A lil bit of this and that

The beans go back to school today and I am both Happy & Sad about this. I will surely miss the sleeping in but I won't miss this:

Mom ginger got a pad....yiyiyiyiyi

Mommmmm Reese doesn't know how to aim when he goes to the bathroom

Mom I am going to Cams house see you in 72hrs

Your breath smells like cat poo

Mommmmm she kicked me

Mommmm I need 376 kajillion dollars to go to the mall

Georgina I am mad at you,you need to tell me sorry, Don't Love J

Dear Turkey, I am sorry I had to eat you-again, you looked good,maybe next year will be the pigs turn Love J

I'm rubber you are glue bounce off me stuck on you Over and Over an Over

Mom Mom Mom Mom

Mom Reese blew a booger out his nose and it landed on my chin

Mommmmmm he is chasing me with another one

Your farts smell like mini me

You are NOT my brother the mailman left you in the mailbox and mom and dad felt sorry for you

Okay so you get the idea-a Mothers work is never done, now I can dig the earplugs out of my ears


In other news around the blogosphere:

It is time for the 2008 Okie Blog Award Nominations
If you are a Blogger living in Oklahoma then you are eligible to nom and vote-I took some time this weekend to check out Blog Oklahoma and found some great Okie bloggers. I sent in my ballot and can't wait to see who made the list.

The Ninth Annual Weblog Awards aka The Bloggies are accepting nominations right now also. It was brought to my attention that someone nom'd this blog for 'Best-Kept Secret Weblog' which is so humbling to me-so if you get a chance click the link above and go nom some of your favorite blogs.


I have gotten a few emails asking about Daddy and how he is doing-his radiation treatments are going well and he is ornery as ever. He sells mangosteen and they have a new face cream line out now so that is keeping him busy telling everyone he meets about this product. Daddy doesn't know a stranger!


Mr gp works in the BOK building in downtown Tulsa-he is one of the many building engineers that keep the BOK tower running smooth-The beans and I decided to surprise mr gp with dinner one evening since he was working a double shift. Here are a few pics

The BOK Tower as of right now is the tallest building in Oklahoma-I believe OKC is building one that will be taller

We went on the roof and snapped a few pics

The New BOK Center

A Lil History on Williams they just celebrated 100 years
These aren't your Grandpas tools
Middle bean has a style all his own-it drives me CRAZY but pick your battles eh?
Thanks for the tour daddy

My confession for today: I can't believe I will have a day all to myself...ahhhhhh


  1. I have an odd sense of peace and quiet right now since everyone is back to their regular schedules, too. I don't even mind Beebs and her loud new toys and listening to her yelling the answers out loud at Diego and Dora- it's still much more relaxing than the older kids and my husband!

  2. Isnt it great when they go back to school?? I got one back to college and another back to school.... I miss it when they are laughing, but do not care for the MOM I AM BORED!

    Glad to hear your daddy is doing alright

  3. Happy for you and your newly found sanity. Take a breath and let me know when you get back on ymess.

    Great pics of the city at night btw. Love those.

  4. I try to cram so much into this first week of them being back at school. It's a wonder I don't break down. And my confession, I miss them!

  5. I am glad my kids are back at school today! We do better with routine. Also, Great pictures of downtown. I am also glad to hear your dad is doing alright.

  6. My kids went back to school today to - yeah now my Christmas vacation really starts. I don't go back to school until the 20th. My biggest cahllenge is going to be staying off teh computer and perhaps actually getting some much needed things done.

  7. I thankful only had one child or no children for the better part of the last week. Interestingly, when they got back together there wasn't as much fighting. It was a beautiful twelve hours!

  8. I was wondering about your Dad...

    Come to my blog, Vinnie needs your advice.

  9. My older two went back to school and me and my preschooler have been on the couch all morning in our pj's. I figure I better shower now and get him to preschool on time!

    The quietness seems a little odd. I guess I'll look forward to spring break and then summer. And at the end of summer I will be looking forward to school starting for sure!

  10. I love the 'Mommmmm Reese doesn't know how to aim when he goes to the bathroom', part.

  11. The BOK Center is beautiful at night and your pictures showcase it wonderfully!

    I love the quotes from your beans, especially, "I am rubber, you are glue."
    My own confession: My sister and I used to drive my mother crazy with that chant. lol.

  12. Congrats on the Bloggies, I got the same nom... May the biggest secret win! lol

    And as far as the kids, don'tcha almost wish it was the 50's where docs would prescribe Valium for Moms... It's just not right that they did away with that practice... we need them now Way More than they did in the 50's! ;-)

  13. Oh My!!
    It seems as though Middle Bean and my Wy shop off the same rack!
    I am serious as a heartattack!
    I'm going back to the blog to post a picture for you this minute.

    Glad your Dad is doing ok :)

  14. Good news all around, happy new year!

  15. Nice pics! Hubby went back today. It's just me, cat, Email and blogs for social companionship right now. This is good sometimes!

  16. Alone is a nice thing sometimes isn't it?
    My SR starts back tomorrow (in a moment (one of his many) of anger last night he told me he is moving away and NEVER COMING BACK-promises promises:)

  17. It took me forever to figure out how to post a comment. I really need some help with blogging. I can not vote for you yet, but let me know when you can. I am just going to second the nomination! Love your blog

  18. I am soooooooooooooo happy to have everyone back at work and school today. Just plain giddy!

  19. Thanks so much for visiting my forum today! I can't wait to get people in there and chatting! It is so hard for me to respond to people who post on my blog, but if they post on my forum I can easily answer them somewhere that they will look for my response.

  20. I have also been looking forward to this day and everyday this week!!

  21. I'm so glad my chillin' are grown!!

    And whatever happened to the mall and skate rink that was in the Williams Center???
    Mom used to work in one of the offices and we had lunch in a great restaurant...the best ever mushroom soup!!

    Enjoy your day!

  22. Oh I'm so loving the size of those tools:)

    Happy New year!

  23. I am sooooooo jealous of your beans going back to school today. These rednecks in GA have decided our young'uns don't go back until Wednesday. Dorks.

    Is is bad that I remember sounding like that growing up with 2 brothers? lol

  24. One chickie went back to school today, the other, tomorrow! On Wednesday, I will have a morning to myself. Can not wait!

    I love the city lights!

  25. I had to go back to work aka = school with my son. We never, and I mean NEVER get a break.... yuk! Glad you enjoyed your day!

  26. I love my children beyond measure but when my daughter drove down the lane this afternoon headed back to college, I declare, I did a little dance in the backyard!!

  27. I hope you enjoyed your back to school day!

  28. Oh how I was looking forward to a quiet day of celebrating school starting again. Only to discover school was closed because of snow. Sigh.

  29. I always wanted to be a "grown up" where no one would tell me what to do. . . . then you have kids.

  30. OK Mom Bloggers. I miss my family but I enjoyed getting back to work.

  31. Glad to hear your dad is doing well! My dad went through radiation too after 2 cancer surgeries.
    As a mom and a teacher I trade in 2 fussy, complaining kids for 28 older fussy, complaining kids...

  32. Loved this post!!! Loved your pictures! Will pray for your father! Thank you for the sweet little notes you have dropped my way.

  33. That last picture is a keeper. Frame it, baby!

    This post was too funny : ) Glad to hear your father is his ornery self.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog, even though I haven't been posting : )

  34. Congrats on the Bloggie Award nomination! Cute post about mommyhood! :)

  35. My son works in the BOK building...Great photo's, Georgie...I hear ya on being glad the kids are back in school. Woo Hoo!!

  36. The time off goes so quick and then it's back to business! UGgggg! Early mornings once again!

    Happy New Year!

  37. I know the feeling. I told my kids that now MY vacation began...

    By the way, I've nominated you for an award. Check out my site for the info!

  38. A day all to yourself? Now that is worth its weight in gold, and will hopefully put the kabosh on any slightly sad feelings you are having about the kids going back to school! :)

    I LOVED your list of things your kids say that you won't be missing. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom...there are days when I think that little phrase alone might drive me to the brink of insanity.


  39. Your kids sound EXACTLY like mine! Ugh!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  40. Ah yes. I can't wait until tomorrow! Then it will be back to just me & the toddler. And I never thought I'd say this but, that will be blissful!

  41. No mixed feelings here, we were totally ready for Tiny to go back to school. I think she was sick of us as well.

  42. Glad to hear your dad is keeping his spirits up; I'll keep the prayers coming... :)