.